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  1. nvm, verified files nad reboot c;leared it up
  2. these are the two messages i have got the past 2 nights, it started before last nights patch, any ideas?
  3. G13Homi

    Patch #14 Feedback

    flipping desync is worse than ever. losing interest quickly.
  4. motorcycles flipping forward to instant death, and lag(i already remapped the forward roll key)
  5. G13Homi

    Servers to busy? EU atm.

    same in east us
  6. try upping your settings, this game is fazooked. it might work
  7. scroll back through at least 10 pages and you will see 100 posts with votes stating the same thing. 80% of people think the patch was ass.
  8. DO you read the forums at all @PUBG_Hawkinz . i believe there has been more than enough of an outcry to the changes to this latest patch. this post is a slap in the face to the community. there are thousands of post's in this very forum along with the reddit folks. focus on the main issues of the game( netcode-anticheat etc) before you change the basic mechanics of a perfectly balanced game.(imo)
  9. might as well be 14 and tell dude to get gud
  10. loot has never been my complaint, the new pace is.
  11. maybe i should have elaborated more in my first post, im too old to drop hot, not that i dont want to but, because of my diminishing eye sight( glaucoma ), slower reactions due to meds ,this is/ was the first fps game i have been able to play and enjoy ( and win too) like i did before my situation in years. this game was perfect for me the way it was. I used my sounds to determine enemy positions, i have an excellent sound card and headset, my only strength i had. i have a hard time distinguishing people and plants at a distance and often shoot at nothing, always have. But now i feel im a running fool unless i get lucky on the circle position or if i can find a vehicle and haulasss to to where i think the center will be. i think the adjustments i need to make for the new zone just doesnt suit me. But i suppose that in the end is the idea of the game, survival of the fittest. Peace
  12. this is exactly how i feel too. Flanked go troll another thread, your opinion is your own , no need to tell me or others our opinions are bad because it doesnt fit your narrative.
  13. im done. this patch has removed me from the game, im too old to drop hot and survive a gunfight, i get way too much lag whenever im within 5 meters of another player, ( no issue with my pc or network) patched me into oblivion BlueHole, thx