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  1. TheYetiBum

    We quit

    That's not perspective, you yourself called someone out for comparing siege to PUBG (which they didn't even do) and now you can compare two completely different entertainment mediums cinema/video game can ya? Great logic there mate, plus ATM I've paid £25 for a game I can't play unless I wanna go in NA servers from the EU and have a 200plus ping. Maybe you should stop being the magical purchase police who knows best for everyone, if you have kids god help em
  2. TheYetiBum

    How does this game make money?

    Once it's at 1.0 release it'll go upto full price in Microsoft store but anyone who bought it in game preview for £25 won't have to pay any money, the price represents the unfinished product and that it's in the testing/development phase.
  3. TheYetiBum

    How does this game make money?

    They make a tonne from loot boxes & keys from PC. Plus sales are still climbing but have petered out quite a lot after the initial buzz. Eventually more micro transactions will come the xbox but only after 1.0 release id imagine.
  4. TheYetiBum

    Esp Hackers taking over Leaderboards

    Guess you can just ghost your IP address and have the laptop basically pretend it's the xbox. Scummy but do-able , aslong as there's been consoles there's been cheaters. They literally banned 1.5million people on PC in one month, that was early half of all concurrent players at the time. That's how big cheating is
  5. TheYetiBum

    We quit

    Yeah way to many judgemental people on here sucking in the Nutz of PUBG corp, anyone so much as slightly criticises the game and the keyboard warriors kick off lmao, yes the game in game preview, yes it cost 25quid, yes with time it'll get better or maybe not (no legal requirement to actually finish the game). But that doesn't mean people can't voice there opinion in an opinion section on a forum. Too many people unemployed or not in school having a dump on other peoples opinions online to feel real big. Tickles me
  6. TheYetiBum

    We quit

    And trust me, as a day one siege player, that games sucked hard at launch too with numerous bugs and matchmaking errors. Thankfully it runs sweet now, one day pubg will too
  7. TheYetiBum

    We quit

    Have fun on siege my man, that's what I've gone back to aswell for a few months. Refreshing to go back to a tactical team orientated fps with a solid 30fps without my team mates murdering there children from disconnects, crashes. Also refreshing not spending twenty mins tryin to get a game. Love ya PUBG but no, just no
  8. TheYetiBum


    I've played since launch and I'm currently enjoying a tolerance break, was either that or put my face through a plate glass window through frustration. I chose the less glassy stabby in the face option
  9. TheYetiBum

    How do I contact the moderators?

    Content is the title, if you didn't add a title and tags it'll auto warn you most likely, if your thread was recent you can alter it and re-save but if it was longer than like 5mins it won't let you. Hope that helps, and don't worry about it, it's no biggy dude
  10. TheYetiBum


    COD BR won't be 100 players and will still be hit scan bullet model, as in no bullet drop, no different bullet velocity or travel time. Just click and the magic bullet hits the target, that makes for a ridiculously fast time to kill that purely relys on twitch shooting, that's the opposite of the gun mechanics that make BR modes fun, no skill gap = frustration and no longevity. Also battlefield have stated that no BR game type will be in the new title at launch. I too an growing tired of pubg mainly due to them having a test server which isn't a test server, it's a device used to gain an extra three weeks to work on the next patch without anyone whining, if it were a test server then peoples feedback concernin all the current updates issues wouldn't exist as they would have been fixed and tested on said test server before roll out to the live server. Menu issues, increased crashes and vastly increased queue times were all reported on test but still got okay'd to go live. I'm pretty forgivin and laid back but that's a complete joke
  11. TheYetiBum

    After 1800+ games...

    Atleast you can get a game, anyone not on NA servers is waiting twenty minutes for a duo or squad game. Bored of playin solo so time for another game, player base has died a death. I knew the player base had dropped from 3mill to 1.5mill players in last two months according to steam, but looks like the sames happened on xbox too.
  12. TheYetiBum

    Has anyone else made the switch?

    Fortnite a not my jam, good solid game by all accounts but I just don't like the aesthetics tbh, thankfully I mainly play solo on PUBG so the recent patch causing massive issues with queue times and preface lobby in EU for duos and squads hasn't effected me too much but I can totally understand why a lot of the player base will be royally hacked off ATM through frustration or simply because it almost impossible to get a game at all. I personally cannot wait for DayZ to be released before the years out and yes it'll be janky just like pubg right now but I've been dying to play it for over five years
  13. TheYetiBum

    Rendering priority and optimization

    Game still renders entire maps worth of ocean under the map, still renders buildings, stairs and furniture as seperate models when if they were combined into single models that'd vastly reduce rendering times and stop things popping in at different times (no idea why stairs were separate to begin with) also why do the character models have fully separate modelled eyes if you clip through someone's head when they die you'll see it) that's literally 200 3D Models rendering in all the time. The list goes on, when a games made this badly optimised and then a big team has to go through all the code and 3D Models and painstakingly pick the code apart and optimise stupid choices one by one creating new bugs as they go, I'm glad I'm not a dev trying to get my head around greenes interesting coding choices lol
  14. TheYetiBum

    Why don't you do the simple things?

    How about rebuild all character models so there not rendering in two fully modelled eyes that render separate to rest of the body, that's 200 in world objects that don't need to be rendered instantly. Why have the ocean rendering under the whole map all the time wen it's not visible?! Why have stairs and buildings render as separate objects when all multi model renderings could be combined into one model further reducing rendering time and reducing stress on the game engine. I'm no games developer but those seem like pretty massive things that would rank performance but are relatively easy to rectify. Would love to hear if these changes are practical or possible from someone in the know
  15. TheYetiBum

    Duo's matchmaking broken?

    Hah if I search Duos in EU now it puts me directly into a lobby with no team mate. Well played PUBG, troll level increased lol