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  1. Freakin confused with Sensitivity settings

    So this is still very confusing... Aim acceleration is “looking around” with right stick then? Why would a higher setting be slower? I really wish they had a practice zone. So what’s general sensitivity then? What is meant by “camera movement” is that holding RT while looking around you in third person?
  2. Freakin confused with Sensitivity settings

    So General is basically “looking around” without targeting(camera speed) right? Which of these addresses the speed of targeting without iron or sights? Is that what Aim Acceleration is? I’m confused by your description of “aiming stick at full movement” what is “aiming stick”? Is that the “+” targeting cursor?
  3. What the hell do all the sensitivity settings refer to? This is really confusing and googling only brings up topics on what settings people use, no guides or explanations. The scope and vehicle driver settings are are self explanatory, I think, so I’m just going to take guesses at the following and hopefully someone can comfirm: General sensitivity: speed of which character “looks around” without aiming? Targeting sensitivity: speed of which one targets without iron sights/scope? ADS sensitivity: does this refer to targeting with iron sights/holo/red dot? Aim acceleration: no freaking clue. Also, which of these addresses the speed at which cursor moves on map? When zoomed out it moves pretty fast but up close it’s wayyy too slow.
  4. First time I crashed twice in a row today. Also I keep freezing for like a second or 2 in final circle or when entering new areas. Screen doesn’t say network lag but it feels like it.
  5. What is up with TPP / FPP?

    That’s nice. I hope it doesn’t take away resources from having non friendly fire servers. This is something that’s truly needed.
  6. Friendly fire reports to PUBG

    So I’ve come to the conclusion PUBG isn’t doing anything about this and probably can’t. I sent clear footage of me driving from Pochinki to the shore to pick some guy up and he shoots me while I’m in the car. I messaged him letting him know he was reported along with video link. Then some days later (today) he messages me below: ”so where’s my ban, I kill my squad every game 😆😆😆” I am officially done with reports. I’ve sent like 25 in past 2-3 weeks alone when I’ve never sent one in any other game ever. There should probably be non-friendly fire servers like there’s TPP/FPP but whatever I don’t care anymore.
  7. What is up with TPP / FPP?

    If this was on VR or something that’s a diff story.
  8. What is up with TPP / FPP?

    So I tried some FPP and it’s not that great. Not very realistic, turning ect is too slow and feels like I have “tunnel vision”. I guess TPP isn’t realistic either but I like looking at my char in games, I don’t feel the need to want to be the character itself. I dunno, not my thing.
  9. What is up with TPP / FPP?

    Oh that makes sense. I really can care less about PC version because of all the hacks but love the game on Xbox. I was not sure if the camera was bugged or what. I was not even aware they were separate servers. Guess I’ll give it a shot.
  10. What is up with TPP / FPP?

    I only started playing this game on Xbox and been playing every day since release. I haven’t been on forums long enough to see any discussions on this if any. Also I come from games like GoW and BF. I don’t play CoD (not sure if that’s an option there) Bottom line from where im coming from, these options seem pointless. It’s just frustrating to keep accidentally joining the FPP games. Also, it’s not really “TPP” since you can switch between both modes. It’s just confusing overall.
  11. Premature plane departure

    Ok actually I just realized pressing the Xbox button exits out the screen also. So that solution works for now.
  12. I don’t get this bs with TPP / FPP. Is that really necessary? It seems I accidentally join FPP many times. Why can you switch views between TPP but not FPP? Is everyone else forced in FPP mode too when selecting this? This just seems as utterly pointless as friendly fire.
  13. Circle timer gone after update.

    Keeping an eye on that thing is incredibly distracting, my eye needs to be on my surroundings. The 5,3,1 minute notices are sufficient. The time to drop everything and run is when the Restricting notice comes up. I still much prefer the prompts rather than timer.
  14. Circle timer gone after update.

    I’ve been playing this game every day since December and I just realized that little timer there today. I do prefer the screen message prompts. Looking at that tiny text in the corner constantly is very distracting. Hope they put it back.
  15. Premature plane departure

    Perhaps that’s what the problem is. One had to press the B button twice to exit the plane? I don’t really remember but I prefer how it was before.