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  1. No they aren't. They've tweaked the akm a few times and haven't put it in the patch notes.
  2. Looking to recruit 3 players for a competitive team to play in smaller tournaments regularly. Top 1000 players apply. Message me on the forums for a try out.
  3. YungMerloc

    Looking for NA player for Tournament

    steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073057941/ PUBG: YungMerloc
  4. YungMerloc

    Looking for a good fourth player

    usually sit around top 500 na in tpp. DM if you still need a player.
  5. YungMerloc

    Dycore Esports Community

    website link? discord?
  6. Wont let me DM you. Name on discord is MG42
  7. YungMerloc

    Top 200 Solo FPP NA player seeking duo bud

    sent you a friend request names MG42
  8. YungMerloc

    BLUEHOLE explain this (or anyone else)

    Its because you took the shotgun shot while moving.
  9. YungMerloc

    Looking for semi pro team.

    Active player, 1300+ hours, constantly ranked around top 500 NA. Looking for a competitive team. Contact me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073057941/
  10. wont let me dm. Added you, names MG42. I'm top 500 na
  11. YungMerloc

    Pub invitational

    I know im late on commenting, but i'm also looking to compete. Currently ranked in the top 500 NA, and play frequently.
  12. YungMerloc

    LowT pubg discord tournament

    I'd join a team. Im currently ranked 520 overall NA.
  13. YungMerloc

    LowT pubg discord tournament

    LowT as in low testosterone?
  14. YungMerloc

    Who is considering quitting/ taking a break from PUBG

    They dont care, they've made that apparent.
  15. YungMerloc

    Armor is useless

    You can watch replays. Shouldn't be hard to get a clip.