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  1. Civilian Kiwi

    Should the AUG be a world spawn?!

    Yeah, cuz it’s a piece of shit and maybe something cool could take its place.
  2. Anyone else getting this? I play on OG Xbox and it is absolutely unplayable. Granted I’ve only played one match on Sanhok, but I can’t even play.
  3. Civilian Kiwi

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    So what would you say if my highest kill games are solo squads? Both of my squad matches that I got 21 and 22 kills my team died at the hot drop. Of course I have no way to prove it, but just because I like to play squads doesn’t mean I need my hand held. I often overextend without my team and sure I do pay the price, but 80% if the time I will wipe a 4man in my own. Not an overextension, but definitely no team needed https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/exalted-kiwi/video/59288984
  4. Civilian Kiwi

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    I am being honest, the amount of campers is just unbelievable. There are less skilled players in solos and I don’t feel like dying to their hiding in what seems to be an unlooted building. I have enough wins in solos and I do not find it enjoyable. Enjoy camping you way to a 4 kill win...
  5. Civilian Kiwi

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    Common misconception, I am actually an American and I play on NA servers, I am just a very big fan of the magnificent New Zealand bird. Also solos sucks, why would I want to deal with so many campers? So don’t worry about missing out XD
  6. Civilian Kiwi

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    Cute, but I prefer squads as I have been playing with the same people for years. Feel free to stop by my stream sometime (however I am inactive for the next week as I have irl stuff). I have my issues with Miramar because of the massive rendering and loot issues. I can still crush it. Here’s some proof if you’ve got ~25min I can mash people in squads and solos no problem. Also take note I’m not a camper and I’m extremely aggressive. No need to attack me if you don’t know my whole story.
  7. Why would I be supportive? You said you’re done... and it was because you couldn’t buy your cosmetics when you wanted? Real reasons will get real responses.
  8. Oh darn. Micro transactions at it again, impatient kids 😂
  9. Civilian Kiwi

    Hate Message from a Pleb

    I love the hate mail in PUBG, it just resecures the fact that I’m a god.
  10. Civilian Kiwi

    Muscle memory (finally)

    I just want to give you a hug. As an avid player, if this ever happened to me my eyes would bleed. I’m glad you’ve finally gotten it down for yourself, keep it up.
  11. Civilian Kiwi

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    You should check my most recent YouTube video. You’re bashing on TPP too hard
  12. Civilian Kiwi

    Most kills you've got in a single match?

    Here ya go, weird image as I was only able to capture it after I clipped it. I pressed B to crouch right when I clipped him.
  13. Civilian Kiwi

    Kiwi’s Weekly PUBG

    True, Xbox will never see their own PGI and probably not even their own “rivals” tourney. But I believe there will be some small scale stuff. LAN is a dream that won’t be seen by Xbox PUBG, but I can hope.
  14. Civilian Kiwi

    Microsoft Officialt K&M support for xbox one !

    Personally I don’t care, hell, I’ve got a friend who uses one, but I am better than him. And for those Xim players who are better than me, congrats, youre cheating the system to be better. If it does go live and the servers aren’t separate, then Bluehole will have to deal with the outrage. It’s extremely unpopular and considered cheating right now and I’m sure it won’t change in their eyes.
  15. Civilian Kiwi

    Kiwi’s Weekly PUBG

    Obviously it’s laughable, but don’t knock it just yet.