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  1. No need to try it out, you’ve been lucky. It’s RNG and nothing more.
  2. Yes but they want the game to be pretty much the same as the PC version. In PC you can pretty much instachange due to mouse, this option gives the same speed for optics changes as PC.
  3. Herkz

    Parachute Trail

    While it’s a cool idea, do you really want to be rendering smoke while you are trying to load buildings? 😅
  4. Would be nice to make up/down on D-pad WHILE ADS’ing change scopes if you have them, Up for higher magnification down for lower. Would make fluidity of gun fights a little better and lessen the need for inventory management during gun fights. LT+Dpad up LT+Dpad down
  5. No it’s not simple, that data is sent as Squad data to the server. You aren’t playing solo you are playing squads and that game server is what is receiving your stats. What you are asking is for them to figure out a way for your data to be saved in a different area than everyone else’s in the game mode you are in.(granted there are other solo squaders)
  6. All over the map doesn’t really effect your FPS, render range is the area that truely effects your FPS but to what you are saying yes, all the small things in play do effect the FPS. Reducing unnecessary textures & objects to render will help as well as streamlining the textures(building changes they mentioned) currently in use. Personally I wish we had a graphical settings page so we could set Resolution, Render range, Brightness and overall texture quality. Obviously most people would want what they are aiming for which is a mixture of looking good and performance but an good amount would emphasize performance and lower everything as low as possible. And I’m sure there are those that’d take a worse FPS with higher settings than for screenshot/recording purposes.
  7. Herkz


    Final circles are all about clearing zones. Make an imaginary zone layout for those circles are remember what you have cleared and which way most people are likely to move. People tend to move towards narrow side of the circles and then watch the way they came so you can assume where most people will be/way they are facing for that reason. As soon as shots are fired the majority of people are scanning for that shooter so at times it’s wiser to take cover and bait shots for other players to try to take them out. Circles are the main reason for death and wins, if you have the circles you have the advantage if you don’t then enjoy the pain of pushing someone that most likely is in cover and waiting. Tl;dr version: Try to predict where people will be set up, always move towards cover, remember flight path and position of circle to assume where foot mobiles will be coming from, and hope the RNG gods like your drop zone for the circles. As for sound, it comes with game time.
  8. Herkz

    Just Here to Vent

    Just hit a guy with a UAZ doing max speed... he lived and managed to shotty me. Makes complete sense to me 🤬
  9. “I drove through a breakable shack and the vehicle glitched in its walls and exploded the vehicle” Please say you recorded this for the lulz.
  10. Herkz

    AUG Ammo Not Registering

    On a plus side... it’s not a bug!!! 😂 The Groza is the supply drop 7.62 variant.
  11. Herkz

    AUG Ammo Not Registering

    AUG is 5.56 bud.
  12. M&K users are much lower than people think, it’s just the cry of the baddies that can’t believe that their amazing aim didn’t kill the guy they where shooting at.
  13. Only if it’s Silenced can the 8x be equipped
  14. I never get this line line of thought “it’s for bullying and cussing” we are playing a game where the goal is to KILL other people. I really don’t think words can make that any worse.