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  1. Zombisztajn

    And this player use normal controller...

    Skill like Shroud on the mouse. Let's not kid ourselves, we play on controller with analogs. I've been play FPS the pad for 10 years. I have played 60 days on Pubg, but this? Sorry but no...
  2. Zombisztajn

    And this player use normal controller...

    From Xbox, II ILLY II his gamertag, on video he has other gamertag, pubgdetective does not see such a user.
  3. Zombisztajn

    And this player use normal controller...

    Sorry I don't know whats with Onedrive
  4. https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=56F474F64B8A1BDB&id=56F474F64B8A1BDB!1245&parId=56F474F64B8A1BDB!110&o=OneUp
  5. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/zombisztajn/video/64206729
  6. PS4 already knows about the new map, and what about Xbox?
  7. Zombisztajn

    Deleting the FPP EU mode! I stop PUBG!

    They do not listen to players, is a group of people who wants an efficient mode FPP but nooo they remove next server....
  8. Zombisztajn

    PS4 Exclusive items

    We have parachute, pants and blouses with Xbox logo.
  9. There is a problem to find someone to play, maybe someone would be eager for a private match on classic settings. Solo/Duo/Squad to be agreed.
  10. Zombisztajn

    An (actual) Review of BO4 and PUBG

    guns are mostly balanced ? And everyone shot one gun.
  11. Zombisztajn

    PUBG on PS4 - What you think?

    Pubg on PS 4 soon , I'm curious how it will look further support for this game on consoles. https://comicbook.com/gaming/2018/11/05/pubg-ps4-release-evidence/
  12. PUBG_Andymh5 yesterday with my buddy try play FPP duo on NA, together we could find nothing. When I left the team, he found him immediately, me too. I have Open Nat
  13. FPP servers is broken for a long time, but we get skins instead of an efficient FPP .
  14. Zombisztajn

    Problem with menu

    If I change region, the problem is the same .