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  1. I think your right. but that would only be if it were real currency or in game currency that can be bought with real money. as it stands bp cant be bought from blue hole so its not fully gambling. bit like playing the game itself is a gamble but there is no real stakes.
  2. Yeah I get what you mean. Everyone used to me being yellow and them being blue then red. But lately it's jumbled. I thought at first it was going squad joining order but that's not always the case
  3. would it be possible at all if we could get to choose our colours within the lobby so to help with differentiating team mates. changes every game and my teammates get mixed up sometimes
  4. did you shout smegging hell when it happened?
  5. firefox

    confessions of a pubg player

    duos and its a military base ending. no boats but we have a buggy. decide were gunna cross with the buggy cos we don't want to play swimming simulator/duck hunt. drive down bridge immediately shot and muggins here thinks perfect ill prime a grenade and throw it as we move past them. line my shot throw it in front of the vehicle and it gets somehow under the buggy then bang. team mate was not happy. whole time as well we could hear it rolling under the vehicle.
  6. So your saying people some how got good with a m&k with out using a pc. That's why the argument exist about go buy a pc you clearly have before and if new people wanna play like that then they should Your right it's not going to give them god aim at all that's obvious because their trying to play against console players. But it takes a lot of time to get used a different peripheral and so they had to of played pc first. And your right with the ssds. 1 they shouldn't be needed and 2 they two are sketchy but at a base they don't improve the players skill just gives them a headstart. And your line about get a betterr performance for your money I'm at a loss for that. Barely 30fps for 450 quid what are you going on about. Even at the beginning of this post you admitted m&k was better. Devs know this. To level playing fields with cross play you have to opt in to the server for pc. On top of that most games include aim assist like blops and fortnite which if you pair that against pc players It levels the playing field.
  7. no your have your opinion and you can think your right the same as I will. but instead of saying im wrong frendo why don't you proved my points wrong rather than just saying I am. and your right thank you for pointing that out you can do the same thing with certain controllers and it is classed as cheating and in a lot of games will get you banned.
  8. okay the problem I have with allowing it on xbox is why? if your good with a m&k then why would you limit yourself to 30fps not locked with performance problems vs your pc that can handle it better with up to 120fps. why would you play on console? your not going to be any better even if it is against other m&k players. another problem is why would you want to split the player base further when we have problems filling lobbys and in ffp. I know some people would be happy with cross play with pc but a majority wont. thats why every cross play game limits playing with pc in some way unless you join their server. the problem with xim users emulating m&k is not just they have the advantage with using a mouse. but they can run recoil scripts through the emulation which is why it should be banned. even if it wasn't able to do that its sketchy at best. there's a few people hear trolling the board by saying there for m&k to get a argument and there is people who seriously don't understand the skill level difference. and then the worst of the bunch or the ones who are outright doing it and defending it because they are absolute dog shite at the game they need to come to console to get a win and cheat.
  9. firefox

    So what's the niche for the Mk47 Mutant?

    its velocity feels better a leading targets for me over other ARs and some DMRs. lightweight 6x and a comp and it can be dangerous burst firing static targets. good a disabling vehicles or just shooting them out. ots aiming works a treat with it as well. if I cant find a slr sks this is the weapon of choice.
  10. firefox

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    so for me pros- player movement feels better. player movement has been smoothed out making sniping possible. less people running about like a stop start animation. actually surprised. cons- hits are registering but sometimes I feel like im getting the hit but there not receiving damage until after a few seconds. its better though. one game it was very slow to realise I had headshot someone with a awm. after 5 seconds later after him firing at me it says he dies of a headshot, which makes me believe in some cqc situations some shots are taking a little while longer to register which is what some of the complaints are about. hitting the enemy but they do not receive damage and by that point they are dead. some players move normally others are still way out of sync and im not sure if its server switching so you cant know until after the ping lock update. but some players appear to speed up slow down, shoot through cover- there's and yours, and sometimes just a hot lagging mess. again its not every player just a when you add it all together it becomes a mess. smokes are horrible for frame rate. Miramar rendering is still terrible. ump is op. game still suffers in squads when there's a lot going on. erangels loot is terrible for duos and squads. if you intend it to be a solo experience then take it out the roster. the lung indicator is missing on some scopes and iron sight weapons.
  11. firefox

    Quick question on common spawn weapons

    love the uzi beginning game but the 12k is just unreliable for me. you can pretty much customise the uzi straight away and its brilliant for ots aiming.
  12. firefox

    UMP Needs Nerf

    dude tacos playing a different game to us ive seen him reck a dude with a pistol that looked a 100m away plus you know pc. I have tried with the 6x on a vector on the xbox its not in the same field as the ump, it works but its too dangerous with the clip size and fire rate you can be left vulnerable. I am excited for scorpion though watching taco melt people with that is entertaining.
  13. firefox

    UMP Needs Nerf

    I use to be in the camp of no it doesn't. but after using the light weight grip and a 6x and melting targets at 200+ there is something off. It should be a laser close quarters but it needs some recoil or damage drop at a distance
  14. firefox

    Help from players with K/D over 2

    my kd was 0.5 to start off with but that was when the frames were massively unstable now its 2.5. hot dropping is always the best method but only on erangel in the school or sanhoks boot camp. miramars hacienda is still a broken mess unless you have a ssd. If I won the hot drop I would track down the next crate drop because they turn into hectic gun fights and is good for learning to tactfully positioning yourself around a central goal much like the final circles if I won that its pretty much clear sailing to top ten. also try in other games to use odd weapons like the uzi, tommy and pistols and shotguns and stick with them until you die even if you make top 10. it will help on certain maps when you just cant any good weapons. I've finished with a suppressed tommy on numerous occasions because a 50 round mag close is lethal. take aim acceleration of because it sucks because its hard to twitch between targets with it. this wont improve you kd so much because of all the hot dropping but will improve your aim, tact positioning and sound locating. so when you play to win youll be much better
  15. firefox

    I would like to see...

    it would be cool but I agree with superfx2 on this. although I would like more feedback on a headshot. a little like halo when you got a popping sound.