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  1. Civilian Kiwi

    "Good" players sensitivity settings!

    Is there a specific sensetivity you’re looking to change? I feel the most important are 1x and General which are 4 and 9-10.
  2. Fortnite is easy. PUBG is for hardcore gamers.
  3. Civilian Kiwi

    Aug needs recoil nerf

    You know, the guns in these games all do too much damage. I think it would be more fun if they nerfed the damage to about 10% per bullet, that way we can having longer and more intense gunfights. Its already happened so why not just nerf em all.
  4. Civilian Kiwi

    Blue Zone of Death

    I like this response. You only die to the blue if you’re stupid, being shot too much to the point that you can’t move away from it or take too much gun fire and 1 tick kills you, the latter options don’t seem to resonate with you OP.
  5. Civilian Kiwi

    Dune buggies have roll cages

    Riddle me this Batman. How can a vehicle explode with no gas? Sure oil can combust, but not in the magnitude to anihilate the car.
  6. Civilian Kiwi

    Problems looking left and right in game

    The crappy life of Type B. Betas XD you’ll never be like us true Alphas
  7. Civilian Kiwi


    I love it when people think this. Now the ump has no recoil, does it need a nerf too. Also comp and LW Grip does have recoil.
  8. Civilian Kiwi


    Also you said you hit him once, and he probably grilled you with a volley of 9mm. The VSS is much more of a threat than a single SKS bullet.
  9. Civilian Kiwi


    You must be new here if you think that. ARs is just a dead horse topic. The Devs dont care about what we think and it’s just a mute person screaming.
  10. Civilian Kiwi

    Remote Players' Gun Sound (HRTF)

    I have noticed the frames and crackling are fewer and much farther between in the PTS. I like the PTS much better, but my Type B friends don’t want to play with the bug.
  11. Civilian Kiwi

    PUBG ambient life poll, part 1.

    Bears, but like stealthy ninja bears.
  12. Civilian Kiwi

    Remote Players' Gun Sound (HRTF)

    Personally, I have it disabled. It was the ability to have directional hearing (forward and backward) distinguishable. However, due to it being added, for me and some of my friends, we noticed it dimmed all gearing for the game. So we keep it off, this way we can hear better. Especially because I we never had issues discerning where shots come from.
  13. Civilian Kiwi

    #make ARs good again

    They’re really not good. Considering that the UMP has taken over servers should be a bit eye opening. No one on Xbox wanted this nerf and I’m not sure why they are just copy and pasting the exact same parameters as PC.
  14. Civilian Kiwi


    Considering Microsoft isn’t working on development of the game with Bluehole. So probably wouldn’t see it