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  1. PUMBA12345

    One big reason players abandon PUBG

    I still suck, and I have 1k hours into it. still get 5-7 games without a kill, I still mess a lot of sprays, long range fights etc.... won 3 solos in my whole pubg experience, and I played pc fps since a very young age. I just find this game too difficult for me, too much decisions to make gets you so confused all the time, i've deleted this game like 5 times because how bad it make me feel about myself and my skills, I know i'll never be a decent player, but still I can't avoid playing for a long time. Maybe cod 4 will be my salvation
  2. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    DEVS do it! You did it on mobile we want this on pc
  3. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    Are you kidding me? They implemented this on mobile before pc? How stupid they are people ask this for a year!
  4. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    So? I want to check this stuff live on trainning mode, without reading and watching tutorials, what is your point? Why not impement this mode if so many people asking, give us one reason not to!
  5. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    We need bot dummies that will stand and respawn when killed/ we need to know what weapon kill faster / how to spray good / which attachments to use and when / How to better aim with scopes on a different distances / how to hit headshot with snipers etc.... Non human targets will be a better than nothing but bot dummies will be the best. Actually the best way to practice sniping is to build a mod with random bots shooting you from different covers at differet distances but if they failed to make a training mode until now it's way beyond their intentions...
  6. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    Did they ever replied to even one of the thousands requests for this feature?
  7. PUMBA12345

    Known issue since early access....embarrassing!!

    I want a reply from one of the devs....
  8. What don't you understand? People can't play, I don't know any other company that neglect bugs like this... It took years for you to fix teleportation, replay wrong crosshair position issue is still there from release, and this is from early access! I can't find enemys when the whole game is flickering! What are you guys doing there?! One of the most known games huge budget W-T-F why neglecting reports?! FIX IT!
  9. PUMBA12345

    Seeing blood but not doing damage

    With how many fps do you play?
  10. PUMBA12345

    Voice Chat stopping after 30 seconds

  11. PUMBA12345

    Game Defaults to AS Server all of a sudden

    feel you so much, read my post:
  12. PUMBA12345

    Keep changiong to AS when I'm from Eu! (game sucks)

    Why you talk about programing if you are not a programer? This will be my very last response to you because you are not worth my time. that last thing you said... Lol what a crap of nonesense you wrote there like you know something while every programer that will read it will laugh at you so hard ... Not every single company is bad, only that one that went official with a game with lags that made everybody teleport for 3 min at the start of each game, never saw anything like that anywhere. This game rised a new standard of neglecting customers and bugs like no game have ever done before. Will you deny this teleportantion bug that appeared in every streamer stream or not? I bet you will deny even that... cya
  13. PUMBA12345

    Keep changiong to AS when I'm from Eu! (game sucks)

    Again you are not reading.... I've said the game has many issues, but you can tell it sucks from spectating this one alone, I won't repeat the full explanation go back and read... You still think I can reach top 10 without mini map? I don't believe it... I can see very clearly you know nothing about programing, just for you to know i've programed games myself so I know a thing or two about programing games. So from a developer to a one that isn't? ( I can guess from what you wrote) be sure that this a 5 min bug fix, let explain that to you maybe you will get it maybe not, but i'll try. After some games the game call a function that adjust some settings in the game, inside this function the games checks where are your location in world and change your region. So all they need to do is just delete the line calling the function that mess around with your region, just a simple remove of a line. They don't do it because they think it's OK to have a bug in the game if it's small (even though it's terrible and they just don't know) . A company that neglects bugs for any reason and don't add them to fix list, even when people ask it to be fixed, is just a bad company, with a bad attitude, that's all I'm saying.
  14. PUMBA12345

    Keep changiong to AS when I'm from Eu! (game sucks)

    In the thread i've said I finished 2nd last time on AS, could have won maybe on EU... Do you really believe yourself when you claim a player that got second place with 300ms is not looking the minimap? Do you even know how to read and *UNDERSTAND* my messages? I wrote so many times that this game has thousands of issues, this is only one Of those issues. And to satisfy your curiosity, I didn't check region because I was sure I'm on eu, you know why? Because this game is so terrible I actually believed that lags was on eu!!!!! Because I know it sucks for so long!! For a matter of fact I do claim you can know this game sucks only from this tiny bug, how? Because it can be fixed in less than 10min for one developer alone, anyone that learnt basic computer science course can fix that, that is so god damn ez bug to fix.... But no!! They don't fix it you know why? 1) because people like you that say it's ok 2) because they made their money and don't care about us Now read, take a breath, and try to understand with your very limited brain what i've tried to say here...