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  1. In the last community post they said existing problems!? FPP is non existent for EU, yet there has been no word or confirmation that any work is under way?! What is happening about this? It has been nearly half a year and I am passed frustrated, now they are blatantly wishing for people to forget. This is supposed to be a full product release? When will get access to full game?
  2. Mr Carbine89

    Need PTS on home screen

    The reason why the only announce it here so that the majority of people who are on the PTS are goingto come on here and give some feedback.
  3. Mr Carbine89

    Does the game really run that poorly?

    I have been playing the game since day one on the og xbox one and I am telling you the answer is no, it does not run terribly at all. People say it does because they die to some shitty situation and instead of looking at what they could of done better they blame the game. Rarely does the game screw me, too few and far between. People just dont like to admit they are not as good as they think they are. But I will say that yes sometimes the games frames do drop, items can drop through the floor while you are on a slope so do not drop a items on a slope past a certain degree. Dont fully ADS while in extreme close quarters use RB, makes it easier to track and lead your target/s unless you are in a corridor. All this info will come to you over time played. I have aound 600 hours there are other tricks dont spam X to pick things up, take your time. Learn the map and play to your strengths. Team work makes the dream work!
  4. Mr Carbine89

    Win Rating?

    In my experience if you are in the top ten, you need to win to gain any traction to get any further. Loses really hurt you at that point and can knock you down a full 4-7 places. Me and my duo partner were 7th and 8th, it can get sweaty and definitely heated lol. I lost interest in my placement when FPP went to shit, but before It did I have to admit solos was never my jam. In walks 1-man squads baby ditch that solo shit, be a man and learn how to squad wipe the real way.
  5. Mr Carbine89

    Quick marking System

    I like to play with many people who have different skill levels so in my opinion this is a great thing.
  6. Mr Carbine89

    Just Splurged 42,000 BP

    I am saving up to 7 digits myself I think I have 900 odd
  7. Mr Carbine89

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Are you playing on a 4K tv/monitor at 4K or 1080p?
  8. Mr Carbine89

    Full release my a#*e

    No comment!
  9. If this is full release then why still after 3 months do I still have to wait 15 minutes to find a lobby with 30 people in it. Or you are waiting for 113 mins to leave the cue and find a TPP match instantly. DO NOT EVEN GO THERE AND SAY EU FPP IS DEAD! The PC EU FPP player base is fine there are no waiting times the player base is even enough across both platforms. So wtf is going on Bluehole, why is this still not fixed, it has been months now come on. Please fix this asap I want to play duo FPP with my boi T and fuck shit up, I was 6th in EU DUO's FPP come on Bluehole please.
  10. Mr Carbine89

    FPP not working

    All the EU players that play FPP are probably still on NA FPP servers or Bluehole are still working on it. To say the EU FPP player base is dead is a completely stupid thing to say, the EU FPP player base on PC is thriving and the amount of people players on console is more than PC so......
  11. Mr Carbine89

    Normal Linked 5/5 Mission Broken

    To get rid of this health problem just do not pick up heals or boosts at all.
  12. I have seen a xim being used with own two eyes and Ivwas using a controller on another xbox, after reading all he threads I thought the same trust me it is alot easier more than you think. The only draw back is either extreme cqc or more than 200m as small corrections at long ramge just does not work well but if you drag away and back to the target it nullifies that but extreme cqc it really is poo lol but all other engagements you honestly have a massive advantage.
  13. Mr Carbine89

    Excessive queue time's

    GMT. Throughout the day. EU. All FPP modes.
  14. Mr Carbine89

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Oh yeah how brilliant it is to actually play the map, woth both the times it is on, the time in the eu is outrageous! They are asking us to spend the time we are to be sleeping 2am till 8am that is bang out of order and then 8pm till 8am. How can you defend this? Is every in the eu nocturnal or something! And better yet it is all on NA servers, again how can you defend this!
  15. Mr Carbine89

    Fed up of being team killed in a random squad ?

    Do you play FPP, if so what is your rank?