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  1. Cheaters , teamers and team killers have and will be perma banned eventually, as stated by several other forum users this has already been addressed on PC, once the spectate function is added there will be a direct report option ingame for abusers of the T&C of the game. I'm pretty certain that prox chat hasn't been added yet as they want an ingame report function 1st so that they can defend any backlash from toxic chat etc, as there will be an ingame method y that point to report these toxic individuals. Cheating, teaming & team killing and toxic behaviour are also against microsofts T&C too so getting soft and hard bans will definately come. Use the forums report function until then tho as reports will most definately be logged ready for the first ban wave eventually
  2. There's an official form to fill in on this forum to report team killers. PUBG corp takes team killing very seriously and have perma banned constant team killers on PC. Please report these team killers officially and eventually they will be removed from the game.
  3. TheYetiBum

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Terrible EU times, no FPP servers, everything I've come to expect from blue hole . How about doing right by your consumers and spending some of that cash we all threw at you on extra servers & staff so maybe you can get ahead of consumer expectation like any moral, efficient and honest business should be. Or maybe just do the minimum to placate an audience whose money you've already got and don't really care about? I'll stop accusing when you start proving me wrong
  4. TheYetiBum

    Game crash: Megathread

    I've just had three games in a row that crashed, I'm on xbox one playing on EU servers. 1st was usual crash to Dashboard whilst 12 players were left , second game was twenty players but fps dropped and stuttered for minutes before crash. Third time I had connection error message for about two minutes then the game times me out, I have high speed internet which didn't drop out at all , and after this timeout I tried to reconnect to the game but after pressing A to continue I stayed in main menu except the menu overlayed over itself but misaligned. Hopefully this helps, I'm assuming your servers are abit off today
  5. TheYetiBum

    Game crash: Megathread

    Now I've goin if I land in a roof that hasn't spawned in yet or completely spawned and rendered in I actually take damage whilst floating/bouncing on the roof and then my game crashes. Tested on multiple games at Pollyanna police station. Game has actually got wise for me since updates crash and latency wise
  6. TheYetiBum

    Game crash: Megathread

    Hey, new high, 5 game crashes in one game and still got to top ten. I am getting concerned by the fact that the xbox sounds like a jet engine takin of everytime I reopen the game after crash. fully understand the games still months behind the PC build and you devs have got to use black magic to get this to run on such low specs, wish you luck but I'll be playing something else for a few months till there's a build out there that doesn't cause me to scream and wake my entire neighbourhood up every 15mins from crashes, frame drops, latency, frame pacing gone wild and marshmallow buildings that don't render in for 20secs after you land. great game concept but just a concept on console right now. much love and good luck
  7. TheYetiBum

    Game crash: Megathread

    Finding the game now crashes a lot more during parachuting stage. Been disconnected over twenty times in four hours
  8. TheYetiBum

    Game crash: Megathread

    Several crashes a day sometimes many in one game, constant lag when ever someone is nearby or there's a death in the kill feed. Servers odviously aren't up to snuff. Already had three friends uninstall due to this ring the worst release state for a game preview game. Also the frames are no way thirty, more like 17 with some major frame pacing issues. I feel motion sick playing in FPP due to the screen tearing , terrible FOV. How in 2017 doesn't a PC port have a FOV slider or even an option menu for audio and video settings. Was very looking forward to this but very dissapointed
  9. TheYetiBum

    Game crash: Megathread

    My game crashes approximately 75% of the time, I disconnected four times in one game and I've actually had the game freeze and minimise twice whilst trying to reconnect after a crash. Occasionally the game will just close other times it'll close and make the ear splitting crash noise. Occurs more frequently in vehicles. No error message but it often makes my xbox one reboot and spin up