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  1. However I disabled paging files and NDU and guess what: It runs pretty well!! Now I can drop into school and hacienda without the fear of lag. TBH slight stutters still remained but now its way better. I’ll give a chicken for this post
  2. Disabling paging files not recommended at all however this ndu might add a slight performance improvement
  3. I will check it if I will have stuttets with this new update
  4. At Last It Runs Smoothly

    What cpu you have?
  5. New Nvidia driver came out. Any improvements?

    With V-Sync enabled (ingame) now it improved me a lot too.
  6. So yesterday driver 391.01 came out and Nvidia claims they optimized PUBG for most of cards (my unluckiness 1050ti not in the list). Anybody has something improvement?
  7. New driver came out you should check it
  8. FPS issues Issues - Information Collection

    Tend to think that the game is bad not my PC. Date Seen:2018.02.24 Server: Live server System Specifications: (You must supply all of this information) Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050ti 4 GB CPU: AMD-FX-6300 RAM: Samsung 8GB (single-channel) HDD: WD Caviar Blue 1 TB Other Information:I encountered a weird situation: PUBG stucked at black loading screen as many people have as issue. As I played duo I wanted to get back so (as I can not open task manager correctly -thats one mistake too) I forced my PC to log out from Windows. Logging out and rejoining took relatively fast and I saw I landed on the map (and not dead yet). Started regular looting phase when I felt something is strange; the game ran like butter on a constant FPS of 70. Not even a single stutter or any malfunction of performace. This is kinda weird cuz I thought I have shitty rig. And every other time I play I have big FPS drops (from 70 to 25) and micro spikes which is kinda annoying. But that log-out and in gave me a performance which I never felt earlier. Of course next match was bad too... My graphic settings: AA: HIGH PP: VERY LOW SHADOWS: VERY LOW TEXTURES: MEDIUM EFFECTS: VERY LOW FOILAGE: LOW VD: LOW No GeForce experience installed, no OC-s on GPU or CPU. Sadly I died before getting that chicken dinner.
  9. FPS issues Issues - Information Collection

    Hi there, As the new update I experienced stutters like hell, more than before.... However I found out that if I disable High DPI scaling override (by application) (that Windows command at TSLgame.exe --> properties ---> compatiblity) which I think most the players have ticked cuz back then it gave a nice FPS boost, the stuttering reduced like 80% and I got now a nice 10-15 fps boost, with smooth gameplay on both maps. my rig is piece of sh*t: AMD FX-6300 8 GB (Samsung) single channel RAM GTX 1050ti 1 TB WD caviar blue Game runs at Medium - HIgh - Low mixed settings in 1600*900 res and with 45-75 fps. Maybe just I am the only one who got his game (barely) fixed with this change. @PUBG_RoboDanjal consider maybe adding it to troubleshoot? or any thoughts why it is better being turned off now?
  10. Cpu Usage

  11. How do i play this game?

    I have gtx 1050 ti and amd fx-6300 cpu with 8 gig sc samsung ram and 1 tb hdd. Your pc is faster and stronger like 100x times... shame that you cant run it. Maybe have you checked v-sync or any sync is on? You should turn off... anyway as I said earlier I am not complaining with my 50 fps (but I have lag stuttets and fps drops to 23-27 many times...) GL resolving your problem. #feelsbadman
  12. WARNING: Known issues with graphic driver

    You have a really old video card. IMHO if you could make the drivers work game would be still really laggy. You should consider upgrading at least to gtx 1050ti No offense tho.
  13. framerate at 60 but game is stuttering

    Inb4 you get warn... ppl are so butthurt here when it comes telling the truth about the game. Cant see how this nice idea sometimes unplayable and they fixing literally useless things in patches. I know warn will coming... or maybe ban..