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  1. Rope-A-Dope

    Still can't believe this guy took the bait... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/anyeurysm/video/bbfa8769-3e44-4e11-8fc0-83e46bf5b328/fa9553a9-50e1-4b97-8758-9505b0cd16e5
  2. Powerline Adapter Problems

    I totally understand that, but I rent and am unable to just "run a line"...
  3. Powerline Adapter Problems

    Sadly it appears as if the powerline experiment will be coming to an end for me. After much troubleshooting an rebooting and repairing and whatnot, it appears that the outlets are on different circuits and thus will not work for me... I appreciate the help guys...
  4. Powerline Adapter Problems

    I have no earthly idea, I rent... not familiar with the wiring layout... I do believe the whole place was rewired in the mid 1990s...
  5. Powerline Adapter Problems

    Thanks for the input fellas, but I've tried everything that's been suggested and I'm at a loss. The primary is connected to the router and plugged directly into the wall. This same outlet has a power strip plugged in with a cable box and a tv on the strip. The secondary is connected to the xbox and also plugged directly into the wall. The xbox and the powerline are the only things plugged into this outlet. I can't understand why it would work fine for awhile, then all of a sudden it wouldnt...
  6. So I got a powerline adapter and have been having problems with it. When I first hooked it up everything seemed fine until my friend started telling me I was breaking up in party chat, this happened for a few minutes then I got disconnected from the party chat altogether. Switched back to my Wi-Fi and everything was fine... Today I started out with the powerline connection and played 2 games of duos and everything worked fine, no lag, no party chat issues... everything seemed great ... Then I was in the third game spectating my partner and got the network lag message on the screen for like a solid 60 seconds, wasn't sure if it was on my end or my partners at the time until the party chat went all screwey again. So I'm not sure what the issue is with the powerline for me... Seen some Reddit posts of people having similar issues... With no real solutions... Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Future GameModes

  8. 3 man squad only

    I've said several times I would like a trio mode... How does a trio mode eliminate 1 and 2 man squad? Does solo or duos do It? If you want to play that mode you select it and it goes into matchmaking for that mode... If you support 1, 2, and 3 man squads so much, how about 1 man duos?
  9. Oh yeah, I feel your pain... I prob got 15 duo and squad dinners each... And prob 15 2nd place solos with no win...
  10. Microsoft PUBG Surveys

    Bump, for the late night crowd...
  11. Awhile back I got an email about a survey for pubg from MS, as did several other posters on the forum... Today I received this: Hello! My name is Jessica and I’m a Coordinator with Microsoft User Research. In a previous survey you completed that focused on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you opted to be contacted about future research around PUBG. As a valued member of the Xbox Game Preview Program, we would like to extend an invitation to join us for a new user research panel for PUBG players! This exclusive panel will give you the chance to give feedback on your experience playing PUBG on Xbox. The game is being continually improved, and we would love to get your feedback on the best ways to enhance your gaming experience. If selected for this opportunity, we will reach out to you for studies throughout the year. Sound interesting? Please take our online survey to prequalify! If it looks like this panel is a good match, we will reach out with additional information and get you set up! Please note that this panel is only open to those ages 18 and over. If scheduled for future studies as a part of this panel, as a token of our appreciation, participants will receive a cash gift card gratuity. Should you have any questions about the program, please send us an email at mspanel@microsoft.com. Additionally, if you would like to opt-in to the Microsoft User Research program to participate in studies for all of Microsoft’s products, click here to take our New Participant Sign-Up survey so we can learn a bit more about you. If not, we would still love to have you become a part of our PUBG panel! Thank you for your consideration, xxxxxxxxxx I took the survey above and they told me I'm a match and would be contacted for future surveys and whatnot... Also asked if I knew anyone else that would be interested and if so, feel free to send them the survey link... So theres the link above fellas... If your interested, take the survey!
  12. Scout Helicopters

  13. I've had the game since launch, and the best I've got is still a dirty shirt, beanie, gloves and black pants... Still haven't gotten a coat, mask, or glasses....
  14. What song would you play?

    Supertzar - Black Sabbath
  15. Roadmap question, Im seriouse.

    Probably American spring.... if Nico sees his shadow