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  1. PUMBA12345

    going the wrong way fast!

    People sick of getting killied because they don't have experience with mechanics, implement the damn tranning room!
  2. PUMBA12345

    What on earth have you done

    Loot should be random but with sense, Every house should contain ATLEAST one gun, from pistol to an AR or a sniper, ANYTHING that you can kill with, and no ,melee doesn't count! When you land with 15 people you need to protect yourself right away, doesn't make sense when you loot 4 houses and still have no gun. This thing should be fixed back there in the early access, as a developer you should push the wheel and do something about it, it's easy as you can open a custom game with selective loot, so it's already implemented in the code, it should happen real soon. @PUBG_RoboDanjal
  3. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    DEVS do it! You did it on mobile we want this on pc
  4. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    Are you kidding me? They implemented this on mobile before pc? How stupid they are people ask this for a year!
  5. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    So? I want to check this stuff live on trainning mode, without reading and watching tutorials, what is your point? Why not impement this mode if so many people asking, give us one reason not to!
  6. PUMBA12345

    Fix this shitty game!

    This company is so bad, they can't implement one feature that will work without further fixes.... I wish I could work there to do things myself
  7. PUMBA12345

    Remove plane trajectory line

    So many thing annoying from Inception, what do you think death cam and reply is something that's optional?
  8. PUMBA12345

    Remove plane trajectory line

    That it will make me move my mouse back and forth to measure the plane line path and decide where to land, why should we do that everytime? unnecessary indeed... Just draw the line and save us from that
  9. PUMBA12345

    Remove plane trajectory line

    Stupid idea, imagine the plane path doesn't make you a skilled player.... Removing this only make the game annoying.
  10. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    We need bot dummies that will stand and respawn when killed/ we need to know what weapon kill faster / how to spray good / which attachments to use and when / How to better aim with scopes on a different distances / how to hit headshot with snipers etc.... Non human targets will be a better than nothing but bot dummies will be the best. Actually the best way to practice sniping is to build a mod with random bots shooting you from different covers at differet distances but if they failed to make a training mode until now it's way beyond their intentions...
  11. PUMBA12345

    Practice Mode MEGATHREAD

    Did they ever replied to even one of the thousands requests for this feature?
  12. This has been asked thousands of times... This game is one of the most complicated, much more simple games has that mode. We need to practise weapons, especially when the meta and recoil is changing so often! Why it's so hard for you to make a mod with all weapons and scopes so we can practice shooting? Customs actually do this already but we can't even use that! What's the reason behind your decision not to make one? Seriously this is a joke
  13. PUMBA12345

    Known issue since early access....embarrassing!!

    I want a reply from one of the devs....
  14. What don't you understand? People can't play, I don't know any other company that neglect bugs like this... It took years for you to fix teleportation, replay wrong crosshair position issue is still there from release, and this is from early access! I can't find enemys when the whole game is flickering! What are you guys doing there?! One of the most known games huge budget W-T-F why neglecting reports?! FIX IT!