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  1. Wasendak

    FPS Issues

    I do not even install GeForce experience. You should uninstall it or quit everytime you launch the game. That thing impact performance negatively.
  2. Wasendak

    Freezes and stuttering

  3. Wasendak

    Impossible to run more than 10 sec

    Thats internet lag. Which server do you play on?
  4. 60fps mode for low end PCs. Like reduce graphics or dunno.
  5. You might wanna check this it clearly saying everything http://steamcharts.com/app/578080 The answer is simple: as bluehole dont give a single damn about community: PLAYERS WILL BE AN UNKNOWN IDEA ON THE BATTLEGROUNDS!!
  6. Wasendak


    Nowadays there are many item delivery problem. Btw I am in the EU and for me it was smooth; what I purchased I got instantly. Patience is crucial with the whole game and the people who manages it. They have shitload things on their to do list.
  7. Wasendak

    Cant find a game

    Problem still exist!! No matter how long I wait matchmaking not working (for me at least)
  8. Wasendak

    Cant find a game

    Maybe it is morning but cant find a single game.
  9. Wasendak

    cant play after update!!!!

    He stated that he is on xBox. I suggest to move this topic to the according section
  10. Wasendak

    Weapons not rendering AFTER landing

    There are silent patches everyday. Some of these caused texture loading slower. Mostly when I am with a car I have to wait ~ 10 secs for the building to load. It is just a big mess. Your case: nothing bad with your config.
  11. Wasendak

    Cant access sanhok on PUBG: Test Server

    Yeah You should download it seperately. Search your steam library for PUBG: Experimental server.
  12. Wasendak

    Bought the Bengal parachute but can't use it

    Write a letter to their support, attach the steam receipt. Thats what they would say anyway.
  13. Wasendak

    Bugged terrain!

    LOL this is weird af
  14. Wasendak

    Stuttering game after PC 1.0 Update #10

    What I did is reinstalling the game it surely helped a lot. I have constant FPS, little stutter, but now the textures and map loads insanely slow. Rendering is awful now. Literally I have to wait kinda like 15 seconds to a house to load properly after getiing down from a bike....
  15. Frames and stutters less frequent if PP is set at least to low