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  1. Nobody was asking for this, and it's so confusing now. People spend even more time in their inventory now because of this. Change it back please.
  2. A) and (X to loot sux

    Yes I hate this very much.
  3. Would this Game Mode work?

    It would be an additional game mode, which they said they are looking to introduce. Plus Battlefield doesn't look/play/have a loot system like PuBg
  4. Like a free roam mode. No blue circle/time limits. You get Battle Points per kill, when you die you just respawn somewhere with zero gear. Maybe put in objectives to get people to move around for extra Battle Points, like a capture the flag. Guns/gear disappear and respawn on time limits. I dunno, basically want a free roam mode, but somehow keep it interesting.
  5. Proximity Chat

    If it was coming then they would say they are working on it.
  6. Proximity Chat

    this post is 2 months ago bwhahaha! Didn't see it in the Xbox Road map either bwhahaa.
  7. Proximity Chat

  8. Proximity Chat

    there will NEVER be prox chat on console. Confirmed.
  9. You want Prox chat. However it is not Needed.
  10. I don't have to worry about that, unless I can accuse myself doing things to myself hmmmmmmm.
  11. Tell that to all the guys that lost their careers just being accused of sexual misconduct without a trial or verdict.
  12. Accurate, don't understimate people's willingness to go out their way to cheat/gain the advantage. Just look at the numbers of Bans handed out in China on PC, what like 2million +. Only ignorant people would assume only a small number would be cheating on console.
  13. Hmmmm perhaps. There are plenty of non Microsoft controllers out there. I'm sure they will elaborate more once they make the announcement.
  14. You may not have determined for yourself you were killed by a MK user, but I promise you 100% at one point you have been. I would bet my house and vehicles on that.
  15. Hope you know XIM isn't the only manufacturer for emulators. They are just one of the best known.