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    Like I said... queue the hate mail🤣 Grow up and be constructive. Pubg has so many issues. What is it going to take for people to understand that in order for change to occur, we need to stand up and say fix this. I understand the desync lag would be tough to fix because of tracking location of the 100 players, but invisible trees, black screens, frame drops, desync, slow loading times... can you honestly say that this is a good game? At its core the idea is great, but they really did not do a great job of pulling it off. Also, I will slam that door in your chubby cheek, pigeon toed, living in your moms basement face🤣 (jokes... only jokes)
  2. X Tuinator


    Anyone else excited for a fully optimized game to dominate Pubg. I know I am. Lets be real... 1.0 release is the “full game”. Yet, I still experience lag, terrible frame drops (especially aiming on Sanhok) and the desync is by far the most frustrating and worst it has ever been. I experience invisible rocks and trees while in vehicles that sometimes will cause me a painful death or cause the car to simply flip. If you have a long way to go to circle, this really sucks. I experience slow loading times in high populated drops. Once so bad people were running through walls and me ending up getting shot from an invisible person right in from of me. The game is great at its core, but when is this laggy piece of spaghetti coded game going to be fixed. Flat out sick of it. I hope blackout comes out and dominates the br universe. Show Pubg and fortnite what a real br looks like. Alright, I’m done ranting. Queue the hate mail and the “I’m not having those problem” responses...... now🤣
  3. X Tuinator

    Dynamic Weather is 30%

    I’ve played for hours and haven’t seen dynamic weather yet. Feel its more rare than 30% of the time.
  4. X Tuinator

    another proof ump is OP

    This clip made me cringe.... So many things you did wrong🤦‍♂️ I wish I saw you sitting there while I was holding a Kar98 or an m24 in my hands. You would have had a huge bullet hole right in your face🤣Move around! Don’t sit still. He wrecked you fair and square.
  5. X Tuinator

    Controller disconnected message

    I have been getting this pretty regularly as well. While it is a small issue, I hope they focus on other stuff like crashing first.