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  1. Cinematic Gameplay from a Professional Editor - Purely Epic PUBG

    Did you make this? What do you use how are your clips so clear ?
  2. MONTAGE #2 (better quality )

    Here’s my first effort captured in a day of squads.
  3. MONTAGE #2 (better quality )

    Love the name, what were you doing in the second clip just before you got the grenade wipe, could you not see everyone moving?
  4. MONTAGE #2 (better quality )

    Nice clip is this Xbox? How did you edit and slow it down?
  5. Teaming in Solos is becoming an epidemic.

    I don’t understand it cos only 1 can win.
  6. I play on OC, it’s def playable got a dinner yesterday in duos and should have had another in squads but my team insisted on staying in an open field outside of the circle and got picked off by the last team.
  7. This is the first time I’ve heard of this issue 🤔
  8. Haha I was playing while typing I meant I use to get it every game wireless but all other games played sweet. Wired up and never got it again.
  9. I use to get it every game only this pubg wireless, wired never again
  10. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    The best I can pay for is 35/1mbps and I currently get that wired or wireless will it improve this?
  11. Achievements on Xbox

    They didn’t on PC but no-one knows.
  12. Teaming in Solos is becoming an epidemic.

    Yep warned for the same above I don’t get it.
  13. I’ve won with the AWM but I picked it up off a corpse and I’ve had the M249 with 600 rounds and killed about 6 guys in 5min but didn’t get dinner, I don’t tend to aim for them as it usually gets me killed.
  14. Moderators

    Why are my posts/replies requiring review from a moderator all of a sudden? I’ve never had a warning.
  15. after 0.6.2 unplayable

    Tbh I haven’t had much issues until the last patch even with my average internet and wireless. I have an X though and I’ve never experienced the playdough buildings everything has pretty much spawned as soon as I’ve left the plane and the latest update has tweaked the HDR to make it look so much better, still a tad dark though.