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  1. firefox

    Second Place glitch still exists?

    IIf you've got the vid post it here. I've never seen this myself. Did it say you lost while you were still alive?
  2. firefox

    It's Official - PUBG is a PC game

    yeah I can agree on this. also we as the 'testers' need more resources and tools to help the developers.
  3. firefox

    It's Official - PUBG is a PC game

    they've done more in 6 months than I've seen done by other developers in 2 years of game preview. we got weekly updates for the first month or two of release and after were getting it every 3 weeks which they've been pretty consistent with. there was a problem with them the devs being more vocal in the community which they have apologise and now addressing. they produced a road map answered to community questions a trailer for e3 with more info. the gave us rewards for bug bounty participating in experimental servers and for e3. to say there not giving the xbox the love it deserves is not fair and not justified imo
  4. it would be nice to have some developer options and a fps counter so we can help bug report a little better. Rather than whinging about crashing
  5. firefox

    Can't ready up

    my team is having the same problem. just press b twice to go back to the main menu and re-log back in. minor inconvenience I know.
  6. firefox

    It's Official - PUBG is a PC game

    yeah I know right. don't get me wrong there's times when i'm playing and I just shout- sort your f*** game blueballs- but I calm and just start another game. because this is the only game next to dark souls that makes me sweat and make my pulse fly off the charts when theres only 2 left
  7. firefox

    It's Official - PUBG is a PC game

    I understand this annoys people so ill try and put this into some perspective as well. they don't just have one team working on one side of the game at all times- they have multiple. some are coding some are map designing ect. it just so happens the team on map designing had a somewhat stable release of Miramar. so they had a experimental server set up and added the patch data the other teams were working on and released it together on experimental. we played tested and it got to a point of release into the live client. Miramar helped a lot in terms of frames- as my game used to freeze a lot in cqc. but in return we got a few crashes. if you think why not throw the entire team into solving the crashing bug just remember that too many cooks will spoil the broth.
  8. firefox

    Dual Wielding

    you know what I never understood about dual wielding was reloading. like how? I would need to put the weapons down. btw good luck with this idea people are not forgiving on this site.
  9. firefox

    It's Official - PUBG is a PC game

    So your response to getting it fixed is to strike on a game? You realise this is a game preview and if people stop playing they will just stop developing for it as there is no promise of it making a 1.0 release. I don't understand why people think within 6 months this game was going to near completion and even with the pc 1.0 release it still has its bugs. To put it into more perspective games can take anywhere between 2-5 years to develop depending on engine used, amount of staff, platform released on and the type of game. For more info games like ark, subnautica , fortnite were all in game preview for at least 2 years now and they still haven't been finished, and I can promise you these games had the same or even more bugs than pubg.
  10. firefox

    Thanks for the free track suit pubg

    now we can all crash in style
  11. firefox

    Fire causing FPS to drop

    this has been known for a while with the Molotov's and happens to everyone, every time a cocktail is thrown. The fps drop in cqc is improving by every update used to be unbearable a few patches ago.
  12. firefox

    Suggestion to improve "PBLS"...

    first of yeah it is a little odd that, the first thing I thought, was it being used for nefarious purposes. But as competitive and broken as the game is we should really now have to scrutinise all ideas. I'm not saying it was bad idea just it had holes in it. But for reals the crashes need to be fixed first just a massive turn off when your having a great round and it happens.
  13. firefox

    Suggestion to improve "PBLS"...

    this as well, a squad could do this so much more effectively
  14. firefox

    Suggestion to improve "PBLS"...

    yeah it would be an advantage. Say you spam half the military base with markers and it starts predictive rendering the radar tower area first for you. You don't jump to the radar tower but near the camps barracks. the buildings wont render because there trying to render a specific 200 meter radius elsewhere. this would effectively allow you to see player movements and if you jump in the right area acquire a weapon and be able to shoot players through walls because they don't exist at the moment to you.
  15. firefox

    shooting enemies in water

    3 feet for supersonic rounds (5.56-7.62) and 8 feet for 9mm rounds. round disintegrates after those distances. it might be what the devs where going for but I doubt it becuaser ive seen people kill on the pc version through the water