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  1. Mr Carbine89

    September 18th Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Are you playing on a 4K tv/monitor at 4K or 1080p?
  2. Mr Carbine89

    Full release my a#*e

    No comment!
  3. If this is full release then why still after 3 months do I still have to wait 15 minutes to find a lobby with 30 people in it. Or you are waiting for 113 mins to leave the cue and find a TPP match instantly. DO NOT EVEN GO THERE AND SAY EU FPP IS DEAD! The PC EU FPP player base is fine there are no waiting times the player base is even enough across both platforms. So wtf is going on Bluehole, why is this still not fixed, it has been months now come on. Please fix this asap I want to play duo FPP with my boi T and fuck shit up, I was 6th in EU DUO's FPP come on Bluehole please.
  4. Mr Carbine89

    FPP not working

    All the EU players that play FPP are probably still on NA FPP servers or Bluehole are still working on it. To say the EU FPP player base is dead is a completely stupid thing to say, the EU FPP player base on PC is thriving and the amount of people players on console is more than PC so......
  5. Mr Carbine89

    Normal Linked 5/5 Mission Broken

    To get rid of this health problem just do not pick up heals or boosts at all.
  6. Mr Carbine89

    Is FPP working?

    Should I reinstall the game or what, with FPP EU not working for the past 3 months especially duo I am not playing this game. Now that it is the full release there needs to FPP EU.
  7. You do relise how big EU is right? Take a look on an Atlas.
  8. Mr Carbine89

    Add EU Duo FPP back in

    Yeah apparently FPP is fixed and yet it is not back in. Priorities Bluehole!
  9. Mr Carbine89

    remove leaning from left stick click

    Bluhole if you ruin type B with this one persons complaints, everyone will want small changes. Rabbit hole incoming?!
  10. Mr Carbine89

    Block servers in each region

    Faith and patience? It has been a month already and there is no word on FPP EU. I am all out of patience, and I have lost my faith in their ability to prioritize what they need to fix and work on!? If they disable TPP on EU servers and enable duos. It would sort out all this mess, just doing this for a week would do wonders and get an announcement on the main menu to say EU servers are FPP only just for a week.
  11. Mr Carbine89

    Hate Miramar

    On Xbox one?
  12. Mr Carbine89

    Reticle changes.

    Your right nice one!
  13. Mr Carbine89

    Reticle changes.

    Let me read the notes again? Good shoit I thought those directions were just to say which way to go with the left stick. Brb.
  14. Mr Carbine89

    Tpp is unplayable

    There has been no FPP on the EU servers for a month now.
  15. Mr Carbine89

    Tpp is unplayable

    Yeah that is true, but you get more car metas at the end of a TPP game, and the chances of being run over, overall are way higher so there is a trade off. Plus in TPP the meta is slower and way more snakey!