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  1. imMatias

    Future Event Suggestion

  2. imMatias

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    8 with chicken dinner in Solo!
  3. imMatias

    Got Pioneer Shirt, but no PLAYERUNKNOWN Set?

    You were supossed to log in on September 4 in ceratin hours in order to get the PUBG SET. It was like a 12 or 24 hours period. So you missed it
  4. imMatias

    The return of the M4...

    Yesterday I won my first Sanhok solo with QBZ / M4 combo, killed the last 3 guys with QBZ!! The lightweight attachment with compressor works so good on the QBZ
  5. imMatias

    Sights Idea

    This is gold
  6. Just wanted to say thanks to the whole Team! I'm playing since Game Preview launch and the changes are very very noticeable. Yesterday I played like 15 Sanhok Matches and sadly I just got top 3 😅 But Sanhok looks amazing, I love the terrain, the map size, the dynamic weather and all the loot you can find! Hope everyone is enjoying this game and let achieve more fun. The only bug I had in all those matches was that I had a UMP and it showed in my inventory as a QBZ but who cares. Sketitpaghetti *Runing on Xbox ONE S BF1 EDITION - 1tb HDD*
  7. Realmente lo extrañas? Yo tengo una Xbox One S y la verdad al principio decia "Ojalá pudiera ver al personaje" pero al final solo sirve para enamorarte más de los cosmetics 😂, mejor mantener el juego fluido sin Crashes. Saludos y ojalá vuelva para que estés feliz :D
  8. imMatias

    Didn't get the new outfit! WHY?

    PU Crate, check the Topic, some people will get it later
  9. No, and they will not increase the value with multiple buys.
  10. imMatias

    1.0 Update Question About Stats

    stat reset
  11. imMatias

    After about 75 Raider crates.

    STEAM Pubg had crates for over 1700usd. Now the most expensive crate cost like 1000usd https://steamcommunity.com/market/search?appid=578080#p1_price_desc