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  1. At least a post which do its purpose in bug report section. Btw I am gonna try it LMAO 😋
  2. I guess thats when colorblind setting comes handy. I really like purple blood and sights. I cannot wait when they make the in game circle from blue to green.
  3. Wasendak

    Vikendi Loot

    This is just testing period they finetuned Sanhok too back then.
  4. Wasendak

    I can't get immersed in this game anymore

    You might start to think of a PC upgrade if your wallet let you. I did it recently and the result is phenomenal. I upgraded from fx6300 8gb ddr3 to ryzen5 2600 and 16gb ddr4. Ofc i had to change motherboard but all in all for ~300€ I have a PC (i had gtx1050ti from before) which give enough pleasure of the game even on high settings. If you are on a low budget I recommend to upgrade ram quantity cuz pubg only use 20% of the new processor LMAO. Video card is an other crucial thing gtx1050ti is your best bet here (if you can do then do 1060; no offense i guess you cant) HF
  5. Wasendak

    PUBG's Best Guns

    Mutant is like a DMR. With a 4x scope and single shot I could take down opponents very quickly. For me the list: Pistol: P18C, scorpion Shotgun: S12K SMG: UMP AR: tough one depend on which i could find. M416 or M16A4 both good latter is like Mutant can have a nice shot for ranged combat. DMR: SKS best SR: whatever game drops prefer M24 LMG: i dont like them you run way slower with them. DP-28 nice tho if there is no other option. Pan saved my life many times.
  6. Wasendak


    They already fixed them. Head to training mode and try to find out how they work.😉
  7. I guess you havent got a nice FPS ingame either. Try to calping lobby FPS like others said.
  8. Wasendak

    The aqua map

    AFAIK you cant shoot from water nor underwater (at least legally) how you manage to let players fight when they can. Most people would jump on land first. Also how would you pickup weapons? It have to be on the top of water like carepackage. Boxes you could use ofc as a stand but thats dont make sense either.
  9. Wasendak

    snow map teasers

    Ultimate BM from bluehole would be a ps4 exclusive snowmap...
  10. Wasendak

    PUBG player title

    I am not even looking at the name who I killed..
  11. I guess they are on hard work about patch 24. They need to show up with a playable new map, and if the leaked info are correct there will be some gamebreaking upgrades. I have a feel they will release 2.0
  12. Wasendak

    Erangal Loot

    Worst thing when you have badass loot but not a single backpack, not even a lvl1. You have to memorize where you left important thing you might need in future when yoi find a bag. However I have a feel that they increased the amount of items you could carry without backpack. Anyway I dont give a FAK 😁
  13. Wasendak

    Missions LVL100

    Fortnite: I tried that game but f2p gave you garbage shit like PUBG. If you want fancy items get cracking your credit card. Thats how the games working nowadays.
  14. Wasendak

    New idea

    Yeah basicly what others said. There are sniping area in training mode and CQB for practicing combat. Those do not shoot back either.