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  1. Red Zone

    Lol thank you. I kinda secretly really hate the redzone. With a passion. Mostly cause of the noise bursting my ear drums because I blast my game audio so I can hear footsteps. Although I must give them credit because they made it a little less loud.
  2. Grenade Noises?

    Right!!! My biggest issue is that it definitely didn't use to do this. Before I would hear a grenade and know exactly where it landed. If they didn't cook it, then I could get away in time. Now you have no clue where it is.
  3. kar98k

    Its both. Obviously
  4. Grenade Noises?

    yeah, it may be exactly what im talking about. in fact probably is.
  5. Red Zone

    Obviously you have never found yourself running from the blue zone or in a pinned down firefight. Because simply avoiding the red zone is not so easy.
  6. Grenade Noises?

    Yeah I mean, he could have cooked it. But for sure something has changed. They just don't make noise anymore. I hear an initial tink, no sense of direction, just an initial noise, then nothing. Few seconds later it detonates somewhere random.
  7. Grenade Noises?

    Is anyone else noticing that grenades when thrown at you no longer clink where they are supposed to. This has to be recent because before I knew exactly where they landed because I could here them. Now all you here is a random noise with no direction what so ever, so you have no idea where the grenade is. This is annoying.
  8. Vehicles exploding

    No Carl, you're wrong. Clearly you do not play this game enough to understand that. The vehicles don't BS explode "ALL the time", they just BS explode some of the time. But when you play enough games it begins to become a real problem. Nice try at being a douche though.
  9. kar98k

    Yeah you are a lucky man. By the way, keep in mind the SCAR is shooting a 556 while the SKS is a 762, Those numbers may not seem very different but trust me a 762 is about three times the size (not length and width but VOLUME and MASS). It makes sense for your SCAR to not do as much damage. My suggestion to you, if you find a Kar98 70% of the time, you should learn how to use it, It will win you games.
  10. Red Zone

    Yeah dude no one is going to side with your opinion here. The Red Zone is useless. Serves no purpose. You are not good or bad for dying or not to it, just lucky or unlucky. And it does totally spawn 5000 times in a row over Pachinki. Which is completely insane.
  11. Vehicles exploding

    Exactly what I am talking about!
  12. Vehicles exploding

    Yeah dude, I feel you.
  13. Vehicles exploding

    Yeah you got lucky, that would have for sure blown up on me instantly. I'm not making this up man.
  14. Vehicles exploding

    Right its like you spend 20 minutes working your ass off only to hit a pebble and you blow up like you just dropped a nuclear bomb or something. And yeah except its a 900 million dollar earning "game preview".
  15. Vehicles exploding

    lol right!