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  1. the sensitivity being increased will be the cause of players leaving pubg. it'll blur the lines of what people think will be m&k cheaters and good players (already happening). there will come a point where you'll get sick of players 180 ing and shooting you in the head. the game always had a slow pace which is what attracted a lot of players and the older generation to play this game. it allowed you tactically place yourself and what not.
  2. that's exactly whats suppose to happen at close range is to switch down to soft aim or full retard. snap ads at 10 metres because sensitivity is at 20 is just daft game play
  3. yeah I never quite got this. then only scope that needed an increase in sensitivity was the 15 x. everything else was fine at maximum ten with aim assist off. even if you can handle the sensitivity at 20 with an analogue, the lines start to get muggy over fair gameplay. and plus the people this benfits the most are m&k players
  4. Make sure you check the right leaderboard for the server your connected to and game type. Also it takes about 5 minutes after each match for a refresh so you won't see your difference after each match instantly
  5. firefox

    Fishy, or legit?

    just one more to add if he was using radar. when he killed the ghillie dude he could of done it a lot sooner. after the kill he checked his left flank and exposed himself out of cover and moved down the hill. if he was using radar he would of known not to check that flank but he did. after he thinks no ones there he proceed to move back up to cover. but 30 second clip isn't enough to gauge how well he played so im going to still say it was legit based on this clip.
  6. ive never had this. just trouble picking up the dam things. try either a fresh install power down the console fully. on a side note are actually you picking up the ammo. some times it takes a few attempts when first landing. if it keeps happening post a clip
  7. please don't ask for gas grenades that ruined battlefield 1.
  8. firefox

    Fishy, or legit?

    if it was me, the smoke grenade would of made me stop plus the open ground. also I would of thought the bush itself was an enemy at that distance. plus like its been said no grass render at that distance. looks legit
  9. firefox


    maybes if you all switched back to your original server during the late hours of NA you might be able to get games faster. easier said than done though.
  10. firefox


    or you know its probably like 5 in the morning in na. so you know people are sleeping?
  11. firefox

    Please nerf the vector

    sweet baby cheezus now the vector. Im beginning to think the only weapons people want in this game is the m4. the vector requires skill. its a tense weapon to use and if you miss the first shot your pretty screwed. I just putting this here that every gun in the game is intended to kill you and because it does does not mean it need nerfed. even the ump in all its lazer accuracy falls short against other weapons.
  12. ill be on pubg. got burned more than once buying cod games. watched vids on it and just felt it was meh. looks as though the top 10 scenarios are not as tense as pubg and the wins look hollow. I like the top 2 showdown were you both standing behind cover for a bit and psych each other out. cod just has people grappling hooking and bouncing all over the place and the aim assist looks stupidly high. mixed with quick scoping. nah im good might as well play fortnite if your playing cod after all its free
  13. firefox

    Look at this desync nonesense

    I like his floating magazine halo. is that a skin I can buy or do you find it in the game
  14. firefox


    if it works and gives a smoother or higher fps then im happy with a jan or feb release date. no point in releasing something that doesn't work quickly
  15. firefox

    Most disappointed I’ve been

    because once you've got it nailed the quickest you can take enemies down is like .1 of a second. the umps great and your right about it. slap on a 4x and a lightweight, supressor and you've got yourself a vss on steroids. the akm is still better for quick take downs and snap firing close range.