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  1. I heard they were gonna do it sometime after 1.0 but I don’t know if they have said a word about it since 1.0 has dropped?
  2. Glokcoma

    1.0 is a joke.

    Rendering is still an issue, and the desync is disgusting. But atleast the g coins are working!
  3. I keep selecting fpp but yet I’m getting thrown into the tpp servers. Kinda annoying
  4. Glokcoma

    Increase sensitivity please

    Nico said on his last stream that they plan to increase it. They’re thinking either up to 20 or just setting it as a 1-100 scale. No news on when they’re going to implement it but I don’t think it’s coming with 1.0
  5. Glokcoma

    Achievements Xbox

    I had no idea, bummer But hey, thanks for being informative, and stating your source. We need more people like you in this world.
  6. Glokcoma

    Achievements Xbox

    I read somewhere that achievements will be carried over, so anything you’ve already done will be rewarded when 1.0 drops
  7. My have been just been on your screen because of how the spectator feature is
  8. Probably just a bug on the spectator feature tbh. Really weird though
  9. I disagree with having the ads speed scale with general sensitivity. As someone who wants faster general sensitivity, I still need to slow things down when ads. Having them set how they are at the moment are fine. (In this game anyway, considering there is no aim assist)
  10. I’m talking about General sensitivity, what you’re referring to is ads sensitivity. aiming sensitivity is fine as is, but when it comes to just looking around it feels sluggish.
  11. It’d make up for the horrendously slow general sensitivity in fpp.
  12. Glokcoma

    Change xbox backpack capacity?

    I personally believe how they have it is fine, I’ve never had any problems with not having ammo in the final circles, and even if you run out you can loot whatever ammo you need off of a body pretty quickly. Just don’t stop for any attachments or anything haha
  13. Glokcoma

    Supply drops going unclaimed

    Agreed, I just found one untouched in one of the final circles. Level 3 vest and helmet definitely helped with the chicken dinner haha
  14. Glokcoma


  15. How about faster general sensitivity? With how slow it is right now, it makes navigating through buildings harder.