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  1. after dying in a match i get the option "The match is currently in progress, do you want to join?" hitting A takes you to a black screen then back to the menu
  2. Main issues ive seen so far are: Timing out a few minutes into joining games, missing textures on sides of buildings near big city areas, and clipping into the floor while running and jumping
  3. llithix

    PUBG Xbox Test Server - Feedback Megathread

    The FPS are great so far! noticed some missing textures on sides of buildings in bigger city areas.
  4. llithix

    Network lag detected

    may be caused by server load. hopefully will smooth out later in the test
  5. First few minutes of miramar on the test servers and friend and i are noticing missing textures that look checkered on the sides of buildings. alot more common in big city area.will post pictures soon
  6. llithix

    White screen after start menu

    UPDATE: I was asking my friends on Xbox if anyone had the same problem and one of my friends had the same internet content filter that I did (for my siblings) And he said after he called them and took his Xbox off the network it started working. I did the same and it worked. The internet protection service in name is called rimon. I doubt anyone has the same service as it's only in israel but it does seem the problem is related to internet and connecting to servers.
  7. llithix

    White screen after start menu

    A list of things tried that don't work: 1 hard resetting Xbox 2 reinstalling game 3 factory resetting console and redownloading profile 4 clearing game cache 5 switching profiles At this point we can either wait till the next update and hope it gets fixed or get bluehole to notice the problem and fix it sooner
  8. llithix

    White screen after start menu

    Unfortunately getting the same problem after the second update
  9. llithix

    White screen after start menu

    yeah i got the update and hard reset my xbox but still the same. im on the xbox one original, what are you playing on?
  10. Forgive me im new to forums but the problem im having is after the start menu where you hit A, and then a black loading screen with a PUBG logo, im greeted with a white screen with lobby music and in the top left of the screen i see "LOADING lobby" ive been getting this since the first update and the latest hasnt fixed it. Im not the only one with this problem as my friend has the same issue.