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  1. imMatias

    Double Tap Y For Pistol Slot

    Agree. UPVOTE!
  2. Test Servers goes live on April 2th. It will have the new map, new weapons, new vehicles, and the biggest optimization updates since the game launched in Game Preview. Anyone is able to download the Test Server! LETS GET ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!
  3. imMatias

    Arreglen el crash!!!

    Amigo, el juego se lanzó en modo Game-Preview, está en constante desarrollo. Aún no es la versión 1.0
  4. So? Placebo or it works? Im thinking on reinstalling.
  5. Hey Comrades, Since day one that I'm reading to people who say that uninstall and reinstall the game should improve performance a bit more, not talking about more FPS but less crashes and bugs. What do you think about that? PS: I play on xbox one s 1tb bf bundle and I only crash 1-2times every 3 hours of gameplay(sometime I never crash)
  6. lmao, get a new xbox
  7. imMatias

    Improving Gameplay

  8. imMatias

    (A) & (X) To loot Is Nice.

    I loot using start button lol
  9. imMatias

    Save ALL Your BP

    I asked for a pic, not a relationship
  10. imMatias

    Save ALL Your BP

    offline atm, but chill. I believe you haha
  11. imMatias

    Save ALL Your BP

    pic or didn't happen