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  1. VoxCalibre

    Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs

    EU FPP does work, it's just dead as everyone went to NA. And the controller issue isn't likely to be to do with PUBG.
  2. VoxCalibre

    Console Crossplay

    No, the higher ups at Sony have actually in interviews said they don't want to allow crossplay between their system and the Xbox or Switch as they don't want money spent on them that could be spent on Playstation. It is 100% down to Microsoft and Sony, not the developers. Yes, the developers are the ones who run the game servers. However their game servers are useless if Xbox Live or PSN dont allow data between it and the servers. In fact Rocket League has the capabaility and said it's as easy as flipping a switch. They even did accidentally enable crossplay between Xbox and PS4 sometime. It's all down to Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony being the one in control of their network. Nintendo and Xbox are happy to play together with PC and even mobile. Sony is the issue sadly.
  3. VoxCalibre


    It's always seemed really counter intuitive. Also I could check pubg-replay but I don't have the energy to watch a whole 20 minute game just to build up to a kick back message. I'm way too laid back a player to even bother messaging when I'm TK'd
  4. VoxCalibre


    I've always wondered why that's not allowed
  5. VoxCalibre


    I crept up on 2 guys having a drawn out firefight between rooftops the other day. Thought I'd creep up and drop one. So they're blasting at each other, ducking in and out of cover so on and so forth. I stealthy move down a cliff, up to the building, I am unseen. I start climbing up to the roof while both guys start taking pot shots at each other and then..........both turn and lay down enough concentrated fire to burn me down.......... ........ .........and then went back to trying to kill each other. Moral of the story: Sometimes two players seemingly working together isn't teaming, its just bad luck. Moral of the story 2: Don't creep up on people mid gun fight, it works out badly.
  6. VoxCalibre


    I wasn't sure you'd be able to bend completely, but you've managed to curl right over to blow your own trumpet XD
  7. VoxCalibre

    Achievements not unlocked

    It's just something that came to mind. Can't know for sure without seeing if its a clear split of game previewers having no achievements, 1.0/99ers having achievements unlocking
  8. I mean....if we're going down that route....the aim of the game is to be the last player standing by any means necessary so is there really any point with the OP having an issue with someone proning by the vehicle before killing him? He paid for a game where you've gotta kill by any means necessary, whether underhand or not. So......./thread
  9. VoxCalibre

    Event Mode Hype!!!!

    It depends what events come out. Not overly fussed on war mode.
  10. VoxCalibre

    Achievements not unlocked

    Nobody knows. PUBG Corp are speaking to MS about it. I'm wondering if its an issue with the version of the game people bought., For example, if you bought the full release version then they work, if you played from game preview then they don't register on Sanhok or something. Apparently complete the requirements on Erangel or Miramar lets them unlock, it's still hit and miss but worked for me on one achievement. I'll test some more later.
  11. VoxCalibre

    Releasing new content but...

    But it shouldn't 'work better' on any of them. The game should work well across the board. The main difference should be the fidelity. Lighting, draw distance, texture quality etc. That's all the X should do better than the OG when it comes to PUBG. I also wouldn't call PUBG Microsoft's biggest exclusive right now and even if it was on par with the PC version it's not the game which showcases the Xbox One X's power at it's best. Normally, the X would outperform the OG for any other game, maintaining a consistent 60fps with higher quality 4k graphics. Look at Doom, Witcher 3, etc for clear improvements for the X over the OG. However, X users were annoyed because for the lower end graphics on the OG were actually a benefit, allowing it to maintain a better framerate (prior to the recent hotfix at any rate). Most people didn't get the X just for PUBG, they got the X for 4k and 60fps on their favourite games. Sadly, while most games manage it, PUBG doesn't. So, Microsoft aren't too bothered and won't do anything because why should they? And aside from that, the game works for the most part. Just because it doesn't run 4k 60fps and has bugs, thats no reason anyway for Microsoft to come down on PUBG Corp.
  12. VoxCalibre

    Dr. Disrespect throwing shade at PUBG

    It's true, they could be paid a lot. But it comes down to what their professional values are, primarily because their opinions can sway a lot of gamers. Some may be happy taking money for positive words, but it's frowned upon and some streamers have lost a lot of followers for taking money for positive words. I don't think the Doc is the type. Obviously can't be certain, but considering how he's always complained about PUBG's flaws, and how he previously played a lot of CoD and enjoyed the franchise, I'd say he just really enjoyed it. You could tell when he was playing it that the enjoyment wasn't fake, he was stoked as hell.