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  1. most have keyboards and mouse
  2. Favorite Assault Rifle

    M416 is the best gun in Pubg. The M416 is the best in the real world. Enough said, the gun is the best!
  3. UMP

    So you think
  4. Roadmap - Why are people complaining?

    When is this Roadmap coming?
  5. New Weapon - IMBEL IA2

    When is this weapon coming out?
  6. New Weapon - IMBEL IA2

    Go back to Star Wars
  7. Your constant complaining is becoming broken. Chill out and be patient.
  8. Try this it may help your problem... 1st. Disable Captures on your Xbox. 2nd. Hard wire reset your Xbox. Unplug all your wires for 10 minutes. (Clear your cache) 3rd. Do the same to your Internet modem. Unplug everything for 10 minutes
  9. Weapons that should be added

    More Assault Rifles need to be added. I think it'll be a good idea.
  10. Weapons that should be added

    People like you have no reason of being here. Go play Call of Duty!!
  11. M4A1, G36, Tar21, and Famas... I'm interested to see your list of added weapons.
  12. No desert map coming to Xbox. We're getting a Blizzard map.
  13. Xbox alone made over 4 Million. They can hire Engineers to help with the SERVERS and FRAMERATE. Stop being cheap, or this game will crash. Someone will copy this game and make it better!
  14. Weather

    Fix the servers 1st. Weather may cause bad framerate and more crashes.