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  1. Zombisztajn

    I Pray Blackout does not kill PUBG

    I do not play Blackout but I hope that the number of players will drop in Pubg. Bluehole maybe he'll think about what he's doing wrong. It's soo true
  2. I can't find any match, anyone play or everybody play BO4?
  3. I hope that we will live to see it in the Pubg https://gearnuke.com/microsoft-helping-block-third-party-keyboard-and-mouse-support-on-fortnite-for-xbox-one/
  4. I have NA server and I can't change to my EU server, before event i don't have such problems. Now not only Dsync but also Lags, Thanks Pubg...
  5. On leaderboard he have -24856d 20h play, 3 place on EU server, hes profile look like this: Whata hek?
  6. Zombisztajn


    Why we don't have hotfix for achievments? The first time I see that such a problem has been repaired for so long. Shame on you BlueHole and start listening players.
  7. Zombisztajn

    What is happening with achievements?

    Yes, this is only one developer...
  8. Zombisztajn

    Xbox achievements

    Me too
  9. Zombisztajn

    Anyone getting not achievements

    I don't get achievements... 1.0 version
  10. Zombisztajn

    achievements work?

    I do not get any achievements in the game, anyone have this same problem?
  11. Zombisztajn

    We don't have Duo mode on PTS? No problem

    And next this same day... people what wrong with you https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/zombisztajn/video/59706122
  12. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/zombisztajn/video/59701391
  13. Zombisztajn

    Still WAIT time... :( FPP - EU // Fix it!

    Maybe on 1.0, they are currently silent and annoying players from Europe. They could at least write "we have you in the @ss" or something.
  14. I like this map but on my Xbox One S magical things happen after the last update https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/zombisztajn/video/59053766
  15. Zombisztajn

    Updates today and gamescon

    We get this soon, not earlier .