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  1. There are adapters that let you use a ps4 controller on xbox.
  2. Hixbot

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I admit I haven't tried it since the beta... It's a shame if the performance has gotten worse.
  3. Simple reason, naming people on a public forum can lead to mob justice which is not appropriate. They may have cheated in a game, but you dragging their Xbox live identity onto a public forum is basically harassment. The devs and Microsoft give you a method to directly report people. There's no reason for the whole internet to know their names.
  4. Hixbot

    Pubg vs blackout...

    Pubg is a much better game but the performance of blackout is so much better I'd rather play blackout. If it were on PC where performance could be maximized on either game, I'd play pubg. But on xbox one, well.. It's not that blackout performance is that stellar... It's that PUBG performance is hot garbage.
  5. Hixbot

    xbox lag switch, freaking scary!

    Yes absolutely. But most games including pubg use server side hit detection with lag compensation to help the laggy players be competitive. Theres never been a good solution to it, consoles were never immune, and lag switching hasn't really gone anywhere. But I will say, strong lag compensation is a bane to competitive gaming.
  6. Hixbot

    xbox lag switch, freaking scary!

    Lag switching traditionally takes advantage of host advantage situations in peer 2 peer online games. With dedicated servers it's not such a prevalent concept but it can be used to exploit games with heavy lag compensation. It certainly doesn't "pause the game".
  7. Yes, those with a Freesync display could see massive benefits with a 1080p performance mode option and unlocked framerate. I am in favor of this. I was merely trying to adjust the expectations from 99% of gamers who want a vsynced 60fps lock, it aint going to happen.
  8. Again, 45-60fps will be vsynced down to 30fps. Which is basically what I mean by a more stable locked 30fps. An unlocked framerate would be a nightmare on 60hz non-freesync display. Uneven frame times as the frame rate bounces around is not fluid. It's why pretty much every game uses vsync to either 30fps or 60fps, not unlocked somewhere in between.
  9. Between blackout and battlefield royale, I'll probably never come back to this game. If pubg performance mode can squeeze out 60fps on the X1X, I'll come back. I think pubg is the better game, but the performance is just too bad on console.
  10. hmm, it dips into the low twenties all the time. I personally was not impressed with the September 18 hotfix. I don't see how reducing graphics and resolution will push it to a 60fps lock, as those types of things won't do much to lessen the CPU bottleneck. I'd love to be proven wrong.
  11. between 45 and 60fps is not a 60fps lock. With vsync, we're talking about a 30fps lock here. So as I said, 1080p might give us a more stable 30fps lock, it's not going to give us a 60fps lock. Unlocked framerates and uneven frametimes are not desirable. Perhaps an unlocked framerate would benefit those with a freesync monitor, but otherwise a 30fps lock is the best we'll get.
  12. Really rough PC port running on a mobile CPU based on the bulldozer architecture which has terrible instruction per clock performance, and a low clock rate to boot. Seriously, look at the chart below, especially the years 2011 to 2016 where bulldozer and derivatives were keeping AMD chips in the dirt. Now imagine a Jaguar mobile APU based on this architecture, with only 30 watts and about half the clock rate. The X1X has a powerful GPU but the Jaguar cores are a real problem. Now if devs code for Jaguar from scratch they can squeeze out 60fps. but if the game is coded for PC with 120 watt CPUs, it's going to have real frame rate issues on the Jaguar without an extreme ground-up re-code from the devs. It's not going to hit 60fps simply by dropping the resolution to 1080p. As resolution is mainly GPU bound, and Pubg on xbox is clearly CPU bound. That being said I'd like to see a 1080p mode, because the performance might be slightly better (perhaps a more stable 30fps). and 4k on this game is a waste, as textures lack any real detail to write home about. Honestly, I think 4k in this game can only be for Microsoft's X1X enhanced marketing, it is of almost zero visual improvement in this ugly game.
  13. Hixbot

    What are the devs doing?!

    Nude twister!
  14. I was excited for some TDM, but then I heard it was only 20 players and can't queue with friends. The maps are too big for 20 players.
  15. Hixbot

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    I know others are saying their fps feel better. Not me, when looting in the early game I get the feel of floating around as the input lag is so bad. Honestly the x1x performance has been poor since the hotfix following update 17. They messed with rendering distances on update 17 and the fundamental way rendering happened in stages, which made for playdoh building on X, then they tried to fix the playdoh with the hotfix, which has ruined the FPS ever since. DEVS: Go back to update 16 and have a look at the way x1x performed.