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  1. PudgyPushups

    Level stream rendering on the X

    I believe this too. I’ve been playing on an X since January and it used to be awesome when it came to rendering. The OG and the S were having issues and all of sudden after many complaints about X having faster load in’s something happens where Miramar especially is pure shit on rendering.
  2. Lower Resolution= Higher texture quality yada yada... Has anyone ever used a PC before? They won’t do this because Microsoft is pushing 4K resolution and the “Xbox One X enhanced” mess. Let’s push Prox chat and 1080P. The graphic settings are getting tuned where their having to compromise rendering distance of grass and even players now. Shroud said it best and Xbox One should be a lite version (4x4) (2x2) maps. The hardware isn’t good enough to run this Port like most other ports. I’ll get roasted for this but I still love the game and have played it all day 🙃🙃🙃
  3. PudgyPushups

    Sanhok Mission problem.

    It finally registered🙃🙃🙃 No problems since!
  4. PudgyPushups

    Who do I contact.

    Well, like I said I was inquiring for a friend honestly. I didn’t necessarily read through the entire post about it so my information may be in the thread, but what I’m understanding is in order to obtain this pack the user had to login into his/her PUBG client at the designated hours? If so that’s why he didn’t receive his.. he got the founder’s shirt but not his PlayerUnknown set so I just wanted to ask about it for him since I had read some users were without.. but he had taken about a month off from PUBG so I understand if it was only for a certain time period and to have actually been playing the game. Am I right Andy?
  5. PudgyPushups

    Who do I contact.

    Bro I bought the game back on December 12th. Truth be told I got it my buddy who bought it in January doesnt. I can read my guy.
  6. PudgyPushups

    Sanhok Mission problem.

    I’m having trouble getting the “Kill a player on Sanhok using an AR” to register. Any idea on what’s going on with that?
  7. PudgyPushups

    Who do I contact.

    About recieving the player unknown set? Purchased at launch.
  8. PudgyPushups

    Frame Rate on Xbox One-X reduced on 1.0

    Not too sure. I was pretty hammered last night but I want to go out on a limb and say it was but I’ll have a for sure answer here in a couple hours.
  9. PudgyPushups

    Frame Rate on Xbox One-X reduced on 1.0

    I’m an X owner and the only issue I have is the frame drops while looking through scopes. Other than that I can live with most of the issues.
  10. PudgyPushups

    I thought this was 1.0....

    I was about to post about this also.
  11. PudgyPushups


    FPP my guy
  12. PudgyPushups


    I seen this game.
  13. With being around since launch and seeing where this game has came from I don’t care how 1.0 runs I’m glad to see it make it out of preview because a lot of people thought it wouldn’t. So cheers PUBG Corp. congratulations on the 1.0 release!
  14. PudgyPushups


    I love this guy.
  15. PudgyPushups


    They listen.. and probably have a good laugh at some things but despite things that have been messed up since launch I think PUBG Corp. consist of a good group of guys. This move to console was a big play and their holding up rather well IMO.