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  1. daydayvol

    played on ps4 last night

    After playing multiple games. Sound (what I love most about this game) just seems off. Player moment feels like 4 updates ago shooting is fine
  2. You do realize the weather can make things in buildings darker?
  3. I have officially played it on both. It doesn’t look better nor does it play better.
  4. daydayvol

    Bots everywhere...

    Dude. Guy was camping in blue bottom on Miramar and I killed him by crawling up through the holes in the floor. He sent me a hate message and said “I wish I could cheat” I just sent him one back saying camp better and you will learn the game in time.
  5. Oh but the experts in those streams say it is way better on PS4.
  6. daydayvol

    Bots everywhere...

    Or maybe since it is free on gamepass now you are seeing people who have never played before?
  7. daydayvol

    anyone also have a PS4?

    Sorry just saw this. I went to gamestop and pre ordered it for him since it wouldn’t be on my account and I didn’t want him to know.
  8. daydayvol

    anyone also have a PS4?

    I have a PS4 and preordered it for my nephew. I might get it as well after he plays it for a couple weeks. I just hate shooters with the PS4 controller.
  9. I had some wild desync the other night. I put a ton of bulldogs in a guy and hit knocked me. Then 4 seconds later it told me I knocked him.
  10. daydayvol

    I'm Lev 34!!!!

    Level 35. Got double gloves. Wasn’t happy about that.
  11. daydayvol

    Streamers and YouTube guys

    Check out BLiTz5 on YouTube. Good streamer and interacts with his chat often.
  12. daydayvol


    No bots, this game is meant to punch you in the face over and over until you learn to punch back.
  13. daydayvol

    Best grenade kills

    No idea why it linked that. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dayday11/video/60924530
  14. daydayvol

    Best grenade kills