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    Game crash: Megathread

    Can we please get the crashes fixed? Crossing the bridge into military and game crashes right as I’m driving through a roadblock. 20 people left...
  2. TheOwnlyProdigy

    Late Game Lag

    Anytime I make it to the late game I lag. Players teleport and I “rubber band” when the circle gets small. I’m using an Xbox one S with 150mbs internet speed. My Xbox is connected with an Ethernet cable so I’m not dropping connection. But every time I progress to late game I get to where I can barely play the game. I can’t shoot accurately, I can’t move because I never go where I’m trying to go, it just makes the game very hard to enjoy.
  3. TheOwnlyProdigy

    Custom Button Mapping

    Is there a way that we could get custom button mapping added to the game, there are some controls that I would’ve placed differently and I’m sure others would’ve done even differently than me.
  4. TheOwnlyProdigy

    Quick Loot Problem

    When trying to pick up loot from the inventory menu sometimes it will not let me go to the “vicinity” area so it significantly hurts the time it takes to loot and when it does it then it becomes nearly impossible to loot dead body’s, you can only pick up what they were visibly carrying.