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  1. Yep defaults to primary (top weapon)
  2. Black Dahlia NZ

    OCEANIA PLAYERS please read

    Have you ever tried to play about 7am during the week?
  3. Black Dahlia NZ

    OCEANIA PLAYERS please read

    You have been one lucky guy, for the last 3 months or so I’ve noticed longer wait times. Every 5 weeks I work a night shift and almost impossible to find a game before midday during the week. When the May update launched it got allot worse also.
  4. Black Dahlia NZ

    5 months blue hole...

    Agree but I doubt fallout will be the cause. Even fallout fans don’t sound that impressed with the leaks so far, online survival RPG?
  5. Black Dahlia NZ

    Is squad ment to be the hardest mode?

    Def found solo easiest followed by duos and squads by far hardest.
  6. Black Dahlia NZ

    BP Crates

    Lucky, I’ve spent about the same and haven’t had a single non uncommon item.
  7. Black Dahlia NZ

    POLL: Controller Type A or Type B?

    But you wouldn’t be shooting only aiming
  8. Black Dahlia NZ

    What the **** was that?

    The only thing I could think is maybe you were hitting his hands but it definitely looked like his head, wacky jacky did some testing and it’s 7 shots to kill if hitting hands.
  9. Black Dahlia NZ

    Crashing out

    I barely crashed until this last patch now I’m sometimes crashing twice in a game sometimes less than 30sec of getting back in, Xbox One X.
  10. Black Dahlia NZ

    Oc servers solo? None

    I got on solo OC last night since they added the announcement to manually change region, soo much better. Saw the known issues this morning also.
  11. Black Dahlia NZ

    The thread for positive people only

    They added an announcement in game yesterday saying auto region isn’t working and had no issues playing on OC since then, also woke up to this.
  12. Black Dahlia NZ

    Is anyone actually playing EU Solo FPP?

    Depends where you lived
  13. Black Dahlia NZ

    The thread for positive people only

    Sorry, hate having to play on NA
  14. Black Dahlia NZ

    The thread for positive people only

    Why? Asia servers are even more dead than OC
  15. Yea but if there is only 50 ppl in you should be put into that lobby