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  1. MachineGunEli

    Pubjesus does exist...

    OK it’s official that’s the crazy shit I’ve seen ?
  2. MachineGunEli


    Such a simply solution. ping locked servers. don’t know how difficult it is to implement but it’s along overdue
  3. I’m buying CoD so I have a coaster for my soda when I’m playing PUBG ?
  4. MachineGunEli

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    If only game dvr could record in game voice or party chat I could give you so many reasons I had to TK from generally racist people to just rude individuals that hinder my experience. I’ve had my account close to ten years and I’m nearly to 100k worth of achievements and I’m proud of this as well. I only have alts bc they are useful to get around being Comms banned. but if you think I’m what’s wrong with gaming I’m sorry bud I’m just at the surface of toxicity in the gaming community, if you ever been DDos, had your modem fired or have been threatened to get swatted you’ll know a little team killing isn’t so bad. Believe me or not I used to send in clips of me being TK’d but I’m sure they go straight into blue balls trash can so I openly admit to teamkilling when I have a valid reason. P.S. I’m actually super friendly i just don’t let others hinder my experience even if it means I ruin theirs
  5. MachineGunEli

    PUBG can't compete with this.......

    If they region lock players for a better experience I’m down
  6. MachineGunEli


    Is this the post where everyone whines about shit they can personally fix but don’t do so?
  7. MachineGunEli

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    When they start banning people I’ll gladly take my ban until then I’ll still be purging the randoms that steal shit from my kills anyway I got alts to continue to play ?
  8. MachineGunEli

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    If you actually cared about your W/L I’ll suggest using LFG then chancing it with randoms you’ll probably never be TK’d again and I hope you don’t but the vast majority of TK’s are done by the typical kid or some cunt that wants his favorite gun but I need teamkilling to rid those crazy randoms with no mic taking shots at everything that moves or is following me into my houses/my kills to swipe my loot from me.
  9. MachineGunEli

    Mad at those teamkillers!!

    There’s plenty of legitimate reasons to team kill . You as a person need to take precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen to you such as always communicating, landing together, or just don’t play with randoms would be the best way to avoid it.
  10. MachineGunEli

    Losses to not count

    I used to be like you OP and cared about my stats but what’s the point? The games performance is the greatest challenge not the players
  11. Desync bud every game has it especially CoD
  12. MachineGunEli

    Anyone Else Find This Unsatisfying?

    It’s rewarding either way. i personally will spam grenades if I can but being able to nade people out of cover is one of the best skills to have in the game
  13. MachineGunEli

    War mode with friends

    Yea I was just playing with a full squad it works ?
  14. MachineGunEli

    War mode with friends

    Have your friends open up the war mode menu and then send them a inv, then have everyone que together. enjoy
  15. MachineGunEli

    Weapon Skins

    Either buy skins with actually money or get Shafted by our impossible drop rates for our BP crates.