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  1. Spartan

    My aim in pubg

    I have max sensitivity and AA at 2. Reason being, I find the AA0 max sense too slow. Raising it to 2 makes it a bit faster. Also in assessories app I changed my thumb sticks to instant for movement, set to max. And right thumb stick set to smooth and changed it a notch or 2 down. This helped manage the curse a bit better for me anyway.
  2. Yeah me too, should definitely be added in the game.
  3. AR L85A2/SA80,Famas(Crate drop) FN F2000(Crate drop), HK33, XM8 Rifle. SUB L22 Carbine, MP5, P90, PP-93. SR Barrett M95(crate drop), Dragunov, FN Ballista(Crate drop), PSG1. SG M4 SUPER 90, Spas12, Spas15. Maybe all as crate drops. If I could have 1 from each group added it would be: AR-L85A2 SUB-P90 SR-Dragunov SG-Super90(Crate Drop)
  4. Spartan

    Player count droping

    It's only 5%, not enough to worry about. And it's steam data for a start. And never trust express. Full of shit anyway.
  5. Spartan

    Whats your aim settings?

    AA-0 Everything else set to 10 with type B controls. I use the elite with some advanced settings.
  6. Not what i ment but yeah deliveroo is in partnership with the KFC near me.
  7. Spartan

    Little Things you want

    It can already be done on the Xbox accesories app.
  8. Chicken was delivered yesterday! Whoop whoop. Well at least to the KFC near me anyway. Lol
  9. There's already a big difference between the player base on TPP and FPP. Adding another game mode will stretch the community too far i think. Its hard to find a game late at night on FPP EU server on squads.
  10. I predict the end of the world....Some time in the future.
  11. Do you ever get bored typing the same thread everyday? Or do you copy and paste? Just wondering.
  12. I see RoboDanjal responding on these forums all the time! ALL THE TIME! If I was this guy, I would of lost the ******* plot already! I don't know how he does it responding to the same ****, every day! So your arguement/rant is invalid. Have fun getting them chicken dinners 👍
  13. Your comparing the Xbox version as it stands now to a pc version which is miles ahead!? I'm not sure what point your trying to make here? And as for the fixes and features, I think it's a fair amount. At Least they bring the fixes out quite promptly. I remember there being glitches/bugs in R6S which could be exploited, and you had to wait for 3 months for ubi to fix it. Probably one of the reasons why they created the 'mid season reinforcments' patch. But PUBG is getting the care it needs I think, and maybe some people just need to be patient?
  14. We've had a fair amount of updates since launch I think.
  15. Spartan

    Cars banned

    I think they should change into tanks, in the final circle.