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  1. Civilian Kiwi

    What happen to keeping us updated

    Patch notes wouldn't kill anyone right?
  2. Civilian Kiwi

    Xbox Game Hub

    Everything between Update 14 & 15 hasn't been added
  3. Civilian Kiwi

    Xbox Game Hub

    A lot about stats is getting into LFG and playing with good players, missing a bunch of stats doesn't help
  4. Civilian Kiwi

    Xbox one X..

    You should really see the OG dude, at least you can see the buildings
  5. Civilian Kiwi

    AWM power

    Could have sworn that I was cracking level 3 dome yesterday though. You cant survive an AWM shot to the head regardless of what's on your face
  6. Civilian Kiwi

    Miramar should be removed

    I'm shocked this post has blown up a little, I made it purely because I got killed while bouncing around. Also those who say it isn't a problem, you clearly haven't been run over by a car while in a building
  7. Civilian Kiwi

    Miramar should be removed

    Most often the match starts off in the plane already. Im not wasting $150 on a SSD or $500 on an X. This is a simple map choosing function, I know it's coming, but damn it better be the 26th
  8. "Predictive Landing Rendering" derp derp derp This map is absolute garbage unless you own an Xbox One X, first gah this isn't even worth it. I got bored while typing this, point is miramar is ass
  9. I see. After a little closer looking 3 total hits all chest. 1st removed vest two in chest with no vest. That must have done it. Not sure though
  10. You got shot in the head. It's understandable that it would happen.
  11. Civilian Kiwi

    Weapon balance update

    That update better not come to Xbox or I'll break some thumbs. PC streamers have been constantly complaining about SMG being OP and ARs sucking ass. No thanks
  12. Civilian Kiwi

    Driving through buildings

    This is Pecado all day and it's the worst thing until you hear that extravagant explosion
  13. Civilian Kiwi

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    Because I hope his thumbs break.
  14. Civilian Kiwi

    Being killed by circle.