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  1. Kahun

    Head set thread

    I use a wireless headset, SteelSeries Siberia 800. Comes with swappable batteries, one is always charging in the wireless transmitter so I never need to leave the headset charging. I also use a separate mic on a boom arm. I use the Turtlebeach Stream Mic as that's the only USB microphone that works with Xbox.
  2. You can only pray that they see this
  3. You can only wish, they will probably end up making it even slower by accident 😂
  4. Where has this setting gone?
  5. I recently started playing Fortnite. NGL I been enjoying it a lot. Them smooth frames and no issues lol
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if it was like that.. I mean it's blueballs we are talking about.. They mess up this game so much and don't even listen to their users when everyone is asking for this update not to be released.
  7. The aiming was so good. I could actually tune my settings to the same speeds I play BF1 and other shooter games. It's a shame they released this broken patch onto the Live server. Like do they even listen to their player base? So many complaining about how shit the patch was yet they still decide to release it lol. Would be nice if they done some work on hp too, I mean at least it's faster than ads but still not where i want it to be and it has noticeable acceleration when you push your stick all the way.
  8. Kahun

    Aiming with AA off is broken!

    Fix this game Blueballs. You messed it with this latest update. I could actually have quick reactions for once the patch before
  9. Man you do realise that some people who use controllers like high sensitivity? I would love to be able to do a quick 180 without being a turtle like I can on every other game or snap onto a target a bit quicker while still being in ADS. These seconds of time do matter in a competitive shooter. This game allows you to tune various scopes so obviously I would have some slow for better accuracy at distance. But for an example with a red dot why can't I turn around quickly while still aiming? It literally is turtle speed and I don't want to use aim acceleration because that messes my aim up.
  10. AA off works for ADS and Targeting but not hip. There is still noticeable acceleration when you push your stick.
  11. Yeah I will be getting that to try it out. If they done the Battle Royale right PUBG is dead.
  12. The thing is it was good before this latest PTS patch. The speed felt really fast like other shooters BF1 etc.. I actually enjoyed aiming in this game for once.. Now they seemed to make it even slower than the Live server.
  13. I'm still holding off until more Freesync 2 monitors come out. Then I will be getting on of them bad boys.