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  1. Parachutes - Patch #9

    I noticed it too but can't believe they didn't mention it in the patch notes, why would you not inform players of such a change that could have an effect on how some of them decidedly play out their game?... Please put it back to how it was and leave us play how we want to play
  2. Parachute change?

    I knew they had changed it, notice how I've had no reply from anyone official too, these devs are clearly just pandering to the many imo
  3. Parachute change?

    Is it just me or have you/they changed the rate you drop when parachuting in patch 9? I used to be able to get across at least 3 quarters of the map but can't get a quarter of that distance now....
  4. M416...too dominating???

    Nah, I've been doing some testing and the m416 is defo op IMO....and I'm not complaining, I'm merely asking what others think of it, a simple yes I agree or no I don't agree will suffice, any immature attempts at belittling in replies will just get reported
  5. I've noticed I'm dying a lot more these days to the m416 more than other guns...anyone else noticed this??
  6. Totally agree bro, they have ruined over the shoulder aim with this last update
  7. Original XBOX One unplayable

    Played squads last night on EU servers, didn't crash once and got a dinner for my efforts, I'm on the Xbox one too
  8. Game crash: Megathread

    Not crashing half as much last 2 days on Xbox one in solo, once tonight screen just went black and back to dashboard, no stutter though, I was just walking into 4th circle with a few players fighting each other
  9. noobs in cars ruin the game..

    They haven't said they are going to punish them, I said I hope that's what they do and there is plenty of stuff online regarding them saying they are looking to lessen the impact of cars in end game go do your own research
  10. Top 4 players in solo

    I honeatly think its just trolls doing it now mostly as theres a few people including myself who have voiced their frustration with such a cowardly tactic, 1guy run me down in the last ten players the other week so I invited him to party to ask him why you using such a cowardly tactic and to my surprise he joined party and was in fits of laughter, is this the kind of thing bluehole want to promote? I think it is judging by the toxicity in these forums from the defenders of the car meta
  11. noobs in cars ruin the game..

    Look buddy, even the game developers have acknowledged something has to be done, why is that do you think? Because people are abuseing the cars to troll and grief people, their having way to much of an impact in end game, that is where my issue lies, and i hope they do punish people for such toxic behaviour
  12. noobs in cars ruin the game..

    Totally agree bro, I made a thread about it and all ive had in replies is "no you cant punish people" and "its a legit tactic its not cheating" clearly from the instigators defending their only means of getting wins I say
  13. Game crash: Megathread

    Still crashing on xbox one, most of the time its in squads/duos whilst driving a vehicle at full speed, screen stutters then back to dashboard
  14. Game crash: Megathread

    Im on the xbox one, updated this morning, working fine all day, just crashed on me in solo, just after 4th circle dropped, with 30 remaining whilst running through a field with a couple of other players driving in vehicles nearby, screen went black and back to dashboard...its getting a little tiresome now imo