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  1. wombie

    improved desync?

    im an eu player i play na servers and the desync is nowhere close to what it is on the pts
  2. wombie

    improved desync?

    There is but thats the worst ive ever had it since the game released im EU player and its never been like that on any live server or pts before
  3. wombie

    improved desync?

    the desync on live is one of the worst problems I read the patch notes you say you've improved desync well this is my first game on pts and this is worse then on live https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ravin-rhino2k9/video/61808801
  4. wombie


    so are skins going to be available on sept 4th aswel or are they still not ready?
  5. whens this going to be fixed shooting people multiple times and doing no damage it happens a lot even to myself ive taken shots seen blood come from me and lost no health