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  1. So I just got my first chicken dinner on solo which was awesome (I'm so amped). But I noticed my one win was added... And kills were added. So I assume nobody announced it but stats are now updating? Sorry if this is already mentioned. It was nice seeing that 1 beside the win category after all this effort trying to get it even if it will get reset at some point lol.
  2. We getting hotfix for leaderboards?

    I like the stats updating just to see where I am with kills and stuff but it's not the actual thing I play for and neither are cosmetic stuff. I do play to have fun.
  3. I will say the known issues thread just kinda gets ignored. There are lots of known issues from individuals on here that can be replicated very reliably. They should update that soon I would think.
  4. Win not counted

    I didn't get any chicken dinners (still struggling to get my first solo grr) but all stats aren't counting. I'm consistently getting kills, blowing up cars, my k/d isn't changing etc and nothing is updating.
  5. I would say the revive glitch needs fixed just as much.
  6. Post Patch#9 X1X Performance.

    Played about 4 hours tonight on solo from 11pm to 3am (for those saying time if day matters, take that for what you will). I'm on the X with sadly an old 720 res TV (this week be changing soon enough) lol. I'm on powerline adapter wired connection. No network lag and haven't had that since I went to the powerline adapter. On wifi I got it all the time. I did not crash one time but that has never been a real issue for me. I did notice slight improvement on the FPS area. The graphics do seem more crisp to me even on the old 720 TV. I miss having guns on the spawn area to practice shooting with and test my sensitivities on but oh well. The bugs were annoying at first especially the plane drop bug, I parachuted early twice forgetting to not hit the B button lol. I do feel like there is increased input lag. I was walking towards a shed and had the drop on someone. I pulled the trigger to fire but he killed me with a shotgun a much after I had pulled the trigger to fire but not one bullet was fired from my gun. I found that strange. Stats don't seem to be updating. I think it was a step forward but it still has a ways to go to be totally reliable, hopefully it can arrive at that point one day.
  7. Network lag detected

    Honestly I think it's this game. I had wifi and have wired now because of pubg. Before I had switched to wired I would get the network lag indication just on pubg but no other game would ever have an issue with wireless. Now when I switched to wired I haven't had the network lag indication on pubg plus pretty much the same performance for the other games. Not sure why pubg has such an issue with wireless connections but it's frustrating for sure when that comes up especially at key moments.
  8. Reticle

    White hip fire /third person aim reticle. The red dot /holographic is fine.
  9. Reticle

    Maybe after we haven't had an update for over a month (patch 8 was just basically a patch of things broken in patch 7) if it does actually take them two more weeks to get a new update out they will include these to go with the major optimizations that need to happen.
  10. Reticle

    I'm not saying I have good aim because I don't but when I lose my reticle because it blends into the environment... I think that's an issue. Same problem with the compass and seeing that in bright conditions.
  11. Reticle

    I've wanted this since the game came out. I've lost gun fights shooting in third person aim and not able to see my reticle.
  12. I've talked to Robo about this on his stream. He said it's the settings in your tv/monitor. Personally I have tried to adjust every setting and still have a very hard time seeing the numbers /directions in a bright sky background so I disagree with him.
  13. Don't like idea of a marketplace to trade for real money at all! I don't like it on pc either. Just gives more incentive for players to find cheats to make profit. I think lowering the crates prices and increasing the chances of getting more rare things should be the way to go. Getting 30 BP for a delicate item that cost 700 BP or up is crazy.
  14. Game-changing update on its way!

    In all honesty the last update didn't do anything but revert previous things from patch 7 and fix a few things they broke in patch 7 so it's really been more than two weeks since the last substantial update. So I would hope the next update will be pretty big given the lack of real impactful updates over the last few weeks to a month.
  15. Game-changing update on its way!

    I have crashed on the Xbox one X maybe 5 times in all. I find this to be a minor issue given the general rarity I experience it. I'm shocked he had not crashed on Xbox... I thought I heard him say he doesn't have an Xbox one in one of his streams that he was playing on pc but maybe he got one recently? Idk. But I know anyone and everyone that's played this game no matter the system has crashed at least once. Even the almighty pc crashes sometimes.