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  1. Hixbot

    60 fps

    The frame rate is indeed capped at 30fps but often drops far below that. The cap prevents tearing and inconsistent frame times. The cap is a good thing. Otherwise jumps from 20fps to 40fps would be even more jarring. This game will never run at 60fps on Xbox One, the problem is the Jaguar CPU performance.
  2. Hixbot

    Patch #17 Feedback topic

    So where is the list of the bug fixes since the PTS. Obviously this isn't an exact copy of the PTS, some things were fixed but not listed?
  3. Hixbot

    Is Cross Platforming coming to PUBG?

    Sony have ruled-out crossplay with xbox. I'd hate to see PC players playing with xbox players. The PC playerbase is corrupted with cheaters, not to mention the massive advantage of MnK and better framerates.
  4. S should have slightly less frame drops than OG, as it runs the same version but has slightly higher clock rates. The X runs a 4k version with much faster loading textures and longer draw distances. Frame rates in combat are about the same as S, but it's a different bag.
  5. Hixbot

    AR Nerf: Yay or Nay

    I don't see the need to balance weapons. This is a looting game, big deal some weapons are better than others. That's the point in looting. Id prefer the weapons are realistic. The recoil is way too high for the M4. This gun hardly moves in real life, even on auto.
  6. Hixbot

    So how much have you spent?

    I spent $40 CAD. This is not including the weed and beer that usually accompany the game.
  7. Hixbot

    No ping lock ever plz

    I'd like to see a ping lock, but it won't happen. Brendan Greene has said publicly that region locks are xenophobic. Which is crap, but that's what he said.
  8. Hixbot

    Block servers in each region

    Region locked unless in a squad with foreign players. Like if you are in EU you are locked to EU servers in solo and squad/duo matchmaking. but if you squad-up with a NA player by invite, then you can choose to play on NA server or EU server. Either way it's not going to happen, Brendan Greene thinks region locking or ping limits is racism somehow.
  9. Hixbot

    PTS vs Live

    It seems that OG/S things are better on PTS. For X1X, things are worse.
  10. I think it's slightly worse, the max sensitivity feels a bit slower when AA is off.
  11. Hixbot

    Can't report a player while spectating

    It's an accidental carry over from PC. Devs have already stated they will fix it.
  12. Hixbot

    Xbox - PTS Feedback Megathread!

    X1X, texture loading and framerate performance have gotten worse. All my friends on OG say things have gotten better. Please don't push this live, without solving the x1x performance. Also, SMGs seem OP now, but that's just like, my opinion, man.
  13. The advantage of a mouse is not small, it is absolutely massive. In the hands of a highly skilled mouse user, it's just immensely more effective than a controller. Pubg is particularly more suited to a mouse with a complet lack of auto aim. That being said, there is no point to these threads, Bluehole and MS can't ever do anything about it. These threads only succeed as advertisements for Xim.
  14. Agree, I can't stand AA, but the turn rate is just too low without it.
  15. Hixbot

    Denied by Desync ?

    OPs video shows a classic lag compensation where hit detection favors the shooter. One or both of you have significant pings to the server, on his screen you hadn't taken cover yet, while on your screen he hadn't shot before you take cover. Even if you had 10ms ping to the server, if the other player had 300ms you'd have these big discrepancies. In this game lag compensation favors the shooter. So he killed you. All online shooters suffer from these types of issues, the only true solution is ensuring all players have a good ping with hard ping limits. That's not desync. Desync is where more than one player reports two different realities. Like when a friend says he's in the same room as you looting, but you see him in the front yard picking up invisible loot. It's when client/server location data not only diverge, but remain corrupted following multiple server "ticks".