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  1. daydayvol

    Right stick deadzone

    Ever since the last update the dead zone has been messed up for me. People say it is the controller but it is brand new and the same issue happens with all of my controllers. Def something on the pubg side.
  2. daydayvol

    A PUBG first

    I kill a guy (so I thought) and it gave my squad mate the kill. I asked if he shot at him and he said, nope never shot my gun.
  3. daydayvol

    I swear if I get Miramar one more time!!!!!

    Love Miramar. Drop pecado almost every time. Great way to start the game out.
  4. daydayvol

    Soooooo analog controls?!?

    The control change was made for the better. It feels more fluid now and not like a pc port. They said the controls wouldn’t be final and they would work on them. The sprinting thing is not bad at all. I actually prefer it. Now go ahead and put the confused face because you don’t agree.
  5. daydayvol

    Soooooo analog controls?!?

    No other shooting game is like pubg. That is a good thing imo.
  6. daydayvol

    VSS or suppressed UMP?

    Both 😜
  7. daydayvol

    The motorcycle screech

    Yeah this. Constant. It is terrible.
  8. It is something they changed and it looks terrible for about 60 seconds at the beginning of the match and when you travel a long distance. It is what it is I guess.
  9. daydayvol

    Cannot connect to xbox live

    I can’t even get a party to work. But def seems like a pubg issues.
  10. Same and it is very frustrating after it was running so well.
  11. daydayvol

    Using car at final 10?

    That is fine. I run over people all the time and laugh but this dude was awful. Watch the video. He couldn’t even throw a grenade.
  12. daydayvol

    Using car at final 10?

    This guy had my blood boiling. I just killed a guy and he hit me. Then I spectated to see how trash he was. I was not surprised. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/dayday11/video/56511545
  13. daydayvol

    Invisible players

    Happen on erangel in a squad match.
  14. daydayvol

    I've been spectating and noticed this...

    Play smart. There is a strategy for what I call all three phrases. If you drop hot go where it is “safest” find your gun and pick people off. Then wait for the 2nd circle. Position yourself well and always know your surroundings. That final circle is crucial for not being overly aggressive (since you say you are outmatched) because that is the easiest way to last. Let others take care of each other. Luck is also a huge factor. Keep playing and you will get better.