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  1. Had sound, heard plane, heard myself afk drop and land. Continued to wait for another 5 minutes until I could see. Get killed by someone with gun.
  2. Check out my post, It discusses how this happens.
  3. Right! And I think you should have that choice. I do however wish I had your RNG in regards to map selection.
  4. NV_Urban_Ninja

    PUBG suing Fortnite is laughable

    You point out some really interesting points here. First, I hate fortnite for a couple reasons. First, I hate the game play. I absolutely despise trying to fight someone while all they do is continuously put up walls and hide form me. For me, it just isn't enjoyable at all. I think it is childish and cowardly. It's not like I suck at the game either. I am by no means amazing but I can build just fine and out of the probably 20 total games I have played on the title I have 5 wins. I just simply don't care to be skilled at building and hiding. Like I say, In my opinion it is childish and unenjoyable. I do however recognize the insane amount of money PUBG has made and the lack of apearant interest they have in using that to better their game. It would be unfair to not recognize that the problems Bluehole faces are probably way larger than what a basic game like Fortnite will face. However, I don't excuse their issues. I have another post on this forum discussing my irritation with them reflecting exactly this subject. So yes, I recognize that Fortnite is doing well and offering players a second option that is free of most of the game breaking bugs and issues PUBG has. I also think it is important to not have a monopoly in the gaming industry. I do however find my greatest annoyance in how fast Fortnite developed their Battle Royal and I believe if reflects the money hungry gaming industry we find ourselves in today. These guys did steal the idea. Which alone I don't think is worth being sued over, I just find it extremely un-tasteful. I hate how now every game development team is going to copy PUBG. Fortnite did it first, you have a handful over other games such as Isle of the Nine, Radical Heights, and many more copying the obviously successful battle royal game variant. AND NOW we are going to see COD, BF4 and who knows who else to immediately copy the idea. What use to be cool and innovative will not become completely and totally generic. All because Bluehole had a good idea and now the whole industry will follow suit for the greed of earning more revenue. I think it is gross and annoying. No one strives to be original, they just see a dollar sign and generically copy it.
  5. Yes, however much of the combativeness in my phrasing is more reflective of how I feel about the others to comment here, not of you. You bring up a good point, I just don't agree with it nor find it applicable to PUBG. You seem polite though so I thank you. I also do see where you are coming from. I just disagree and dislike the lack of choice.
  6. I like how you have to pic a very specific point I argue. How about a comprehensive rebuttal? Or is that the only fault you think you can find in my logic.
  7. Well you can reference the post I made just before your comment here for a rebuttal to that train of logic. But yes your right, I have to play the map. However, I do not agree with it. I am demanding a choice. I think it is moronic to not have one, especially when their are only two total maps to play on. And I will have it my way. There is a reason they made map selection an option on PC. I don't really understand why everyone who disagrees with me seems to ignore this fact. PC has map selection now, they did not before. Clearly we will get it, my irritation is that they didn't do this right from the start. It is clear that the devs recognized on their own, or more likely from player feedback, that we should be given the choice. I am here to further that claim to XBOX. I want the choice, I want it now, and I am frustrated we don't have it. Doesn't matter what other games you point at as an example. This is PUBG. It is unlike any other game to ever hit console. Pointing at other games as an example is irrelevant and an inaccurate comparison.
  8. Is this COD or BF4? No it's not. Did I say I agree with how those games operate their map rotation? No I did not. BF4 also does give you a choice by the way, if you have played it you know you can server browse which allows specific choice of map and game type. This is besides the point but I figured pocking a whole in your logic was worth it. If you are not aware, this is PUBG. It is a different game which unlike the others you mentioned, only has two maps. I personally think we should most definitely have the choice. You seemingly do not. Difference of opinion, I will voice mine regardless of what you think. "Okthxbye"? What are you in high school? Sounds like something a bratty teenage girl would say.
  9. I bet you would. But I do not enjoy quitting out of a game a million times while my stats drop. So I am rather forced to play it. Thanks for the basic and obnoxious response though.
  10. lol, that was quite an investigation. Regardless of his total posts, at the time of my original reference, he was in fact following me around posts. We were going at it. Obviously both of us found some enjoyment in the argument. In regards to Miramar. Of course there is the map knowledge issue. I of course have found myself at a disadvantage due to this fact. However, this is not my issue. I sincerely, from my experience and from what I hear from my friends, believe the loot density is not very good in Miramar. It doesn't have to do with RNG, nor does it reflect the temperature of my drop area "hot drop", there just simply, on average, is not as much loot as Erangel. I find this annoying. I do not enjoy looting 10 houses and not finding a backpack or a gun besides a pistol. Does this happen on Erangel? Of course, my opinion is that it is extremely rare to find yourself in that position on Erangel whilst it is common on Miramar. Secondly, I do not enjoy the size of Miramar, it is too big. This isn't because I do not enjoy long distance combat, it is because I don't enjoy having to run most of the game if I can't or don't care to search for a vehicle. In general, the answer to weather or not Miramar is a bad map or not will come down to opinion. You might like it while I don't. Though we have found ourselves discussing this it is actually besides the point. I think we should have the option to choose. They have updated this on PC. They now have the choice. Why would they not do this for xbox? I know that they will, but they haven't because I presume a bit of laziness, lack of caring and incompetency. You may disagree, but that is my opinion and it angers me. Furthermore, It would seem the rotation is not at all 50/50. I find I play Erangal once for every 20 times I play Miramar. Either I have extremely unusual RNG or they have made the odds not an even change. This begs the question why? Why would they do this. I find it extremely irritating. Additionally yes things are fine at home. I appreciate the attempt to dig deep into the psychological catalyst behind my argument. If things were not fine at home, I would argue I would not be relieving my issues here on a game forum. I would most likely not have the time or desire to engage in this argument such as I am now. To summarize, I strongly dislike Miramar, it is a different map that requires a different play style and a different taste. I happen not to like it. You can point fingers at my skill, where I drop, or other presumptions. At the end of the day it is irrelevant to the argument. I have my reasons and I think it is absurd for the devs to require we play it at random, or as I claim, a higher odd. Congrats on the kill rating by the way, that is quite an accomplishment!
  11. No, not if you are at a black screen until the plain flies half way across the map.
  12. NV_Urban_Ninja

    Lack of loot in Mirimar

    It may be, from my experience the amount of loot spawns in Miramar is much lower than Erangel. Thus, my opinion is Miramar needs some more lot, at least in certain areas. But yeah, lol, that is hilarious, but game breaking.
  13. NV_Urban_Ninja

    Lack of loot in Mirimar

    Well, people are definitely beating me to it. I don't render for a solid minute or two. Secondly, Erangal is not like this map. The loot on Erangal is much more dense than Miramar. I simply disagree with you. I do not think there is enough loot on Miramar, I think it is poor and unfair.
  14. NV_Urban_Ninja

    Lack of loot in Mirimar

    Good, you better. And no, they do not make changes "for viewing reasons" they add loot density to make the game more fair. I advocate for that fairness. I think Miramar needs more loot. I use the tournament example to illustrate that. The different platform is irrelevant. So yes, for like the fourth time, it has gone over your head.
  15. Obviously you care, and so do I. This back and fourth thing between us has been going on for more than an hour now. You quite obviously care very much. I don't understand the obvious? Why don't you provide one quote from me that proves your claim. Provide one quote of my "not understanding the obvious". Good luck.