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  1. Add Aim Assist to counter K+M Players on console.

    get used to it, as soon as the console runs 60fps on 4k im switching along with most of my pals, with pc gpu prices rising into the 4 figure mark its a very good alternative.
  2. Vaulting

    no i did not, thank you for pointing this out, i guess i didnt look deep enough
  3. Vaulting

    I would like to see a separate key for vaulting, or make it the use key
  4. Asus Rog Mars GTX 760 x2 (dual GPU)

    save your money and buy a 1060
  5. Cheating Discussion

    NOPE, its more than that, buy game, buy hax, loot game, sell crates, clothes,etc, earn enough to buy game, get banned, buy game again , rinse repeat
  6. good news is the y announced mouse and keyboard support for xbox 1 , well sort of announced. https://www.vg247.com/2017/12/21/microsoft-poland-accidentally-leaks-mouse-and-keyboard-support-for-xbox-one/ quite honestly , if the xbox 1splus or whatever that thing is called is really getting a decent 60fps( although dumbed down) in 4k and m/kb support... f#$k it im going to become a console phag. cheaper and less exploits to deal with.