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    Sure it’s best to do close and reopen the game, but most times I (and my squad) forget because no other game deserves that kind of attention just to keep it running. The crashing has gotten worse and they need to fix it pronto. Screw the next map, emotes, weapon skins, etc. Fix the crashing. Enough said. I feel most people know what they need to do to avoid crashing, but it still doesn’t work every time. I’ve still crashed a few times after closing and reopening the game. I just played squads for a few hours tonight. One person had to title screen after every match, and we had people crashing nearly ever game. We try to have fun, but the constant bull shit makes the game a headache more than enjoyable.
  2. You are right, I wasn’t clear. If the little work arounds have been working for you then that’s great. I just can’t see that happening. At least the game running without crashing. Again, if it really has then that’s awesome. I will not wait around much longer. If this is going to be anything like PC, it’s going to take a few years. They already messed up by not dumbing it down for console. Now we are stuck with a mess that gets a patch but ends up breaking something else. I love the game and try to remember that it’s a video game and it’s supposed to be fun, but sometimes the game ruins itself with its bugs, lag and crashing. The frustration has turned in to every game instead of ever few. Come Red Dead 2, this game will be shelved for good, or at least for a long time. Always sunny in AZ😎 Screwdrivers on the porch. Too hot to do anything lol.
  3. I never play with randoms either besides the day one squad I met when it launched. Squads is a pain in the neck with this game. Hard resetting fixes localized issues like sign in problems or games just flat out not opening. Besides, I have my Xbox on energy saver, which does the same thing. My Xbox doesn't sleep, it shuts off completely. After all, the game still runs terribly. I know you don't care, but I couldn't believe you for a second if you said your game hasn't crashed the last few months. Couple weeks ago I deleted the game and took some time off. Redownloaded pubg recently and it still runs terribly. It is what it is. You can defend it and thats fine. If you like crashing, invisible rocks, pebbles blowing up cars, terrible hit register, and terrible rng, then by all means defend the game. I however will not. I'm sick of it and most others are too. Simple things like this MIGHT help, but its not going to fix the game. I don't believe it for one second.
  4. So do you only play solos? Nobody crashing for two hours is unthinkable for squads at the moment. We have 1 person crashing every game. EVERY GAME. We are dying from invisible rocks, bullets aren’t registering, people can’t ready up after matches... 6 months in and no improvements for a vast majority of players. I don’t want to have to hard restart my system every day. Also, are you saying that I can’t just go to my updates and hit update for Pubg when one is available? What kind of pampering does this game need so I can play for 3 months without crashing.
  5. X Tuinator

    Excessive Headshots?

    I shot a guy in the face with a Kar98, clear as day. Dude had a lvl 1 helmet. The way shots register in this game is terrible. I’ve noticed it I’ve been getting melted by ARs lately as well. I don’t even get a chance to react sometimes.
  6. X Tuinator

    This has gotten out of hand.

    Can’t be in game preview forever.
  7. X Tuinator

    This has gotten out of hand.

    I gave them props for trying to get this game on Xbox a while back. I take it back. They should have one goal right now. Fix the crashing. I just had a game where my buddy crashed, I sat in the blue and revived him 3 times. Waited 5 minutes for his game to load and we took off. Turns out there are invisible rocks. Hit an invisible rock, he gets knocked and I’m nearly dead. I had to heal and couldn’t get to him because he crashed and went down three times. I started driving to circle, got to circle and sure enough a squad waiting on the other side. Truck blown up because half health from invisible rock. Closed the game immediately. Currently I’m sitting here with a glass of whiskey and am contemplating my support for this game. One step forward, two steps back.
  8. Seems you took fall damage at a few different moments falling down the slope. Tough luck on that one. Keep trucking. You will get one.
  9. X Tuinator

    So why do you hate Miramar so much?

    I’ve never dropped the cave. Only been there once end game. I normally drop and loot up North. Honestly once you find your spot it’s hard to go anywhere else.
  10. X Tuinator

    So why do you hate Miramar so much?

    I as well. Love fighting in the hills and mounds. Completely different tactics than tree hopping or laying in a field.
  11. X Tuinator

    So why do you hate Miramar so much?

    Yes! It’s going to spread like wild fire once people do.
  12. X Tuinator

    So why do you hate Miramar so much?

    There is a secret to the looting that I’ve figured out. Kar98 with a 4X or 8X every game and a scar fully kitted with almost all lvl 3 gear. You gotta find the right buildings. I’ve learned cities suck for loot. Don’t go to them.
  13. You try ADS? Dude was free pickings. I scope in on a guy like that. Dead 99.9 percent of the time. Only time I don’t ads is if he is within 10 feet.
  14. X Tuinator

    Controller disconnected message

    I have been getting this pretty regularly as well. While it is a small issue, I hope they focus on other stuff like crashing first.
  15. X Tuinator


    Smoother yes, but I crash every 3 to 4 games still. Main issue should be fixing the crashing.