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  1. Do you ever get bored typing the same thread everyday? Or do you copy and paste? Just wondering.
  2. I see RoboDanjal responding on these forums all the time! ALL THE TIME! If I was this guy, I would of lost the ******* plot already! I don't know how he does it responding to the same ****, every day! So your arguement/rant is invalid. Have fun getting them chicken dinners 👍
  3. Your comparing the Xbox version as it stands now to a pc version which is miles ahead!? I'm not sure what point your trying to make here? And as for the fixes and features, I think it's a fair amount. At Least they bring the fixes out quite promptly. I remember there being glitches/bugs in R6S which could be exploited, and you had to wait for 3 months for ubi to fix it. Probably one of the reasons why they created the 'mid season reinforcments' patch. But PUBG is getting the care it needs I think, and maybe some people just need to be patient?
  4. We've had a fair amount of updates since launch I think.
  5. Cars banned

    I think they should change into tanks, in the final circle.
  6. People need to be a bit more patient.
  7. A clothing store/shop in-game. Because the clothing drop rate isn't high enough.
  8. Night mode?

    Night mode would be awesome! Possible rare crate drop could be night vision goggles maybe?
  9. Mouse & Keyboard Poll!

    Completely agree. It makes me cringe watching someone on my team using low Sensitivity! Coming from R6S were reactions and high sensitivity is very important. Playing with 100H 35V 24ADS, then coming to this game was extremely difficult for me as it was too slow. But now it seems to be getting better. I think a lot of players who use high sens are being accused of M/K. I just think there is far too many players with such low Sensitivity.
  10. Accomodate Smaller Displays?

    I had the same issue. I went into display settings on the xbox and clicked 'calibrate TV'. Followed step by step what the xbox tells me to change on my TV settings and now i see everything. Not only that my brightness and sharpness improved slightly too following these steps.
  11. Xbox one x users

    Agree. My one X runs it just fine. No crashes yet. Fps tho for me seem the same as last patch.
  12. It's hold breath when ads. And soft targeting when not ads.
  13. Few tend to not include the 4th and use them as a mule. Wait till they have decent guns/ammo. Then kill em to restock there own ammo. Happened to me a few times but thankfully it's not that common.
  14. Isn't soft targeting LB in layout B.
  15. Game lobby match loading timer

    It's says 100 but ppl are still loading. Gives them a chance to fully load I guess.