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  1. This thread is so full of misinformation taken as fact it is actually quite surprising. Surprised this thread hasn’t been closed tbh. The following statements are FACTS: - It is entirely possible to have good aim on a controller, even with no aim assist (YouTube videos with hand cams to prove this) - mnk adapter feels nowhere close to native mnk, however it does still provide an advantage, (not as big as people believe) - An extreme minority of players use mnk adapters (confirmed by devs) -There is not a legitimate concern of ‘splitting the playerbase’ if native mnk was introduced because PUBG has 100k+ players and this feature would attract more pc players
  2. Can we please have this option? I personally really like no aim acceleration on ADS and would also like to have the option for hip fire. Even though the max sensitivity was raised the aiming mechanics are still quite bad, here are some of the reasons: [*] Aim acceleration kicks in at around ~70% stick deflection, shooting games commonly have aim acceleration kick in at around ~90% stick deflection [*] ADS sensitivity does not scale with general sensitivity which would give you much larger range of ADS sensitivities you could use

    Horizontal movement post update 2

    It was one of the most complained things about the test server and not one reply was heard lol. An axial deadzone option for the left stick, like in BF1, would easily solve the problem.

    Movement is trash

    They need to implement an axial dead zone for the left stick like in BF1 and BF5.
  5. Titanfall 2 and Warface are really good examples of customizable aiming options that are fantastic. Please play lay these games PUBG CORP and take notes!


    The left stick is too sensitive, it’s too hard to walk in a perfect straight line. They need axial deadzone option.

    new left stick movement is soo bad

    I think they need to implement an axial deadzone option like in BF1

    Acceleration on General Sensitivity

    I agree

    New movement feels bad

    It’s harder to do precision jumps like landing and jumping into crates. BF1 has an axial dead zone option to make running in a straight line a little easier.

    New movement feels bad

    I figured it out. Basically the game needs an axial dead zone setting like in BF1. This will make it a little bit easier to run in a straight line with the left stick. Also the new sensitivity settings feel great.

    New movement feels bad

    It is way too sensitive and it’s hard to run in a straight line without going wonky. How do I change it to feel like love version?
  12. First of all not everyone that uses mnk adapter is a god. Second some people are just really bad at controllers. Native mnk would feel so much better than an mnk adapter that it would mnk users would want to join those servers. Hence the incentive.
  13. Native mnk is vastly superior to an mnk adapter. That would provide incentive. If you have played pc and then tried an mnk adapter, you would know it feels like absolute trash.
  14. This is why we need the wall.
  15. Motion blur is usually needed for low frame rate.