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  1. OK, so as far as this patch is concerned I don't see a vast improvement to some of the core issues like hit reg, fps drops in multiple engagements in final circles and the m4 still being the go to AR for most players and I'm still adamant there are exploits in play by some people who seem to be taking a lot of shots from all sorts of weapons and still managing to survive. As far as that recent hotfix goes, well I wasn't experiencing trouble with load in and character movement seems worse now, I'm on the one x btw, so basically its an 11gb update to fix a problem I wasn't having and create a problem that I wasn't having, thanks for that. I hope the "Fix PUBG" campaign you recently launched for PC will extend to console as well and with any less dedication or urgency as I'm currently in the mind to get my money back if things don't improve soon
  2. Haven't played yet but on reading the patch notes I felt I had to get this off my chest... I have but 1 question, why on earth have you not even tried to fix hit registration and not even a mention of it being addressed in future updates?.... This, for me is unacceptable as I feel its the biggest problem this game has, what good is a shooter if your rounds don't bloody register to hit boxes
  3. Sorry but I'm getting sick of this game not performing in key areas like when landing near someone else, too many times I've ran into the same house as another player on landing, seen a gun on the floor tried picking it up and the fact that I say try is exactly the problem, and if I do manage to pick it up in time and take a shot at the player in the building with me most shots don't register and I get dropped by 1 shot from a 9mm pistol and on that note the balancing in time to kill still needs tweaking imo. Oh and I don't particularly care for community events such as your current nonsense of using snipers, instead how about focusing on giving us regular updates on known issues and patch progression in news and announcements thread, nearly a week since any news on fixes... Shame on you I say.
  4. I agree but I didn't say all 5.56 I said the m416 which had too much versatility imo , its an AR so it should perform like an AR and not an SMG and dmr as well, all I'd do is decrease damage over range on it and reduce percentages on grips and barrel attatchmemts
  5. Starting to notice serious fps drops in nearly all fights in squads on the one x.... and does any one know if they are planning to add the balancing patch they added to PC because people can deny it all they want but something needs to be done with the m416 on this game for console its ridiculously op in my opinion... On the plus side though I haven't crashed once since the hotfix so thumbs up on that front.
  6. OK, so where's the feedback thread for the 28ths patch?
  7. xSnakeDoC

    Game crash: Megathread

    Not crashing half as much last 2 days on Xbox one in solo, once tonight screen just went black and back to dashboard, no stutter though, I was just walking into 4th circle with a few players fighting each other
  8. xSnakeDoC

    Game crash: Megathread

    Still crashing on xbox one, most of the time its in squads/duos whilst driving a vehicle at full speed, screen stutters then back to dashboard
  9. xSnakeDoC

    Game crash: Megathread

    Im on the xbox one, updated this morning, working fine all day, just crashed on me in solo, just after 4th circle dropped, with 30 remaining whilst running through a field with a couple of other players driving in vehicles nearby, screen went black and back to dashboard...its getting a little tiresome now imo