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  1. VoxCalibre

    Something I'm excited for

    Like a fat bastard at a buffet, I'll be partaking from both platters so to speak.
  2. VoxCalibre

    Combine bullet loops.

    I dunno but I know I don't want a s12k to gain a 20 or 30 round drum mag. Although technically the parts for an AK47 are interchangeable with a Saiga-12k aside from the barrel. I get the game isn't realistic, I'd never say it was. But I don't mind there being different attachments for shotguns and sniper rifles.
  3. VoxCalibre

    Combine bullet loops.

    Shotgun cartirdges and rifle rounds require different sized loops. Thats what it boils down to
  4. VoxCalibre

    PUBG is dead

    I'd amend the title to 'FPP PUBG is dead' as TPP seems just fine
  5. VoxCalibre

    Weekend bonus XP

    I hit level 30 with one lot of 400xp. Didn't get another lot but can't remember if I logged in both days.
  6. VoxCalibre

    Favourite map?

    I like the faster pace and closer engagement of Sanhok. It's helping me improve my game better than I find Erangel or Miramar to. Still, a lot of love for Erangel. Miramar is so so. I enjoy it but its a bit sparce. I'm hoping the new snow map find a nice balance between Erangel and Sanhok. It seems to be between the two for size and has a better density of loot spots than Erangel. Could be perfect.
  7. VoxCalibre


    My experience with randoms is hit and miss. Sometimes, we've managed to just communicate silently and work as a squad. More often, it's a bit of a nightmare. I usually hope to join a party of 3. That way I can still hear them and follow what they're planning.
  8. Run away, until they give up on you and take each other on, then turn back and MAXIMUM DAMAGE!!!!
  9. VoxCalibre

    dropping hot and...

    I never hot drop. Don't have anywhere near enough confidence in my abilities to picture it going well. Sometimes I'll drop on the fringes of a hot spot. But for the most part I drop in those places either so far from centre that it'll be miles from circle and or those random houses where maybe one other player will drop and its just a race to punch or grab a gun first
  10. VoxCalibre

    Longest time without a kill.

    I've had bad runs where I can go a day or two without a kill. Usually it's when my heads not in it so I either make stupid mistakes or don't notice things I should. The worst is when drop after drop, you die in the first minute or so.
  11. VoxCalibre

    Blue zone damage different per team?

    This displeases me, I will go and aggressively shake my fist in the general direction of PUBG Corp
  12. VoxCalibre

    Blue zone damage different per team?

    Why aren't things like the damage increase ratio written down anywhere public?
  13. VoxCalibre

    Sanhok circle locations

    Which river is that wide in Sanhok? Haven't noticed any of them needing a full minute to 90 seconds to cross
  14. VoxCalibre

    Blue zone damage different per team?

    Based on the info I can find, you wouldn't have been taking 10% damage per tick unless it was basically end game, no circle time. And even then, that's 9%. It increases if you're really far from the circle but I mean, on the 5th circle (which ticks 3% per tick and 6th ticks 5%) you'd have had to be so far from the circle for it to have increased the damage from 3% or 5% to 10%. And honestly, if you were close enough to the circle that you'd not have died from blue zone alone at '10% per tick' then I can't imagine there being much if any extra damage added to the normal amount which is 3% per tick or 5% per tick, depending on which circle you were on. I just counted 5 in your description.
  15. VoxCalibre

    Not Getting Acheivements (Not Pre-Given)

    It's pretty hit and miss. All I can suggest beyond that for now is trying to requirements as often as you can. It might eventually pop.