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  1. Pvt Partts227

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Game was more laggy since update for xbox one x. I use an original Xbox so I wasn't expecting to be effected. Sadly it's not the case. It's most noticeable when dropping from the plane. And on ground when near enemy players.
  2. Pvt Partts227

    Am I the only one who got hustled?

    Hahaha never happens to me. Cuz I actual read what I'm getting before I click buy.
  3. Pvt Partts227

    Am I the only one who got hustled?

    Carefully look at each option in the store before you buy for starters no one should give you your money back. Your a customer just cuz you don't research you blame pubg. Blame your self. Pity the fool
  4. Pvt Partts227


    Let's say if you down a player and a team mate finishes off the downed player the person who downed the player still gets the kill point. I've tested this since launch. Stop whining and just have fun.
  5. Pvt Partts227

    Sanhok - Network Lag Detected - Game Ends

    I'd say give the devs another month or two. After that no excuse. Although I'm having fun and on Original Xbox one. Game is as smooth as butter.
  6. Pvt Partts227

    event pass

    This event pass is a joke. In comparison to the battle pass of fortnite. You can earn V bucks in fortnight to purchase the battle pass without spending real money. This event pass forces us who have played for over a year on Xbox. Up and down with the patches and stuck with this game only for the devs to not give us a way to earn G coin. I'll keep playing but am majority dissapointed.
  7. Pvt Partts227

    Has anyone purchased cosmetics yet?

    Not going to spend money in this game.
  8. Pvt Partts227

    Kinda dissapointed in the war mode details.

    Right but overall I'm happy with the upcoming stuff. Atleast till fallout 76
  9. Anyone else wanted this mode to be a all time mode. From what the patch notes say it's only for community events which kinda suck. Why can't we have private matches with just our friends. Why borehole why
  10. Pvt Partts227

    Patch #18 Feedback topic (LIVE SERVER)

    No word in the patch on the strafing and getting stuck while strafing from a sprint. This kills me in game and i just end up standing there just to die. Fix it's unplayable.
  11. I noticed when playing in third person if your sprinting forward and try to go into a side step to strafe after getting shot at my character locks up and stops moving with the left stick pushed to the right to strafe right. Fix this issue character movement kinda really sucks with this bug. Get into a gun fight and die trying to strafe right or left. Mainly right.
  12. Pvt Partts227

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Couldn't even do one match.
  13. Pvt Partts227

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Couldn't ready up to get into match stuck at ready screen. Two xboxs on two different tvs Xbox og
  14. Pvt Partts227

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Where do we post bugs for the bug bounty loot?