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  1. TheCorruptDROID

    Hotfix for X, but not regular xbox?

    Were all apart of the Xbox community, lets not say which is worse, and actually support eachother, (I am not saying the X is not stronger) im just saying that were all playing Xbox, PUBG, lets focus on PUBG.
  2. TheCorruptDROID

    Fpp eu

    You sound hella salty.
  3. Mine hasnt updated yet, but buddies had been. Is there a issue? Should i reinstall it?
  4. TheCorruptDROID

    How is PUBG going to handle war mode?

    War mode isnt with 100 players.
  5. TheCorruptDROID

    How is PUBG going to handle war mode?

    So what your saying is that 100 people.in a small circle... ITS LIMITED TO 20-32
  6. TheCorruptDROID

    PTS coming before 1.0?

    They will have a pts regarding the new crate and cosmetic system. Nothing else.
  7. TheCorruptDROID

    Cosmetic PTS

    Read weekly post 4..
  8. TheCorruptDROID

    Cosmetic PTS

    Stay tuned, were gonna be able to test the cosmetics.
  9. TheCorruptDROID

    Content "Xbox #1.0/99 Set"

    The hoods are free, idk about the other.
  10. TheCorruptDROID


  11. TheCorruptDROID


    They got it auguest 8th....
  12. TheCorruptDROID

    Dynamic Weather FPS Drops

    Im on OG Xbox one and the fps doesnt raise or drop...
  13. TheCorruptDROID

    Go play our pts