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  1. I was excited for some TDM, but then I heard it was only 20 players and can't queue with friends. The maps are too big for 20 players.
  2. I know others are saying their fps feel better. Not me, when looting in the early game I get the feel of floating around as the input lag is so bad. Honestly the x1x performance has been poor since the hotfix following update 17. They messed with rendering distances on update 17 and the fundamental way rendering happened in stages, which made for playdoh building on X, then they tried to fix the playdoh with the hotfix, which has ruined the FPS ever since. DEVS: Go back to update 16 and have a look at the way x1x performed.
  3. Why are devs so keen on keeping the 4k resolution? I don't understand why they gut so many graphical features in the name of FPS, but 4k resolution is sacred? Honestly, I'd love to just play an OG mode. Everything the same as OG, on my X1X. or a 1080p performance option (still locked at 30fps). The lack of motion blur has made this unplayable for me.
  4. Hixbot


    OP is dead wrong. The xbox output settings have no bearing on how the game is rendered. The game is rendered at 4k, you can set your output to 720p if you like the game is still rendered at 4k. Devs need to offer a 1080p performance mode for X1X players.
  5. The performance of Blackout is a breath of fresh air. There's a lot of things that pubg does better, but the performance on Xbox one is simply the biggest and most important problem. The biggest benefit of the fluid framerate on Blackout is seen in close quarter combat, it actually works. Tracking a running target 10 feet in front of you, while you run backwards around a hallway corner, you need a good framerate to do that. Pubg has always felt broken in close quarters.
  6. Hixbot

    FOV complainers...

    Yes is absolutely the opposite. TPP has a massive FOV by its very nature. FPP needs a FOV slider for people who want the camera further back. But it would never be as far back as TPP.
  7. Hixbot

    Ghillie Suit Sale $9.99

    You guys are taking the OP too seriously. He created an account to post this. He's obviously trolling.
  8. Hixbot

    Where are 60fps???/

    OP ofcourse we all want 60fps, you are getting criticized because your crying and comparisons are irrelevant. The devs aren't sitting back thinking we won't make it 60fps until there's more crying for 60fps on the forums. PUBG is a pc port that is cpu heavy. It doesn't run well on xbox one, full stop. The devs have been struggling to get it to run stable at 30fps. Your comparisons to DayZ or other games are irrelevant and pointless. Talk of petitions are pointless. Pubg is what it is. Play it, or don't.
  9. Hixbot

    one x enhancements

    HDR is not exclusive to the X1X. It works for the S for games and video. The X1X supports enhanced titles. Which in the case for pubg means native 4k resolution, different draw distances and rendering speeds. The X1X has more and faster RAM, and the GPU is 4 times faster than S, but the cpu is only 20% faster. These specs make it well suited for 4 times more pixels (4k resolution) but not other improvements (60 FPS).
  10. I have 300Mbps down, 100Mbps up fiber, wired to the Xbox with open NAT. I get 15ms ping to US East servers and 40ms ping to US West servers on Rocket League. I always re—install Pubg after a patch. I noticed rendering got worse after patch 17. Then worse again on the latest PTS. Then dramatically worse after patch 18. Patch 16 was heaven on X1X.
  11. This shows how long it takes for buildings to render, and the further wait for furniture to render. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/hixbot/video/59118011
  12. Hixbot


    Lies. We haven't been asking for new content. Please show me one post asking for more content and I'll show you 100 posts asking for better performance. We've been asking for performance to get under control. That hasn't happened. Rendering is worse than ever. Honestly, the devs said they know that performance is priority, but then they release a patch with weather effects and worse rendering and tell us 1.0 is around the corner with a new map. Things were better at patch 16.
  13. Hixbot

    Analog Movement

    Movement feels good to me. I suggest the OP lower his movement sensitivity.
  14. I can't drop fast on Miramar because the textures aren't loaded. X1X internal Harddrive. Takes about 10 seconds after landing for loot to load. Takes about 15 seconds after landing for the main walls and floors to load. Takes about 30 seconds after landing for the furniture to load.
  15. He's controlling the vertical recoil? Just because you don't see the recoil (I see plenty of horizontal recoil), doesn't mean there isn't any. You'd need to see what his thumbs are doing to say there's no recoil.