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  1. Kahun

    FPS Complainers.

    Not that big of a deal? Are you having a joke mate 😂 FPS games should at least be 60fps. This game can't even reach 30! I have the OG and the X. My OG has better FPS than my X "World's most powerful console". When I play Sanhok I feel like I don't reach 30 fps at all more like constant 20-25 fps. Erangel and Miramar are wayyy smoother for me. I don't bother picking up a 4x as frames drop when I use that. Let's not talk about when a car is on fire or a smoke has been thrown or when i get random crashes. This game is far from 1.0 ready. They just rushed it to get some more cash off people before the better BR games come out. Don't get me wrong I love pubg and im super addicted, been playing from day 1 but for you to say that FPS is not that much is just idiotic. PUBG Xbox will never ever see the competitive scene unless it's running 60 fps. Don't be telling people not to complain, just because you think your game is running right it doesn't mean that anyone else's game is. I find it funny how you also say ohh it's an excuse when they get owned well not really. I been #1 every season on NA and EU. I think that my aim is decent but when I get super bad frame rate drops and im using a 4x I can't hit shit. This game seriously needs fixing. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I shouldn't be spending so much money on a console upgrade when my original runs this game better lol. And let's not talk about building loading this game used to be perfect with loading at the start. Now it's shit, i can walk through walls and get stuck in stuff. On the X! Shit won't get done if people don't complain so stfu.
  2. Kahun

    Increase sensitivity please

    Agreed. Please increase sensitivity to like 20. That would be nice!
  3. Maybe we should post something on reddit. Don't think they even bother looking here.
  4. I can't see it happening tho. People been complaining about aiming since the game was released and it's still bad 😂
  5. Yeah I guess they are rushing because Blackout, BF5 BR and RDR2 BR are just around the corner which will definitely steal at least half the player base because these games will be done properly by a AAA developer. I'm looking forward to all 3. I'm not a fan of COD but really enjoyed the beta, curious to see what Blackout will be like. Also super excited for BF BR and RDR2 BR I loved previous versions of both these games so I can't wait to see what it's like. If at least one of them does it right I will probably ditch PUBG for that nice 60fps and really good aiming system.
  6. Hope this gets fixed before the game is released as 1.0 LOL otherwise it will be officially the worst aim mechanics on a full release game ever 😂 This game ain't ready for full release until they fix AA Off because who want's to play with acceleration? No one as it's inconsistent and it's hard to build muscle memory. Get your shit together Blueballs and fix the aim in this game before you even think of releasing it as 1.0. Makes me wonder if any of the console developers have played any other console games such as battlefield to see what good aim mechanics are lol
  7. Wish I could get 2 minutes of my life back reading this 😂
  8. Kahun

    With or without shoes?

    I used to run around bare footed. I got some cool shoes now so I just wear them instead.
  9. I'm talking about surround sound on headphones not HRTF in game. I would leave HRTF on too.
  10. Kahun

    screen capture of new meta

    SLR/Vector SLR/AKM That's the new meta. Godly setup. Chicken guaranteed.
  11. Are you guys serious Personally after using my ISP's DNS, Google's DNS and Cloudflare DNS it does make a tiny difference is loading web pages. I can't see how it would help in gaming at all, especially PUBG. I haven't noticed any difference so I don't know why everyone is like ohhh its so much better lol it must be all place-bo.
  12. You got it wrong. The game will not output 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. When activating it, it sounds worse if anything. The game doesn't have surround sound support so for best results use stereo even with a £300 gaming headset.
  13. Why do people post screenshots of PTS leaderboards? Want a medal? These screenshots don't mean shit, you're against the minority of the player base and half of them have issues lol
  14. Well said. I know of someone who doesn't have an arm so he has to use a XIM to play PUBG otherwise it would not be possible. I know another "friend" that uses mouse and keyboard for PUBG, he's been ranked #1 on EU multiple times with each season and the reason he uses it is because that is his preferred input method and all his friends play on Xbox rather than PC even though he owns a gaming PC and uses it daily and also plays PUBG on there but goes to Xbox when he wants a squad to play with.
  15. I don't think they ever bother testing Type B. Just like quick scrolling didn't work when it got released. Let's hope that they actually look at the aiming system and make 0 AA a usable speed but I can't see that happening.