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  1. Anyone have problem with this? For me, game is soo dark ( especially in buildings ), but zone on map is bright (I have green option)
  2. Zombisztajn

    Lowered sensitivity / ADS bug / control type B

    Other developers can fix these things on this same or second day, especially they lose a lot of players for such a small bug.
  3. Zombisztajn

    More Rain/Fog Weather Matches

    I played a few hours yesterday , only in two match I see fog, I want see rain.
  4. Zombisztajn

    Possibly 1.0 "soon"

    Soon on 2019
  5. Not work, I must search and cancel, search and cancel to find the match, The game has a problem to connect people on these servers.
  6. People have been writing about FPP servers for the EU for a month and nothing
  7. Zombisztajn

    When we get back Duo Eu servers

    Unfortunately, this is true. 7 months after the release of the game, maybe for the next 7 months we will see another big change and normal Eu FPP server.
  8. Recently, I found matches for solo FPP, meaning people play. Maybe it's worth to restore servo for duo
  9. Zombisztajn

    Grenades in the last zones

    @SirDubstep I understand your point, but I think that some grenade limit should be in the game
  10. Zombisztajn

    Grenades in the last zones

    I would like some fair fight, not that I will find a grenade for the match and others will find 10, it's a terrible game balancer. Maybe limiting the amount of grenades you can carry?
  11. Zombisztajn

    Grenades in the last zones

    Yep, I stay alone on squad and what i get? 10 grenades through which you do not go to hide
  12. I have already preferred 3 people driving a car than the teams that the whole area throws grenades
  13. Zombisztajn


    Give me duo on EU FPP server...
  14. Zombisztajn

    American server. HITKILL.

    One of the PTS should be on the European servers, Americans will see horror .
  15. Zombisztajn

    put a higher limit on sensitivity!

    Higher sensitivity? Yes, help M&K user. Although on controllers I play for many years, maximum sensitivity it is unmanageable.