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  1. PudgyPushups

    So they cancelled the June 26th patch?

    I’ve been playing since launch and on PC so I get it. So troll on troll.
  2. PudgyPushups

    So they cancelled the June 26th patch?

    The Hotfix patch sounds major. Memory leaks are a big problem so fixing that was a step forward in my book.
  3. PudgyPushups

    3X 6X SLR???

  4. PudgyPushups

    Why do my settings reset constantly?

    😂 I disable the music for that very reason and for the fact I got tired of it playing.
  5. PudgyPushups

    Gillie Suit mix up?

    I tried doing a search for this so I wouldn't post a repeat question... But Erangle's gillie used to be green and it is now desert tan/brownish.. On Miramar it's green. It kinda defeats the purpose of a gillie if the vegetation doesn't match the environment.
  6. PudgyPushups

    Where is Microsoft with PUBG/Bluehole?

    It’s funny how Microsoft has a hand in Fortnite and PUBG.
  7. PudgyPushups


    It used to be really bad with the crashing... Progress has been made in 6 months for sure. Yes, it still crashes and somehow it’s always during the best game of the day or that deciding moment of a chicken dinner. It sucks but it has gotten better.
  8. PudgyPushups

    "Your controller is disconnected"

    I experienced this also.
  9. PudgyPushups

    FPP Que Times

    I feel like I’m region locked. I can’t ever get it to kick if I’m not on the NA server. I swear something must be broken in general because After trying countless times and finally waiting one out till it launches. I get in a lobby and they slowly join like they had to play the waiting game also. Most people unready, leave the team and then launch it again... My whole thing is why are people getting stuck on FPP ques in general? A server would eventually pick you up if it wasn’t broken in some way.
  10. PudgyPushups

    Since Update today ...

    What update did I miss? Since update today, I have no update today which leaves me wondering if there’s really an update.
  11. PudgyPushups

    What’s you leaderboard rank?

    Your information is beyond invalid. Good day to you, Sir.
  12. PudgyPushups

    FPP Que Times

    Trust me bro it’s broke over here too. People acting like there isn’t 100 people wanting to play FPP... it ain’t that dead guys.
  13. PudgyPushups

    FPP Que Times

    I think this guy broke a new record with that wait time.. You must be cool as a fan at the DMV.
  14. PudgyPushups

    Xbox one x no more problems on PUBG

    Truth is they’ve had the One X on a leash for awhile now. If you remember post launch the guys who had the X were running medium+ graphics and doing just fine.