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    Sound volume vs Xbox

    Do Turtle Beach headsets use smaller drivers? It would explain the reason for volume increase if so

    Sound volume vs Xbox

    Great idea! I think I have an old USB headset laying around somewhere. I'll try that tomorrow👍
  3. After playing Vikendi on PC and witnessing it struggling to maintain 60FPS(The other maps are a consistent 110FPS) I'm really nervous about the XBOX One running even lower than 30FPS. Hopefully it's optimized properly

    Sound volume vs Xbox

    Yes. Couldn't figure out how to increase sound and my kids said there isn't an option in the system menu? Seems kinda odd but I don't ever play the PS4 so I have no idea

    No snow map?

    January 2019 is still Winter 2018. You don't have to agree but it's a fact. If the map was coming out in 2018 it would have said "December 2018" If you quit playing the game then why are you still creeping around on the forums complaining like a bitch??🤔

    No snow map?

    No. I am saying that your opportunity to play a year in advance even while it was broken(It was advertised as such) is your gift. Sure we were Guinea pigs, but we were willing ones. No one forced you to buy the game. P.S. Welcome to the forums. Hopefully you can add some positive posts while you are here👍

    No snow map?

    PC will always get things before us. PS4 received the full release game. They didn't have to go through the "Game Preview" phase because they had a year to get it right. Microsoft paid for exclusivity, but the PS4 version has still been in production all year. So technically, us XBOX One players got an entire year to enjoy the game before they did. Again, what are you owed??

    No snow map?

    Again, how are you or any XBOX One player being disrespected??

    No snow map?

    PC will always get new things before us. The PS4 version is NOT better than our version. They are actually slightly behind us in build number. Bluehole kept their word and we still get the map "Winter 2018" so why are you complaining?? What are you owed?

    No snow map?

    Wrong again. The trailer that you keep referring to was for XBOX One. I have never seen anything pertaining to the PC version. You are wrong. Admit it. You already look like an ass, now you are just embarrassing yourself. Accept the loss and move on with your life
  11. Not so much a review but some info and my personal thoughts. I had a chance to play on the PC PTS last night for a few hours. Overall I had a blast and figured I would give you guys some info. So first off I will start with the negative things, just to get them out of the way Negatives -I assume that it was due to overloaded servers but the entire night I was getting "Network Lag Detected" errors and the game would freeze for several seconds. There was also noticeable lag and rubberbanding -Performance is going to be an issue and may be the reason why we are delayed a month. My rig runs the game at around 110FPS normally, but Vikendi is a whole different animal. She was struggling to run at 60FPS especially when my entire squad was in the same area in the snow. My guess is that the footprints are very taxing on the system. Hopefully this isn't an issue for our release - My biggest concern(Hopefully just a PC version issue) was with the sound. Footsteps and gunshots were very hard to locate. Several times I could hear people moving on our left or right, but they were actually behind us🤔 Not much to gripe about which is good. I'm sure we will have our own issues. Time will tell Positives - Snowball fight in the lobby! - The G36C is a badass gun. Had lots of fun running it last night. It's similar to the Beryl with it heavy recoil, but once you get some attachments on it she handles nicely - Picked up the scorpion as well. Spent 10 minutes getting it all kitted out but never had a chance to fire it at anyone. Emptied a clip into a wall to test it and was pleasantly surprised. They should allow the mini UZI to be a sidearm now since the scorpion is pretty much the same thing but with the ability to add scopes - The snowmobile was pretty fun to mess around on. It handled great in the snow but as soon as you took it on the road or dirt it handled like shit. So they got that right🤣 - Just like Sanhok, we see many new building types on this map and they are BEAUTIFUL. Actually the whole map is a sight to see. The PC version is a thousand times better looking than console, but this map is really amazing to look at. There are a many little towns and special areas to check out. The Dino Park is probably my favorite at the moment - The whole snow tracking thing is really cool. Not only do foot prints show but also vehicle tracks. And they remain for some time. We were able to track several teams which always ended in a fun firefight. It's a great new addition to an already tactical game This map is AWESOME! Definitely worth the wait. They have some things to sort out and hopefully the snow tracking system doesn't make the console experience terrible. We are just a month away........Hang in there guys😎

    Snow Map Event

    In the lobby we get snowballs instead of Apples. So we get a snowball fight every match😎

    Xbox One X vs OG PS4 - impressions.

    The new menu system on the PC PTS is very nice. Hopefully that comes with Vikendi in January

    Lack of Equality

    I'd like to buy you a fucking beer🥃

    No snow map til Jan

    Nice!! I hope it's true. Fingers crossed