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  1. dreamleash31

    Join the Misfits Today!

  2. dreamleash31

    Join the Misfits Today!

    if you're looking for a clan that is all fun and no bs, then join the misfits. you'll be glad you did. also, this message will self destruct in 5......4......3......2....
  3. dreamleash31

    Join the Misfits Today!

    21+ preferred but we will take 18 plus under some conditions. Organized and active discord. Mic required. We use call outs and always play as a team. rowdy, crazy, more of a family than anything. If you've ever felt like you didn't fit into other clans, or maybe your KD doesn't meet requirements.. we aren't concerned with that! We work together and everyone benefits. The Misfits have been around for about 2 years now and we're looking to bring back some of the camaraderie to the Cod community!
  4. If anything I think they should add independant stat tracking just for war mode
  5. dreamleash31

    High Ping in Game????

    I played the heck out of BF4 and BF1 as well, but my experience with Mass Effect Andromeda and SWBF2 ruined EA for me as a developer. They have a history of abandoning their games if they aren't raking in the dough.
  6. dreamleash31

    High Ping in Game????

    Don't make the mistake of giving EA your money lol you'll be sorely disappointed. Black ops 4 on the other hand is looking pretty tantalizing
  7. dreamleash31

    Cat Eye Glasses

    Well yeah but you're assuming a person would need to purchase all 30 levels which isn't typically the case, 10 levels is a cinch even for a recreational gamer....ding ding ding
  8. dreamleash31

    Cat Eye Glasses

    More like $20 but I get what you mean, the idea however is to catur to multiple audiences i.e the recreational gamers like myself.
  9. dreamleash31

    Cat Eye Glasses

    Sounds like you just need to get yourself a better paying job my friend lol
  10. dreamleash31

    Cat Eye Glasses

    I respectfully disagree, for example, I have time to play maybe one match a day during the week and a handful more on the weekends so I really don't get much time to try to grind the missions, especially the more difficult ones. The skip pass allows folks like me to enjoy the same cosmetics as people who play 40+ hours a week. With that, I think it was a great addition to the event.
  11. dreamleash31

    Gun skin duplicates

    I wouldn't get your hopes up. I'd be willing to bet we'll get 60bp for each max
  12. dreamleash31

    Event pass question

    It's a one off, once you purchase the pass it's only good for the duration of that event.
  13. The hooded trench coat should be included in the player unknown crate as well as a scarf, some pants and a pair of red shoes if I remember correctly
  14. Gotcha, yeah you should see the player unknown one tomorrow, by 5pm PST if I'm not mistaken. I'm not familiar with the leather jacket though, are you talking about that letterman they released a few month back?
  15. dreamleash31

    Question on 1.0 - Do Beta owners have to buy it?

    The game didn't seem to prompt me to update to 1.0 so I just uninstalled and then reinstalled, you might give that a shot. To answer your other question, you are not required to pay for the event pass in order to play on Sanhok