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  1. anyeurysm

    pubg pc master race

    The gap has closed considerably. But this hyping an announcement of an announcement shit has got to stop. Bad marketing/PR IMO.
  2. When you click on the link it does nothing... Is this the announcement tonight and they they put it on the website early?
  3. Now what do we make of this? https://www.pubg.com/
  4. https://twitter.com/PUBG/status/1070710759628259329?s=20 Most recent announcement, just a live action trailer...
  5. It doesn't mean it will be released first for them, it simply means they were able to pre download it first. It's still entirely possible that it becomes playable across all platforms at the same time.
  6. Plug in your phone while you're at it... 😝
  7. They are not going to get Vikendi on launch day, that much has been made clear. It appears to be coming to them on Dec. 19th via the PTS... in only 2 weeks. An announcement may come as soon as tomorrow regarding this. I can't understand for the life if me, why they wouldn't just tell us "Vikendi on PTS across all platforms is coming Dec. 19th". Maybe that's the announcement coming tomorrow? But why would they let the PTS pre download 2 weeks early, if it's not playable? Why not just 1 - 2 days early?
  8. I wonder why no mod or dev response yet?