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  1. I would say yeah go for it. The problems are really not as bad as people say. I think people tend to over exaggerate any problem they may come across
  2. LVFT_775

    Stealing cars

    Same! Except i'll steal their vehicle, drive it away from them, then I proceed to get out of the vehicle, return to their building and kill them. LOVE IT.
  3. So what? Being able to take gun shots to the body, drink an energy drink right after, and be perfectly fine is unrealistic too. Sorry man but it's a video game. I don't think jump shotting has ever been or ever will be a serious issue. Personally you're the first I've seen to complain about that.
  4. LVFT_775

    Never seen a game like this

    See yah ✌️😘
  5. LVFT_775

    Bluehole 👍

    This guy. I just can't 😂😂😂😂 Just leave already man!
  6. LVFT_775


    Yet I see PUBG_RoboDanja interacting on these forums all the time. He's a dev sooo
  7. LVFT_775


    So is playing/testing the console build of this game and giving them feedback on what needs to be changed/improved for the console version isn't helping them? I think you took me too literal when I said "help build". Getting that pc experience on console won't happen. I would love to say they can replicate it but I dont think it's possible which sucks because this game on pc is great (besides hackers and all). But then again not listening to us might be the right thing to do because at this point these forums have become toxic and repetitive. Maybe we should just let them do their thing yah know!
  8. OK so do people still not know what game preview means? Of course this game is going to have its problems, it's a WORK IN PROGRESS as stated in the start of the game, so I don't see why people keep on crying and whining about it instead of giving the devs constructive feedback on what they need to change and improve. Understand that we are lucky to have a developer that is willing to work close with and listen to our community as much as they do. Also understand that we are testers and we are basically helping the devs build this game for console. So instead of complaining and bashing the devs, how about we play the game, give them feedback on what needs to improve, and hopefully we can help them build this into a great experience for all console players! Sorry but these forums have just become cancer and it's a little ridiculous at this point.
  9. Mines been random. There's times where I can vault and other times I can't. Probably a bug from the new patch.
  10. LVFT_775

    Game unplayable

    I play on a Xbox One S and it runs fine. Try using an external ssd. That helped mine run the game sooo much better.
  11. Sorry but horrible ideas. This isn't the game for you if you want those changes.
  12. You do realize that we are all testers for this game? That's why these forums are here. So we can play the game and give them feedback on what the need to fix and improve. This community is basically helping build this game for console.
  13. LVFT_775

    Disable Vehicles in Final Circles

    EMP those sons of bitches in the last 2-3 circles. On that note, it's not that bad in FPP but the car meta is still abused in TPP. At this point though I've seen a lot of people ask for some kind of EMP or car disablement so they might as will just pull the trigger.