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  1. Yeah and the problem is on my original Xbox one ppl past 400 are invisible and if are running better Xbox than me can see me and get free shots. Then look at me dance around like a chicken cuz I can't see the person sniping me. That's just an example.
  2. That video footage is actually 200 meters or so away I'm talking double that distance. My friend on an Xbox one x was spectating me play and he saw ppl and a driving keep faraway exactly where I was scoping with an 8x.
  3. Lately I've noticed that I can't see things past a certain distance with a 8x scope it's as if I'm using a 4x. Objects a fair distance away don't render in and ppl don't either. My friends have the x and can snipe insanely far away. This needs addressed for the sake of fairness.
  4. New Matchmaking Ruined Game

    I'm aggressive the second I land I'll loot for a a minute grab anything I can in that time then I'll run on foot to another set of houses. I get in close to listen with my headset if I hear someone I'll wait till they leave and jump them take their stuff then I'm all set for loot. Now I just run from tree to tree hunting other players for fun and to get better at aiming. Got a triple kill the other day.
  5. kar98k

    Just use all the guns mpre.often. you'll find the guns just take getting used to.
  6. Upgraded to an x from s and damn!

    I refuse to buy an Xbox x. My og runs fine with no ssd. Just wired internet and fast internet.
  7. What song would you play?

    Don't you forget about me. The song at the end of breakfast club.
  8. Fed up of being team killed in a random squad ?

    I don't always team kill but when I do I do this. I first loot up 1 frag is a must for this to work. You then wait till your random team picks you up in a car then when you reach top speed you cook grenade and kill yourself along with entire team. It's worked every time for me. I just do it for a good laugh
  9. Tear gas or mustard gas?

    The belt increases you carry capacity. If you run naked I take it off and you can't carry much.
  10. Stop strafing while you shoot!

    I've gotten used to strafing in pubg and shooting accurately. Most of the time though unless your close to your enemy strafing is usless.
  11. UMP Broken?

    I love the ump. But as of late I've been favoring the micro uzi up to a 100m it's amazing for charging and spraying. Even the iron sights work great.
  12. Multiplayer split screen for duo or squad play

    Keep in mind though games to be shared have to be digitally bought. Any physical game copys would need bought again.
  13. 2 solo wins and 1 duo.
  14. This Plague Is Killing My Fun

    You didn't have a vest on that's why. Pistols kill in 2 or 3 shots when you don't have a best. Plus you used a shotgun at a far distance. The ump was your better option.
  15. wetbike

    I found my first aqua jet boat just last week. And I've been playing since day one of console release.