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  1. Glokcoma

    Looking into buildings

    I have my brightness set to 75. And I’ll update when I can get to my tv to see what it is. Honestly tho I think it’s a lighting bug, because it doesn’t happen on every window/door. Sometimes I can see inside the building almost perfectly, other times I would have never known someone was in there if they didn’t have some kinda of bright clothing/helmet
  2. I’ve dashboarded while trying to load into a game twice today.
  3. Glokcoma

    Looking into buildings

    I’ve tried that, unfortunately it doesn’t help
  4. Can you guys fix how dark buildings are when you’re looking into them? There’s been multiple instances where I haven’t been able to see someone in a window because it is literally pitch black.
  5. Glokcoma

    Iron Rain Tourney - FPP Duo - $30 Prize

    Woooow, you’re telling me I can use my nunchuck? Either way I’m down
  6. Glokcoma

    Fast marker Burton please

    Check again, it’s thicker now, so no problems seeing it as of this last update
  7. Glokcoma

    Fast marker Burton please

    I think this was fixed in this update, if you do it now you can clearly see it. also you can turn the compas shader in which helps aswell
  8. Glokcoma

    Movement is bad

    How many people in here have their movement sensitivity set to 100? if so, try turning your left stick deadzone up, and your movement sensitivity down. 10/10 helped me
  9. Glokcoma


    Thanks, I was hoping that was the case
  10. Glokcoma


    When can I start downloading the update? Do I have to wait until the maintenance is over?
  11. Glokcoma

    No new sensitivity range

    They just doubled the sensitivity, your settings you have saved should still be how you like them. As the person above me said The maximum sensitivity was too slow for a portion of the player base so that’s why they increased it
  12. Glokcoma

    Pts too live

    It’ll be live tonight at 9pst
  13. Glokcoma

    Pts too live

    People wanted faster aim sensitivity so the could turn their aim acceleration off & have a smooth ads sensitivity
  14. Glokcoma

    Pts too live

    Obviously 60fps would be better lmao, but if you have a computer that plays it at 240fps, why’re you in the Xbox forum complaining about the Xbox having 30fps? You that bored or? edit: Oh I read up, your friends can’t afford it so you’re “forced” to play it on Xbox lmao. Also about the “people skipping 20ft” I’d have to recommend getting an Ethernet cable & playing in your own region 10/10 would help out the lag
  15. Glokcoma

    Pts too live

    Is there any way you guys could let people know about the pts through the “in game menu”. I know a lot of players don’t check these forums