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    You have 5 months Bluehole

    Agree 100%... MW2 was the pinnacle of COD and while I have played it every year it has gotten to a point that with the most recent one (WWII) where I don't believe they will ever get another dime from me... Then pubg came along... I watched with excitement as this game took the pc world by storm, not having a high end pc or enough free time to justify buying one to play on, I was super excited to hear the news at E3 last year that it was coming to XB! I haven't logged this many hours, this fast in a game since MW2... Even with all the problems we have encountered, I still keep coming back I am interested to see if they can pull off the 15 yr model a la CSGO as they have stated they want to do. I will play BF and RDR because I like both franchises but COD is dead to me... But for now it feels like PUBG will keep a place in my heart like Socom and MW2 before it...
  2. anyeurysm

    if you won the lotto

    Buy a 2000 acre ranch in say.... Montana, fly fish and play pubg for a long, long time....
  3. Haven't been able to play a lot this weekend cuz of work. 😢 Played 5 games Saturday night and crashed in 3 of them... Sunday afternoon felt much better and didn't crash at all. My only beef with the 2x is i cant get the same brightness adjustment as before. On the old one, i would turn it all the way down and I found it to be perfect. Now it ends up not bright enough and one step up from that is too bright! But it is now my new favorite scope...
  4. anyeurysm

    Is the game losing it's luster?

    I still enjoy duos and squads quite a bit but can only tolerate 2-3 games of solo in a session. Solo squads is fun... The game has lost a but of lustre for me mainly due to lack of stability/optimization and certain simple quality of life improvements that the community has asked for since day 1 that have yet to be implemented. Things like reticle color/brightness, putting the compass into a darkened box... etc Hopefully patch 13 smooths out some things to make it run more smoothly like Miramar. Haven't been able to play yet. I think Bluehole/MS did themselves a disservice by having the free to play weekend before the optimization patch. No doubt a lot of the freepers saw the state the game was in and were immediately turned off... You only get one chance to make a first impression...
  5. anyeurysm

    Note for Patch 13

    Still client version 0.6.4?
  6. Don't know, but you better not leave! 🤔🤔🤔
  7. The all caps means he's serious...
  8. anyeurysm


    Missing table in Puerto Paraiso
  9. anyeurysm


    Another missing table at power grid...
  10. anyeurysm


    Landed on roof at hacienda... Trapped inside... Xb1s
  11. anyeurysm


    Trapped in stairs xb1s ... walked in the front door and ended up trapped in stairs
  12. anyeurysm


    Missing table with floating objects...
  13. anyeurysm

    Some beginners words

    @Glendathu...Welcome Home...
  14. It's definitely been a nice surprise. Hopefully Erangel gets this treatment soon. 👍👍