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  1. Mr Carbine89

    How do you dodge bullets in a field?!

    Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!
  2. Mr Carbine89

    What makes you most frustrated?

    No fpp eu servers!
  3. Mr Carbine89

    Excessive queue time's

    GMT. Throughout the day. EU. All FPP modes.
  4. Mr Carbine89

    FPP Que Times

    Why are they not trying to get out infront of this, why go quiet all of a sudden? Come on bluehole talk to your community!
  5. It is bugged atm they are in the middle of fixing it. Read news and announcements.
  6. Mr Carbine89

    New 9.18 gb update

    "(The U.K. has the fastest mobile speeds, with an average of 26 megabits per second, according to the latest State of the Internet Report by content delivery company Akamai. Among the 62 countries Akamai measured, the U.S. isn't even in the Top 25, at 10.7 Mbps)" This is from google btw so those numbers you are giving along with your IP. I call bull not even france gets those numbers bro check the world speeds please.
  7. Mr Carbine89

    New 9.18 gb update

    You have 1gb internet speed but what is your up/download speed? I mean mbps up and download?
  8. Mr Carbine89

    20 min and counting solo fpp eu?

    This is bull it is not a dwindling player base at all this has to be bugged.
  9. Mr Carbine89

    Rain and fog.

    I just read on three different threads on reddit it was removed because no one liked it? But that makes no sense only because pc players didnt like does not mean people on console wont? I hope they bring it to console it would be 👌.
  10. Mr Carbine89

    Rain and fog.

    It was removed because of performance issues? Never knew that.
  11. Mr Carbine89

    Rain and fog.

    I am hoping that alot of people feel like I do and just adding rain and fog to both maps will do enough to mix things up a bit. I am really looking forward to the new map, but the introduction of rain and fog will surely make things feel fresh.
  12. Mr Carbine89

    The menu UI.

    It looks great, using more of the buttons to get around the different options in the career and leaderboards. Although when you start it up the noise's of when you normally press to play or go into career seems to happen without anything being pressed. Everything else is brilliant, well done.
  13. Mr Carbine89

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Oh yeah how brilliant it is to actually play the map, woth both the times it is on, the time in the eu is outrageous! They are asking us to spend the time we are to be sleeping 2am till 8am that is bang out of order and then 8pm till 8am. How can you defend this? Is every in the eu nocturnal or something! And better yet it is all on NA servers, again how can you defend this!
  14. Mr Carbine89


    Stop thinking like that, you cant just buy more servers, who is going to maintain said servers? bluehole are only 150 strong at the most give them a chance ffs.
  15. Mr Carbine89

    Please . Make it on ps3 and ps4

    If Microsoft are actually buying Bluehole as I hope the do, you have no chance. But even if they did the game is cpu bound on the Xbox what makes you think it will even run on the ps4? The ps4 cpu is shocking in comparison.