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  1. TheCorruptDROID


    thats kinda sad.
  2. TheCorruptDROID

    Sanhok xbox one.

    I know we just got a massive content drop with the new patch but im curious if sanhok will be tested first or just released without testing, and when?
  3. TheCorruptDROID

    new patch is great!

    The new patch basically boosted rendering and frames. Im on OG Xbox one.
  4. TheCorruptDROID

    Custom games.

    Hi, can someone clear when we are getting custom games? Nico talked about it but i didnt understand when it is rolling out.
  5. TheCorruptDROID

    Anouncement on wensday?

    Nico mentioned a anouncement happening on wens. Could it be sanhok or war mode?
  6. TheCorruptDROID

    Current feels on PTS

    can u tell me what u wrote but shorter? You wouldnt have to write a essay that big, this aint college.
  7. TheCorruptDROID

    can we get war mode?

    Yeah the PC Version of war mode had two types. Lv3 armor and lv1 armor. I said i want to see lv3 not 1.
  8. TheCorruptDROID

    Max number of sound tracks?

    i tested it with my squad and the max isnt 3.
  9. TheCorruptDROID

    Europe PTS Server?

    idk if spains in NA. Pubg xbox is being developed in NA. PC Is at korea. And mobiles in China.
  10. TheCorruptDROID

    Thoughts on OC and AS merge

    yeah possibly.
  11. TheCorruptDROID

    can we get war mode?

    I never said that. Are you blind?
  12. TheCorruptDROID

    can we get war mode?

    I know it was confirmed at E3 Xbox is getting it. But when and what is going to be different? I would love to see the lv3 armor version not lv1.
  13. TheCorruptDROID

    Sort the map rotation out!!!

    miramars a good map. Try the PTS and dont get mad.
  14. heres a clip of disapearing boxes. I think its caused when multiple people hit the enemy causing it to not drop. CLIP:http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/kiyathedrone/video/55881971 Tell me if the clip doesn't work!
  15. TheCorruptDROID

    SLR and Uzi

    real men use AKs.