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  1. anyeurysm

    A New Map?

    Please allow me (i) to speak at you...it could be hoped the forming of cogent sentences into the form rational thought! One might avoid create new topic and bless us all.
  2. Yeah, they really fucked the dog by having this first war mode on the play doh Miramar, solo only queues, and not putting it on the PTS prior to this week. They had some good momentum going for a minute, then in typical BH fashion, promptly shot themselves in the foot.
  3. anyeurysm

    Event Mode Hype!!!!

    Solo queues... wow...
  4. anyeurysm

    Ump9 & Scopes

    You are wrong.
  5. anyeurysm

    Ump9 & Scopes

    So your fine with the 4x acog, but not the 3x?
  6. Does anyone feel annoyed when an achievement pops up in the middle of a game? Ex: I was in a firefight, took cover and popped some boosts, then the achievement thing pops up at a deafening volume in my headphones and also the prompt in the bottom of the screen is extremely distracting... at least for me... In a situation when audio cues for gunshots and footsteps are extremely important to be able to hear, these pop ups have a negative impact on gameplay in my opinion... So, I would suggest that the achievement registers when you exit to lobby or at match end.
  7. anyeurysm

    Predict metacritic!!1!!

    In Erangel, metacritic predict you!
  8. anyeurysm

    Remove 4x and 6x from all SMG's

    It's less about realism and more about balance. This is why you can't put the 8x on ARs... but you can in real life.... I'm ok with the 4x on smgs, but the 6x seems a but much.
  9. anyeurysm

    Ready for 1.0?

    Duo partner becomes inexplicably trapped and invisible in pecado boxing arena. As you can see he has already looted multiple items as this glitch occurred well after dropping (80 left)... everything was already rendered so it's not the infamous trapped in playdoh that we're used to. He is running an OG on a wired connection. Any ideas why or how this might of happened?
  10. anyeurysm

    Choose your own map.

    Technically it's not a map selection then. It's a game mode selection between battle royale and mini royale as their calling it. I actually like Miramar but there are tons of people that dont. However, it does get frustrating when you literally run Miramar five or more times in a row. I know people that will actually force quit the game as soon as they see Miramar is the map. PC players we're able to work around map selection by simply removing the Miramar game files, Xbox players have no such option. Maybe the devs could start tweaking Miramar to make it more appealing to a broader fan base?
  11. anyeurysm

    E3 Microsoft conference

    The end of summer is still over a month away... I'm guessing war mode and/or sanhok will be at gamescom this week, then on the PTS in the coming weeks.
  12. anyeurysm

    What is your favourite NON-HOT drop?

    A lot of exit strategy options depending on circle and other players. Multiple vehicle spawns nearby. Good for solo and duos, not so great for squads.