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  1. Last few circles

    Here’s a suggestion. Last few circles play dead center of the circle. Eliminates a bit of luck involved and brings in a bit more strategy and skill. It’s a lay up when the circle plays you in the end of the match.
  2. Let's talk frame rates Xbox One X

    I’m just saying what I feel. I bought the system to play enhanced games with better graphics. I didn’t buy it for FPS and I hope that’s not what others bought it for. The X is for enhanced gaming with better graphics. OG Xbox has FPS issues as well. When mine drops, normally everyone elses in my squad drops. I’m just tired of people complaining about it. If people really really want better FPS then they should try and go to PC. They are not going to get an amazing experience on Xbox. Just my opinion on this FPS topic.
  3. Let's talk frame rates Xbox One X

    Not sure what you all are talking about. The graphics are so much better on the X. It already has an enhanced version. When dropping in, crates, buildings, cars, etc render from the plain. When parachuting down you can see the guns and get to them faster than og Xbox players. The only time the game gets framy is when you are in a big city. Also, the X loads in faster after a crash. Quit being so damn picky. It’s a preview. Game will never run spectacular anyway and I think people need to understand that. Don’t expect 30 FPS in every second of the game. I have plenty of friends with OG Xbox that play this game. They always die from falling because crates, houses, boxes, etc didn’t spawn in. Game runs way better on the X and I don’t care what anyone else says. Even a friend that switched to the X agrees.
  4. PUBG XB1 refund petition

    Wow this post is pathetic. I will be taking this petition and throwing it in the trash. The game is a preview. Enjoy what you bought because you are not getting your money back for a game that you knew was a preview. The devs have been working on the game. What more do you want? I’m sure they are getting close to the desert map as well. Last I heard they were making changes on PC Mirimar so they could add it to the Xbox version. Just be patient.
  5. Xbox-Proximity Chat?

    I enjoy the thrill of hearing only footsteps around the area I'm in. That's enough noise. Proxy would be too much. My simple opinion. I'm going to leave it at that. If people want to team up to cheat in a lobby then leave it at that, I dont want there to be more opportunities of teaming up with proxy chat.
  6. 1. I love the fact they made cars weaker. They shouldn't have taken that many rounds to blow a car up. 2. They may have nerfed the damage from running people over too much. If I hit someone with a car at a good speed, they should be dead. 3. The damage taken from running in to things is a little much. I ran in to a wall at fender bender speeds and took damage. Really? I see cars as a way of getting around and I see them as a weapon. They were far to powerful before, now I think they are too weak. I think they should be somewhere in between how they were and how they are now.
  7. Xbox-Proximity Chat?

    Then muting isn't stopping cheating/teaming. A report system would be. Muting wont do anything. Just because one person mutes doesnt mean others will.
  8. If this garbage is added then there needs to be a way to turn it off. I don't want to listen to someone blasting their music in the background.
  9. Xbox-Proximity Chat?

    100% NO
  10. Friendly Fire

    No worries. All of us want the same thing here. A way to deal with friendly fire. Only way I see is reporting them and banning them. I agree finding good randoms is not an easy task
  11. That is the point someone was trying to make. Just play battlefield lol
  12. Friendly Fire

    What I'm trying to say is maybe people should not keep the thought out of your mind. Its a part of the game until they give an option to report and ban the player. I agree with you that it ruins the community, but there isn't much you can do about it. I'm not trying to be a douche or anything. I'm trying to say that it is unfortunately part of the game at the current stage of the game. Once there is something we can do about it, then it wont be an issue. I've had terrible experiences with randoms, hence the reason we don't play with them any more.
  13. Jumping windows is not possible

    You also cant jump from second story building porches either. You cant jump over the railings. I think it was a mistake because it wasn't in the patch notes. It will probably be fixed next patch.
  14. Friendly Fire

    Lol it is a part of the game whether you like it or not. If they wont do anything about it other than being able to report players, then its a part of the game. I suggested finding a community post to join up with. That's where I found a squad that I play with on a regular basis. Find a group you like and stick with it. Don't do every game with randoms. You will run in to problems eventually. You are a lucky one. My squad has played with a random a few times and they have been no help what so ever.
  15. I agree. I would much rather see them optimize the game before stuff like this.