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  1. xSnakeDoC

    Storm campers

    Ah so I called it the storm, don't cry over it kid
  2. xSnakeDoC

    Storm campers

    I hope this isn't becoming the meta for pubg, sitting in storm pounding meds in the last 20-30 players. In the last 10 games I've played I've been killed from someone who's outside of storm 7 times. I'm curious to know what others think so....
  3. Echo locating a target can be tricky, I think there may be a problem though as numerous times in cqb I seem to misplace where I'm being shot from and I've only noticed it since last patch
  4. xSnakeDoC


    Sorry for posting twice in this thread but I feel you devs need to hear this... Wanted to play a few rounds of squads earlier so I joined my mates party and asked all the boys (who by the way have all played since day one) if they want to play a few rounds and they all said they'd already played a few with the new patch then decided enough was enough and deleted the game. Now whilst I am more tolerant to the fact the game is in preview after all, I fear this may be the case for a lot more players if you do not get the game running smoothly with noticeable improvements to stability and optimisation.
  5. xSnakeDoC


    Updated my one x this morning, played a few hours mostly on erangel, seemed slightly better apart from server lag in close combat, fps drops on landing is still an issue for me too. As far as miramar is concerned it's basically the same accept it crashes too often as well as having the problems of erangel thrown in. Now whilst I appreciate all the hard work you guys are doing can I just say that that the most frustrating thing about all this for me is how you always say " stability and optimisation is our main focus" well sorry but I'm not sold on that statement since you added more content before getting it working properly 1st, so please please don't add anything else until you fix what's already in place to a satisfactory level for all players.
  6. xSnakeDoC

    PUBG Xbox Test Server - Feedback Megathread

    On the one x there's loads of problems imo, server lag ( dying after I've ran around the corner!), m416 too op and worst is bullets that sometimes seem to just go straight through the player I'm shooting at, but it has improved somewhat fps and general play
  7. xSnakeDoC

    Stop changing parachuting!

    and who are you? The grammar police? Reading through online forums picking holes in peoples grammar... Get a grip!
  8. xSnakeDoC

    Stop changing parachuting!

    You're missing the point, its about having the choice to do both and not being forced into any one type of exit from the plane
  9. xSnakeDoC

    Stop changing parachuting!

    and you're a right pair of Einstein's aren't you ...you're just picking at words
  10. xSnakeDoC

    Stop changing parachuting!

    i paid for a product, I'll complain all I want, and your reply doesn't make any rational sense at all
  11. xSnakeDoC

    How can someone have 14kdr and 50% win rate?

    These stats and leaderboards are just clear evidence for me of the advantage Xbox 1 x players have, nearly all of the players currently ranked top 10 are on a 1 x
  12. xSnakeDoC

    PUBG Xbox Test Server - Feedback Megathread

    Here's my feedback on what I've played of the pts... Its broke! Fps drops are ridiculous, getting shots on players and they don't die, certain weapons seem to be dropping me with 1 or 2 shots to my torso, starting to think there's a glitch/exploit people may be using.... Either way its unplayable for me in its current state
  13. xSnakeDoC

    Stop changing parachuting!

    Are you serious?....they haven't optimized nothing and I've only noticed this change in the last couple of days not since they rolled out last patch so you quoting the patch notes is pointless
  14. I am noticing a change in the speed you fall whilst parachuting AGAIN! You pubg devs need to stop tweaking things and not telling us what you've changed, its no surprise player numbers are falling when you keep pulling crap like this!
  15. xSnakeDoC

    M416...too dominating???

    Yeah but are they planning to roll it out to console?