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  1. 1x or 2x and I would pick it up and keep it till end game
  2. firefox


    don't get sour it was 3 games and I wanted to see how bad the lag would be in comparison to the European. and tbh it felt better and im trying to understand why. and yeah it should be region locked im sure there's enough players in the uk to keep filling lobbys and I don't mind a 1-2 minute wait for a game with 60ping or less. I think your right on this as can be the only reason why it so crud on European.
  3. firefox


    while this is true I was still getting hits left right and centre. the last guy took my helmet. but what I mean is on the European server ill die from a sks or slr without being to react to shots. so full health down to zero in an instant and then ill hear 3 or 4 gunshots. on the American I got hit once or twice seen hear the shots and located the enemy took damage and was able to move into cover.
  4. firefox


    well it was 12 midnight here which should mean it was the evening around the us so it should of been peak time time for the servers. it was weird I wasn't getting one shotted from dmr which happens in Europe. I could pick weapons and ammo without having to triple press the button as well
  5. firefox


    I changed from European servers last night to north America and my god did it run better. no rubber banding, no network lag. hit reg was better no teleporting players. im in the uk and surely this shouldn't be the case. BTW 3rd game in I won with 8 kills. now I get I might be lagging to the other players but why am I not seeing it? also the mentality and the American side is different your a lot more aggressive than the Europeans who just hide in the grass or toilets
  6. firefox

    I finally almost got a dinner.......

    you sir are a classic leroy
  7. your annoyed but this happened to me three times in a row last night while I was in the blue. kept driving along at 50kph and like oh thank god another vehicle. then f***. had to laugh at the last one cos I was hesitant and proven right
  8. firefox

    Dune buggies have roll cages

    I believe he means the first bit of damage was fine but when it rolled over slowly no damage should of been taken because of the roll cage
  9. im finding a large amount of inconsistency in my connection to games. some run near perfect, others I have large amounts of either dsync, bullet lag, audio drops ect. I get games where I clearly hitting my targets and the splash is appearing behind them I've confirmed this by my team mates watching and their gob smacked. In other games im not having the problem rather its the other players. I can fire of 3 long range rounds before they even react over the space of 5 seconds and kill them. clearly their not receiving my shots and they get that cumulative effect, what we have all had, which feels like a one shot kill or we hear a stupid rapid sound of long range fire and we die instantly. Other problems are receiving damage when we've clearly broke the line of sight and moved behind some cover.
  10. its not massively noticeable, but strafing does have more control and plus rearranging my body while in cover is easier and i don't expose myself. problems are the sluggishness at full speeds as it could respond to commands quicker
  11. i like it but it still needs tweaking just to be a little more responsive but other that its solid
  12. well you can tell the difference as you've just stated
  13. As long as they fix the sound as it is now. can hear my team mates 2 houses over but the guy in the room next to me suddenly becomes shinobi. looking forward to the fog as it will make aggressive play style more valid without the long range snipers getting in the way
  14. new controls are good I like them. Im now able to zig zag again which is nice. but its not completely there yet imo. changing direction needs to be sorted as there seems to be a big delay in response from the character. this leads you to get stuck on small objects within buildings and the only way to counteract this is to move slowly through the building which is counter productive. I also spawn in the lobby now as opposed to halfway through the planes flight path which is noce
  15. ive been wanting this for ages so I can just keep hot jumping. love me some hacienda