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  1. 2 buttons to pick stuff up ?

    Thought it was just me it wasnt working for
  2. Lol your right cause its the internet, so why you acting like the forum police and directing people to leave. I can say what I please
  3. Sorry you can only come to the forums if you have something good to say about the game.... lmao stfu kid
  4. All you people who cant admit that this game is borderline unplayable are just ignorant or dumbass straight up. Not to mention you arent helping the game improve you are just allowing the DEVs to get away with doing less. Calling pub g a "realistic" BR game at the moment is a joke.
  5. I agree but sadly the PUBG Forums might not be the best way to get the DEVs attention, seeing as they never really reply to the community. To busy implementing more bugs for the next patch
  6. Patch 11

    LOL at Bluehole
  7. 2018 Road Map Discussion

    The original post of the road map had me worried, thought they were trying to add all these other features to the game without even making the base game playable. Fingers crossed.
  8. Ridiculous.....

    Soooooo Epic is a better company and can create better content that they will most likely give me for free.... hmmm sounds alot more appealing then offering 30 dollars to Blue hole to jerk us around cause they havent a clue what to do. Maybe I will go to Fortnite.... Your not hard buddy its the internet and its a video game forum
  9. Fortnite has weekly updates that actually improve the game and introduce new content... these devs are blowing smoke up our asses with these "updates" and or "setbacks", been somewhat interchangeable words in regards to this game.
  10. Where are the VSS rifles???

    VSS is OP if you are any good, it should be rare
  11. What Client Version ???

    Nvm its the game is still just doo doo and i have yet to see a jet ski i guess
  12. What client version should I be on? I have yet to see a jet ski and my game is still pretty rocky, was wondering if the whole patch went through and the game is still struggling or I havent fully applied the patch yet. thanks for responses
  13. What Will Happen First???

    All power to BlueHole you cornered a market early, you made a large chunk of money. Just doesn't look like they were ready for the big leagues just yet
  14. What Will Happen First???

    In all honesty this thread isnt to argue about who likes this game and who doesnt, I like the game but refuse to play the game in the current format and hope that this post and other posts of the forums might light a fire under the Dev teams asses. I can assure you that other big name companies saw how well PUB G did in sales and they are also very aware of how bad the game is struggling to come together. Why would another company purchase this off blue hole they would lose 5+ million in sales off the people would already bought the game, they are just going to make an extremely similar game to this call it something else and sell it for 60.
  15. What Will Happen First???

    It not a patience or skill or any of that, its a performance issue. An issue that hasnt been properly addressed by the devs since launch.