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  1. That was a bug it's fixed now. It's better since it'll find you a match best for your ping.
  2. Hello! I would love to know if we will get the same update times. Thank you @PUBG_Lumos. @PUBG_Andymh5
  3. Yeah if not, they'll lose a lot of people... At this point it seems like their just degrading the game for updates.
  4. TheCorruptDROID

    PS4 Exclusive items

    We got the playerunknown set!!!
  5. TheCorruptDROID

    HUGE SNOW MAP NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Update: The game awards on Dec 6 so I'm expecting them to announce it.
  6. TheCorruptDROID

    Dynamic weather BUG

    This glitch SCREWED me up. I hate it when I load into a dynamic weather match since whenever I do, as soon as the rain comes on, it rains on ONE side and does not rain on the other sides which piss me off. Its been happening since PATCH #2 @PUBG_Lumos @PUBG_Andymh5 . Thank you. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kiyathedrone/video/63410282
  7. TheCorruptDROID

    HUGE SNOW MAP NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, the news is that we will see it on or before dec 7
  8. I've been playing PUBG on Xbox since Dec 12 (release for Xbox) and I'm glad all PS4 players will enjoy the game! For a fun fact here is what awesome experiences PUBG will deliver to your household console!! -3 Maps! Erangel, a russian woodland 8x8 death island, original map! Miramar, A Mexican 8x8 desert wasteland that you will make you fight with no cover! (WORST MAP WARNING) Sanhok, the smallest map, a southeast Asian 4x4 island that will make you fight at every moment, (MOST ACTION) Vikendi, a 6x6 snow map. Now please note that this map has not been released or given ANY details by devs so the release date for Xbox and PC have not been released (prob before dec 7) -Couple things to know: This game is extremely realistic, do not crash your cars or it will explode and you will die You can lean by pressing down on the joysticks, click left to lean left, and click right to lean right. There will be a graphical option on launch, letting you adjust your graphics settings There is a microtransaction system known as G-COIN where you can purchase cosmetics. SCOPES DO NOT SPAWN WITH WEAPONS other than the VSS NO SNIPERS COMES EQUIPPED WITH A SCOPE YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND ONE, THIS APPLIES TO ALL GUNS! You will have to FIND attachments and upgrades for your guns! Friendly fire is enabled, so do not shoot your buddies. And best of all yet, first person and third person modes. You will have to scavange armor, devided into 3 tiers, Level one Helmet, Level 2 helmet and Level 3 helmet which is the games mascot! HEADS UP (WARNINGS) The game will run at 30 FPS, However, you can adjust that in the graphical settings! The game has certain bugs This is not a free game, it will cost you $30 Do not kill teammates, that will result in a PSN suspension or BAN This is BATTLE ROYALE Please note that I am not associated with bluehole or PUBG CORP and I am a XBOX ONE player here to tell the PS4 players how awesome the game is! Enjoy PUBG on DEC 7? -Xbox Player
  9. So the description of the pre-order on the PS4 BUNDLE version of the game describes a "Vikendi Event pass" and 2,000 GC, and Vikendi was leaked to be the snow map, so either we gonna see the snow map on Dec 7 or before!!!!! Also, @PUBG_Lumos will Xbox & Playstation have the same updates at the same times? Thank you.
  10. TheCorruptDROID

    Na FPP works??!!

    Hopped into FPP with 99 players. (Solo)
  11. TheCorruptDROID

    Kinda dissapointed..

  12. TheCorruptDROID

    Kinda dissapointed..

    Same here but it's pubg what do you expect...
  13. TheCorruptDROID

    Kinda dissapointed..

    I was watching inside Xbox and a pubg trailer came, I was expecting a huge announcement but it was just to reveal it coming to gamepass ?.
  14. TheCorruptDROID


    Nov 15 is supposed to be the big day. We'll also get a punk jacket to go with the potential fix of desync (aleast most)
  15. @PUBG_Andymh5 It would be awesome if the players needed for custom games would be at least 5. That'd be great since less people will be required to start a match. I would like to play with my buddies. Thank you, I hope you see this please refer this to the office. Again, thank you. @PUBG_Lumos