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  1. riktor skale

    Revive team mates troll achievement.

    Because I play the game as intended. Why are TKers such a magnet to this game? I don’t have problems in other games. This is the only one I’ve ever filed a report for and I’ve done a ton. To be fair the TKs usually happen in “waves”. Whether it’s a new update, or a new troll achievement like this.
  2. riktor skale

    Revive team mates troll achievement.

    Oh we’re back to this small minded bs argument again. The burden should be on others not to TK, period. Apparently TK penalties aren’t stiff enough yet. What’s you’re symphathizing excuse going to be if I come across a hacker on PC? “Don’t play.” 😂
  3. Get TKed and revived 3 times by team mates so they can get their daily achievement. Nice troll BlueHole.
  4. riktor skale

    Training ground?

    When is the training ground supposed to be released? I thought t was this week?
  5. riktor skale


    The map itself is cool. It’s growing on me. I can’t get over the high CONTRAST that makes it look SO cartoony reminiscent of Fortnite. They really need to tone that down.
  6. riktor skale

    Xbox - 1.0 Release Feedback topic

    I’m just going to be honest about my very first impressions about the cosmetics and map. Cosmetics: First off, I guess I like the fact you guys finally introduced G-Currency. However, none of the items enticed my enough to purchase anything with exception of the Aviator set. There’s only 2 pieces of clothing in that set that I figured I’d give in and buy, but I wasn’t all that thrilled about. From all the premium event pass items, there was 1 maybe 2 items that were “ok” but didn’t motivate me enough to buy the pass. Im frustrated that after a year I still can’t get basic dark gray drops from regular crates like half gas mask. Hopefully that changes with new system. You guys should work on adding better cosmetic/gear. The weapon skins are “ok”. Silver plated stuff looks cool, but I’m not exactly going to grind for it. I would love to see different TYPES of helmets/armor not just reskinned stuff. Sanhok: layout seems ok, I prefer larger maps though. The color/contrast is way too BRIGHT on Xbox. Looks so cartoony reminds me of Fortnite *barf* very different from promo video. Hopefully it’s adjusted. Lastly, I don’t care much for upcoming Warmode. Not into modes with respawns.
  7. I’ve been unlucky enough to still not get the half gas mask. I noticed they listed drop rate for every item in each crate. The half gas mask is supposed to be in the Biker crate but it’s missing from list? What’s the drop rate for it? Is it still there?
  8. riktor skale

    Character moving forward on its own?

    I will try 10 I had it on 4. I’m having a separate frustrating issue now with my right stick slowly drifting off on its own.
  9. riktor skale

    Character moving forward on its own?

    Nevermind, it seems to have subsided for now after some tweaking.
  10. riktor skale

    Character moving forward on its own?

    I’ve literally put deadzone from 0-90 and everything in between. It’s definitely not that setting. Same with movement sensitivity.
  11. riktor skale

    Character moving forward on its own?

    I finally bought a new controller and I’m unebelievably still having this issue. Would you all mind telling me what your Left Stick Dead Zone and movement sensitivity setting is at? I think this is just a bug and it’s annoying AF!!!!
  12. riktor skale

    PTS Patch notes - Strafe bug fixed

    Is this fixed on the PTS anyone know? Thinking about jumping in but not if strafe bug is still there.
  13. riktor skale

    PTS Patch notes - Strafe bug fixed

    Jesus this is an ASAP item and I’m not one to complain about bugs here. I’m definitely NOT playing until it’s fixed. Game feels unplayable to me.
  14. I’ve been playing consoles for years and had no idea about controller mods or K&M up until recently. A whole lot of stuff makes sense now. Here I am thinking I may be a “bad player” or others may just have spent many many more hours playing than me 🙄 But yeah I think Fortnite said they were going to add a function to detect peripherals recently for matchmaking. No idea how that’s going to work since you can just plug it in after like you said.
  15. riktor skale

    PTS Patch notes - Strafe bug fixed

    I came here just to post about the bug. I can’t strafe left to right consistently feels like my controller is broken. This is annoying as hell when is it getting fixed?