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    Great Deal on an SSD

    For those of you that have been on the fence about getting an SSD, Newegg is running a pretty good deal on a 240GB SSD. Pair it with a cheap USB 3.1 enclosure and you can be "Playdoh" free in no time. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=20-331-048&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=GD102218&cm_mmc=EMC-GD102218-_-landing-_-Item-_-20-331-048

    unable to ready up, no games last night.

    Fired up PUBG after a week hiatus to check out the new Training mode. Found a match within seconds. Played for 20 mins and was pleasantly surprised. Ran buttery smooth and controls felt great. A few of us were shooting each other in the field and hits were registering perfect. Decided to play a Solo match to see how that felt. Waited 5 mins and I was kicked. Tried a Duo's match. I was paired with a random and we both waited the 5 mins and then we were both kicked. Switched to Squad's and the exact same thing. Matched 4 of us up and then kicked us after another 5 min wait. Tried Duo's once more and was finally able to get into a match. Landed just south of Pachinki and started looting. Looked at the player count. WTF?! 21 people?? Duo partner and myself drive to Pachinki. Ghost town! Not one soul had been there. We looted and then drove to Georgopol where the circle is now centered. Same thing. Not one person. We decide to chase down a care package north of our location. Player count is now at 14 people and we still have not seen or heard anyone! Drive to care package and finally a team in a buggy starts to give chase. I am hanging out of the passenger window returning fire when my DUO partner decides to drive us into a wall at full speed. Game Over. Wasted over an hour trying to play the test server. 😤

    Performance mode = 60fps likely hood on X.

    In my opinion, even the XBOX One X will never be able to run at 60FPS. Here's why. The 1X has an APU which is a CPU and GPU combined(Processor and Graphics card) The Graphics part is close to the power of a GTX1060 and the CPU portion is just shy of an Intel i3 processor. Now with that in mind we know the GTX1060 can handle PUBG with no problems.(I have the 6GB version of the card and I am able to run PUBG around 125FPS with High-Ultra settings) The main problem is that the CPU is a huge bottleneck for this game. PUBG is a CPU heavy game and relies more on the CPU than the GPU. This is why people are having an issue with their 1X shutting down because it is running the CPU core at 100% and the cooling isn't enough to keep it running. Also, the 1X runs a 5400rpm HDD just like the "S" and "OG" models, so rendering would be even worse than it is now. Unless the game was optimized properly or rebuilt from the ground up, it will be literally impossible to get it running at 60FPS. Especially while running 4K and HDR. Again, this is just my opinion but I would be willing to bet a few of PUBG's engineer's would agree with me😉

    Budget vs non-budget headphones

    I have had a ton of headphones/headsets over the years. From the cheap dollar store brand to the high end Turtle Beach set. (Turtle Beach are extremely overpriced and sound terrible to every other option out there) My current set that I use on a daily basis are the HyperX Cloud Cores and they absolutely rock. If you want to spend more I would recommend the Astro A50's or really anythything from Sennheiser.

    Death by Blue Zone 80% of the time!!!

    Either Drop close to center of map or land somewhere near a vehicle spawn. Every time the circle closes try to get as close to the center as possible. Keep a vehicle close to you at all times. If you are playing on Sanhok then you really don't even need to use vehicles. After a while you will start to get the hang of predicting the circle shift and will be better at staying ahead of it. You also need to learn to loot faster and refrain from looting every house while on the move. Get the basic gear and decent loadout. Then start hunting. Let the other players loot for you. The circle has been tweaked many times and in my opinion is pretty balanced at the moment. Also, if you boost completely it will allow you to run faster which helps and will also replenish your health while trapped in the blue. Stay boosted as much as possible. Good luck
  6. Agreed. Took a break for now. Catching up on a few games from last year Far Cry 5 and Assassins Creed: Origins in particular. Still hang out on the forums to see what's new. Looks like i'm not really missing anything🤣
  7. Wow! The game looks much better on the X. Textures are much more detailed. Thought I was watching a PC clip running Low settings at first.

    Hi bluehole I have a idea for xbox


    Hi bluehole I have a idea for xbox

    I would love a Rambo Or Dutch skin😎 Almost forgot Snake Plissken!

    Training mode. Kills idea

    Training mode would be a disaster if you were able to kill each other. Instead, how about a small "Arena" that contain bots that spawn at random?
  11. I was referring to console players having lower frames compared to PC. Console gets a max of 30fps at best and PC players get much, much higher. My gaming computer on High-Ultra settings gets around 120fps. That's a huge difference to get adjusted to.
  12. I play both versions, but mainly stick to the XBOX One version for a few different reasons. To answer your question. PUBG plays just fine on the OG XBOX and some would argue it actually runs better than the X. I do recommend picking up an SSD to play the game from. It will fix all rendering issues which the XBOX version currently has. The NA playerbase for TPP is huge and finding a match usually only takes a few seconds. I don't play FPP on the XBOX since it gives many people headaches because of the small FOV, so I don't have any info on that server. The console version is fun to play especially with friends but it's UGLY as hell. Frames are low, bugs are everywhere and it has the broken feel that the PC version had in it's first 6 months of EARLY ACCESS.

    What this? Halloween

    Training Mode

    What this? Halloween

    Maybe the big addition Andy was talking about being added to the test server soon?