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  1. Have they even fixed the left stick on PTS yet? Or does it still feel like your running on ice trying to keep your balance.
  2. Burns

    when we getting Skorpion?

    Lol. PC got the Beryl and the Mutant 1 month ago, now they have another one 😂 I would imagine we will get this gun sometime around GTA 6 or Fortnite 2 who knows
  3. Burns

    Custom Servers/Games?

    ........... lol
  4. https://pubg.starladder.com/en/ew/pubg_league
  5. Burns

    PTS Step-backwards.

    Remember when the PTS was 100 players every game? I do.... I can't seem to work out why its not 100 anymore ??‍♂️. Must be because the games tip top
  6. Burns

    Terrible Game

    You mean there's actually 2m plus players? I use to play PTS with 100 players now theres 35 a lobby ??
  7. Burns

    PTS Step-backwards.

    Pfft who cares now haha Even if they did smash it now its way to late. Theyve lost the intrest of so many players
  8. Burns


    Yeah leaderboads don't mean anything. You can be ranked. Go to bed. Wake up the next day and your not ranked anymore. Just kill folks. Get the dins. Have fun. EZ stuff
  9. Burns

    Should the AUG be a world spawn?!

    Im all for it being like the SLR. A rare world spawn. I Don't think the bullet velocity is a good enough plus for it to be a crate weapon as its level with the other 556 ARs and that the M4 beats it in reload speed + sway Its Level with the Scar The M4 has a few more pros But yeah ideally i guess a rare world spawn would be perfect for it so it doesnt over clutter the game with 556 also it will free up another crate space for a more heavy hitting rifle ???? pew pew.
  10. Burns

    Should the AUG be a world spawn?!

    AUG isnt worth it? It has the Bullet Velocity of the M16 so less lead on long range shots... and has the fire rate of the Scar. Basically a full auto M16 with very controllable recoil. Thats the only crate gun i look for ?
  11. Burns

    Just don’t care as much

    I am willing ?
  12. Burns

    Is this Damaging PUBG?

    I was think more about like a track day but whatever. I didn't say streamers were ruining the game because of it. I said the content isnt as enjoyable because we are behind PC... But players will find the new additions they bring getting boring quickly I just don't understand how you cannot take this in. Lets say for example you have 20 people in a lobby that don't watch streamers. The other 80 do. Of course the 80 will get bored faster... I just don't see the problem of releasing it all at the same time. Instead of a months gap. Obviously porting issues but at least close that gap down. But whatever floats your boat
  13. Burns

    Is this Damaging PUBG?

    Id say its more along the lines of You have a Nissan GTR with a full tank of fuel. Rag it around have some fun do what you want sure. But before you get to have a go along comes someone else and uses 95% of the fuel thats in the tank. Enjoy watching them have all the fun pal ??
  14. Burns

    Is this Damaging PUBG?

    But thats great. If the entire human race decided to watch that one movie 4 times a week. Which they don't. Games don't come out looking to be played 4 times a year do they... Reality is. If you want people to play the game for a longer period of time you need the content to feel worth while