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  1. daydayvol

    Omfg really

    “Not a single problem” then follows it up with a problem. LOL
  2. daydayvol

    Type B to Type A

    Type B with LB mapped to left paddle and X mapped to right paddle.
  3. daydayvol


    I’ve never had this issue happen to me. Only two of the guys I play with have it and they have questionable internet. It is def a problem pubg needs to fix but don’t say everyone is having the problem.
  4. daydayvol


    What happens when someone comes in with the c-c-c-combo breaker?
  5. daydayvol

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I understand that take. CoD better be amazing at CQC b/c it is what that game is all about. Both games have a place in the gaming industry but pubg better get it together or they will be their own downfall.
  6. daydayvol

    Pubg vs blackout...

    Pubg has plenty of room to improve but I have no issues in CQC. I mean people drag this game (and should at times) but let’s not act like blackout is running smooth as butter. Squad games are almost unplayable because of lag/stutter issues.
  7. daydayvol

    Pubg vs blackout...

    I’m with you. I have no issues at close range in pubg.
  8. daydayvol

    Pubg vs blackout...

    Don’t sit still and get two tapped in the head? If you want 5-10 bullets for a headshot kill you should just play a different game.
  9. daydayvol

    Pubg vs blackout...

    Headshots do too much damage? A headshot should wreck you everytime.
  10. daydayvol

    Pubg vs blackout...

    No cod gives directional hit markers. The sound is trash. The directional big marker on pubg is the sound.
  11. daydayvol

    PTS drift

    While 100% true they always just put the pts to live server anyway, trash or not.
  12. daydayvol

    I broke the game mairmar

    Keep crying there sunshine
  13. daydayvol

    I broke the game mairmar

    I bet you got butthurt over a silly post.
  14. daydayvol

    I broke the game mairmar

    Glad you had the decoder ring
  15. daydayvol

    I broke the game mairmar

    You broke the English language with this post.