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  1. LordOsoTrapt

    Xbox is redhaired stepkid...

    Nothing is wrong with red heads, it’s just a saying..
  2. LordOsoTrapt

    Xbox One X

    I think you are a little confused bud. This is the Xbox section..
  3. LordOsoTrapt

    No one plays FPP

    I’ve also had long wait times when I try to play FPP laitely and I’ve heard many others say they’re experiencing the same thing. What’s the deal?
  4. LordOsoTrapt

    Poll: Do you still crash?

    I’m on X1X, I use an SSD and I play daily. I haven’t crashed at all since patch 11.
  5. LordOsoTrapt

    Who got the NICO Loot?

    I’m not sure bro. I’m also trying to find out what’s going on or what happened..
  6. LordOsoTrapt

    PSA: Reminder About Dead Zone

    And do you go into your settings at the start of each match to reset your Deadzone? If not you’re not playing at 22% deadzone according to this.
  7. LordOsoTrapt

    PSA: Reminder About Dead Zone

    Now, the only setting this effects is Dead Zone correct? If what you’re saying is true, everybody should be aware of this bug! Could a Dev please verify if this is true or not and if so, will it be fixed in patch 11?
  8. LordOsoTrapt


    Pubg on Xbox has already been downloaded over 5 million times! 🤟🏻🤪
  9. LordOsoTrapt

    Brightness Adjustment

    Brightness adjustment in settings? That would be awesome. 👍🏻
  10. LordOsoTrapt

    Wave runners!

    Has anyone else seen the wave runners that are in game now?
  11. LordOsoTrapt

    Stats not tracking!!

    What would be cool is if they would make it so we could reset our stats ourselves when we wanted..
  12. LordOsoTrapt

    Is there something strange with this ?

    So, what is it dude?
  13. LordOsoTrapt

    why are there Xbox one x complaints

    It doesn’t run like shit compared to the OG. Why do people keep saying that? You probably don’t even have an X and are just talking from hearsay..
  14. Yes, an in game FPS counter would be the shit for sure. How hard could that be to implement into pubg? You can bet Bluehole probably just doesn’t want us to see just how bad it really is..