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  1. I completely agree with this statement
  2. AWM Delivery

  3. I don't think they intentionally hid the number of players in plane. They show the numbers on both PC and Mobile. My guess is that they will add a feature similar to the Mobile version soon. But I also have noticed a reduced number of chutes or none at all, only to have several players land in the same location. Needs to be fixed
  4. Grenade problem?

    Same thing happened to me an hour ago. I cooked a grenade and threw it behind the tree that the player was hiding behind. It blew him 2 trees over. Then to my surprise he starts shooting and kills me. Has happened a few times since the last patch playing TPP
  5. PUBG MOBILE Internet error 154140712

    Using WIFI instead of mobile data fixed the problem for me
  6. Don't Be This Type of Player

    Sadly i only play solo's Random Squads = Team killing frenzy
  7. Do you.....

    i haven't done this intentionally, But after disconnecting and getting back in game I was just landing next to 6 players who were AFC (Away From Controller). So i did the humane thing and beat them to death
  8. Favorite Death

    Hands down my favorite death so far! http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ONE800BEATDOWN/video/46309226

    Completely agree. Should be fairly easy to implement as well
  10. Nico.... WHY?

    Exactly. Maybe Nico is downplaying the patch so people go nuts when Miramar drops without any warning. Regardless, they are doing a good job of updating regularly and communicating with the community.
  11. Serious Improvements

    That's a good compromise. I only use vehicles to cover long distances. I NEVER use them in the final circles. It just gives people a fighting chance if we happen to land on the other side of the map.
  12. Spinning cars

    Hilarious!! http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ONE800BEATDOWN/video/46308011 http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/ONE800BEATDOWN/video/46308184
  13. Serious Improvements

    The core gameplay is perfect at this point. There are a ton of bugs to fix and they need to improve hit reg and lag. The only thing we need ASAP are more vehicles across the map.
  14. How is everyone else fairing?

    Same here. Had to put the game up until the next "Fix" Jumped back on PC. Fun but still too many cheaters
  15. Best headset

    HyperX Cloud Core. Hands down best headset I have ever used. Great for XBOX One and PC