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  1. riktor skale

    DLC not appearing after multiple attempts

    Jesus Christ, nevermind I found the answer to my question on Reddit below. Apparently you have to RB under crates in in-game store and they appear under ‘my items’. There should be some clear notification letting you know you have some new items. Either that, or add the word “CRATE” in the store. I would have never imagined to look there or even think it would arrive as a “crate”. Spent half the day with un/installs, resets and chat support to figure this out.
  2. Purchased the Instructor Set DLC but it’s not appearing in game. Ive tried various solutions with Xbox support such as re-adding my profile, resetting Xbox to factory settings and reinstalling game. The DLC never originally downloaded and it’s not appearing when selecting ‘manage game & add ons’. Before i wrack my brain any further, has anyone else experienced this with this item or Golden Track Suit?(was planning to purchase that too) Or could there be other current bugs preventing me from seeing it at the moment? This is my first DLC purchase for the game, I assume it appears along with the rest do the regular clothes in game.
  3. riktor skale

    Ruined PUBG

    Trust me I’m Xbox OG and I have plenty of rubber banding. I also dont care care for the fact no buildings load up for me in the beginning of game. Seems like they load slower for me than others. Yes the matchmaking UI is bad. All i I wanted is Mirimar. Everything else they added is crap and is ruining a game riddled with bugs to begin with.
  4. riktor skale

    Thank you Bluehole for the new update!

    I’m sorry but half (or all) the buildings not loading upon landing is a huge issue for me. I know im not the only one still experiencing this. Aside from other posts here, other players in game are able to clearly see and shoot at me from multiple walls/houses away. The initial drop is a crucial part of the game(chances of dying because unable to get a weapon or take cover are high) and the way the buildings are loading really needs to be fixed. I also find the new reload and emote bugs that haven’t been fixed incredibly annoying. I was very very much enjoying Mirimar during the first few PTSes, not much now. I’d actually much rather prefer they revert to the PTS seen in the weekend before last and hold off on whatever new stuff they added last weekend until it’s ready. All I wanted was Mirimar, I don’t care for these new extra bugs.
  5. riktor skale

    Emote wheel opening while ads!!!!!!!

    Yeah I’m sorry but the emotes are pretty buggy. I’ve had the emote wheel come up a few times as well. Accidentally clicking on a emote renders me useless unable to shoot look left/right ect.
  6. I think it already has. For the first time this week I’m starting to land in places where the buildings haven’t loaded yet. Not as bad as PTS but that wasn’t happening to me before on Xbox OG.
  7. riktor skale

    Get rid of shotguns

    Shotguns are pretty worthless without a choke, but they are damn good. Just like most other guns are worthless on Auto without a front flash/compensator/suppressor attachment. In the early stages of the game, you are often better off with a pistol. I always carry a shotgun as my secondary. If CQC in buildings is not your style, then avoid them.
  8. riktor skale

    Lets Celebrate Miramar with a FREE crate(s)

    Yeah that would be nice. Especially people who actually submitted bugs.
  9. riktor skale

    This is ridiculous now

    PC seems to be great despite hacks, Mobile is great. Xbox has been getting the shaft for some reason, dev is way too slow. Do the people working on it not like Xbox? Get some who do. I don’t know at this point.
  10. riktor skale

    you want feedback?

    There is absolutely no way I’m playing this on live. Release the prior build and I’d be fine with that.
  11. riktor skale

    PTS horrible this time or just me?

    It was an utter disaster. I gave up playing after first round and I was loving it more than live before. For me, it was laggy as hell with no buildings loading and the other bugs still not addressed.
  12. riktor skale

    PTS horrible this time or just me?

    This PTS is a disaster. It’s like it’s going backwards. The first 2 were fine with some minor bugs here and there.
  13. riktor skale

    Stll problems with building loading

    Basically, except I don’t see any of the buildings to the right either. Even the largest of cities will be completely desolate on Mirimar or Erangel and definitely takes longer to load than that video. I can see people picking stuff up before I can even see a building and I’m on Xbox OG. Whats funny is that cars will load first so you’ll have a bunch of people standing around helpless while one guy in a car comes to run everyone over. Happened to me once.
  14. riktor skale

    Stll problems with building loading

    That’s nothing. I don’t see ANY buildings. First time that’s happened to me in any of the PTS versions.
  15. riktor skale

    Crashes are worse on PTS

    This PTS is absolutely HORRIBLE. I’m actually going back to the live version instead of playing this laggy crap. The buildings take forever to load and I don’t mean render properly just load at all. The entire city is gone no buildings and I can clearly spot any/all players in the near distance. The first 5 minutes I can barely move at all just rubber banding.