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  1. Game crash: Megathread

    I've just had three games in a row that crashed, I'm on xbox one playing on EU servers. 1st was usual crash to Dashboard whilst 12 players were left , second game was twenty players but fps dropped and stuttered for minutes before crash. Third time I had connection error message for about two minutes then the game times me out, I have high speed internet which didn't drop out at all , and after this timeout I tried to reconnect to the game but after pressing A to continue I stayed in main menu except the menu overlayed over itself but misaligned. Hopefully this helps, I'm assuming your servers are abit off today
  2. Rules I live by in squad play an always tell my squad mates before game start 1. If I get downed leave me unless your 100% safe to get a revive off, if I'm behind cover (preferably smoke grenade me before revive) 2. If the circle is closing and I get knocked in late game just leave me to die it's best for the squad. 3. If I get salty or a squad mate gets salty due to being knocked and not revived, accidentally team knocked, accidentally kills squad by random vehicle explosion etc etc ,and I or any salty squad member needs to nut up & shut up, it's a game, it's not perfect & if it ain't fun then don't play. 4. If you need ammo, meds, stims etc just ask. A squad is only as strong as it's weakest link so share and communicate. 5. Also I don't care if your and ex navy seal with advanced tactics training, do not perceive yourself as the shot caller on a casual computer game without your squads express permission. By all means suggest and communicate but don't order people about ad act like you were birthed straight from an xbox disc drawer.
  3. Yeah ADS, crouch and burst fire after every 5ish rounds on full auto ARs. But tbh honest over the last few days I've had quite a few match with pretty bad de-sync going on. Lvl.1 vest and helmet dudes tanking five rounds from a fully kitted M4 at point blank range only to get insta killed wearing a Lvl.3 vest and helmet. No gradual health loss or damage to best just flat out insta death when only hearing one round leave there chamber. Also getting stutters lasting upto 2seconds occasionally too, I expect these issues in game preview but it can be very frustrating but it's swings as roundabouts I guess
  4. Good Elite controller setting for aiming

    I use one of the under side scuff paddles and map it to LB so that way you can ADS and then easily push the paddle to get the extra level of zoom whilst aiming without having to crabhand push LB whilst pull LT. Also use paddle on opposite underside for mapping to B so it's easy to crouch before each spraying. Admittedly this takes a whole to get used to but trust me the advantage is massive
  5. TPP is crazy!!

    TPP is generally seen as less skilful by the PC community due to k/d ratios being lower and the fact that on PC and console in game player count drops a lot slower in TPP as people spend more time peeking corners or snaking. Plus who wants to be sat behind a tree third person peeking another guy doin the same as you on the next tree. I don't know the figures for console but on PC over 50% I players play purely FPP due to it being more competitive and higher risk. Plus don't hate guys, I'm only staring data facts released by blue hole. FPP only servers see overall higher K/d ratios , faster player deaths, less road kills and more headshots so it's pretty pointless arguing that TPP is more skillful, it's just more casual & there's nothing wrong with that at all
  6. Weekly loot crates

    I got 5 duplicates, last week I got 5 duplicates & the week before that I got 5 duplicates. I now literally own 10 of some shirts & trousers. I could sell them for the paltry 30-60bp each, but how will I gauge all future dissapointment without a tally.
  7. Weekly loot crates

    Thank god it though I'd gone nuts and made up the reset in my mind lmao. Guessing it's just a server error
  8. Vehicles

    I'm pretty certain that quad bikes will be added by the time we get the new 4x4 tropical map after Miramar is released at somepoint this springtime. I could be wrong but it certainly looks like it's favour smaller vehicles , plus quads would be a better option for duos FPP as bikes are pure death traps ATM due to mid air stability corrections being next to impossible in FPP
  9. sneaky ninja footsteps

    I've found if you push forward very very gently and use soft aim as you move you will be substantially quieter & have got the drop on many players this way.
  10. WTF is happening today????

    Shotguns in PUBG fire buckshot not slugs so unless you have a choke attachment and are aiming down sight and at an appropriate range it's very hard to assess how many pellet are hitting the target. Add ontop of that early game lag, first shot delay on all weapons and latency mixed with no hit markers then it very very hard to comment on issues like this. I feel your pain, I've one shot people with no choke at literally 20-30 meters wearing level one armour, and I've emptied 3 shotgun shells at point blank range with a choke into an unarmoured target point blank and not got the kill. I'd advise crouching, use a choke, use the double barrel for firing speed and damage and stand still........oh and pray to the blue hole gods before each games
  11. target assist needed for xbox version

    Since controller type B & the aim acceleration slider were added I've found aiming just as easy as in call of duty or battlefield etc etc. I'm running all sensitivities at 6-7 or higher for longer range scopes and aim acceleration at 0 so it's a 1/1 thumbstick to movement/ aiming ratio. I think what's needed is an eventual recoil overhaul of all weapons tbh so that things like the AKM with high recoil that are almost unusable even on PC can become a viable option on console. Recoil compensation on a level needed in PUBG is relatively unseen in console gaming due to the limitations of thumbsticks so by solving that issue I feel aim assist would be unnecessary
  12. ADS

    Might be useful to know that there's a slider in the settings for aim acceleration also, I'd advice turning this down to zero. Was massively requested by the community as if this is set at anything other than zero then thumbstick movement will not be in direct correlation to character movement/aiming. Hope that helps and welcome to the struggle
  13. Proximity Chat

    I've posted about this many times , some prox chat suggestions have thousands of views and hundreds of replies but I have a feeling that someone some here has decided that the server load would be too great but doesn't want to tell us that as a large part of the player base loved the game from PC by watching funny voice chat moments on YouTube and twitch and wanted that same experience. Xbox doesn't have anything against prox chat as several games already have it on console so just keep commenting on prox chat threads and hopefully one day we will get a definitive answer about it. Cross those fingers , please please blue hole pretty please
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one who found this change unnecessary, may I ask how you feel about my counter solution of switching any clothing swapped or weapons etc to the bottom of the list in vicinity? Just interested in seeing if this would be an acceptable or favourable option for anyone else?
  15. Hi guys n gals (& any pubg employees who may read this) so let's talk about the new method for picking up body items using the vicinity section on your inventory, by body items I mean weapons, clothing & armour, anything that is placed on your avatar in the inventory screen. Recently due to the player base being frustrated with how sometimes you'd accidentally pickup a weapon or armour piece in vicinity or swap a weapon or helmet etc multiple times due to lag and frustration based button mashing. I suggested that in order to nullify this issue they should add anything dropped or swapped to the bottom of the list in vicinity. But instead they've added a whole new button push, so know you have to push X & then push A to confirm! Whilst stating this is streamlining looting.... How is increasing the amount of button pushes streamlining? vicinity is pretty much always preferable for looting as you see things hidden underneath spawned loot piles, it's easier to pick things up whilst you teleport and rubber band around , and during early game it's useful to see if that weapon you tried picking up actually went Into a weapon slot rather than fps drop, latency and netcode issues tricking you into thinking you slammed that shotty into your sweaty mitts only to realise even tho your character went thru the picking up animation the computer says a big fat NO . Does anyone else think my solution is better suited, that by just rotating swapped or dropped items to the bottom of the list in vicinity pickup would completely remove this issue rendering adding a whole new button push obsolete and unnecessary ? Also please can we have a sensitivity slider for the inventory cursor as that's offer another way of quickly dragging and dropping attachments and gear, not all console users need a default setting of sense1 for this and dumbed down controls that seem designed to minimise player mistakes rather than achieve higher accessibility