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  1. Idc what anyone says, these circles need to go. I just won a match because players COULD NOT get to the section of the circle they needed to. I was lucky and only got to it after jumping 40ft down and survived but the other were under the ridge I was on and the last circle they couldnt reach..... idc what anyone says about positioning etc... that’s crap... there’s gotta be a way to take these circles out. They might be accessible at first but once the circles get small enough it falls to luckand not skill! (Choosing the right side of the cliffs or rocks to be on, and doing so always cuts yourself off from other areas) so I’d circle doesn’t fall where you’re hoping then you have no way of getting yourself there. The player should ALWAYS have an accessible route while in circle.. always. I got lucky and the area I was in I could climb up and down or jump without dying.... video of spot attached https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/benson09/video/65098931
  2. For some strange reason when I was on a bike today I couldn’t heal at all (while sitting stil obviously) I made sure I was at a complete stop and even waited like 10 seconds after stopping but it just kept saying “item innterupted” I eventually got off and healed up but thought it was strange. Will try to duplicate and get video
  3. This thing is super super buggy. I’m always rubberbanding when I use it and I NEVER experience rubberbanding in this game anymore so I know it bc of this vehicle. Also I’ll be going 10kmh and I’ll hit a tree or flip bc of a pebble and it’ll blow up. You guys need o work on it or take it outta the game lol
  4. I’ve seen this happen before. I honestly think there’s a little delay after switching weapons till you can shoot. Sometimes it happens to me and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m thinking it has something to do with the animation. But you’d think it’s already happen if that’s the case... maybe it does and I’m not realizing it:
  5. There’s a player in the top 5 that shouldn’t be there I think? He’s stats are just average.. pretty close to mine(same win 5.7%) outta 700 games he’s played... other are 35-40% range in top ten, confused as to why he’s in 5th... out stats are a lot alike lol not knocking the player at all, just reporting a bug. Attached a photo from my phone.
  6. Dgkallday09

    Listen to this

    I was flying in the scooter okay, literally as fast as it could go... seen a guy running in the open and at first I was just gonna drive by but I was no, I always get run over so ima kill him. I seriously smacked this dude going so fast, pancaked him between me and the bridge when I ran him down.... GUESS WHAT!.... He turns around and kills me!?🙄🤔🤬🤬 no tell me how the hell thats possible in real life.... idc that it’s a scooter.... hell if I was on a Bicycle And hit a dude in real life going 75 I’d freaking CUT HIM IN HALF.
  7. Dgkallday09

    Lag while driving

    Here lately I’ve been lagging while I drive and it’s been getting me killed, I’ll be in the middle of steering or slowing down and the game I’ll lag... therefore not taking the inputs and then BOOM I smack a tree or flip. Lag and desync need to be ur #1 priority. To hell with everything else.
  8. Dgkallday09

    Weekly missions

    I’ve found a bug In the missions menu. The weekly missions say there’s only 6hrs left like theyre dailies.. “0day 6h 55m” is the limit. Took this just now with my phone lol
  9. Dgkallday09

    1 shot sks with any helm.

    Since when has it been like this? I’ve been playing since the game was in preview and it’s always been 2 shot kills to the head with sks and mini... with a lvl 2 helm or higher... I never seen anything posted about 1 shot kills to the head period. And everything I research (weapons stats/damage) all say (headshots with lvl 2 helm) m4- 4shots / m16- 3 shots / akm-3 shots / sks- 2shots/ mini14- 2 shots / kar98 and up is a 1 shot
  10. Can someone please tell me if there’s a way to change my sensitivity while driving? When I’m on a bike or scooter or even the dacia, I barely tap the left stick and I’m either doing a 90• turn or a complete 180.... they’re too hard for me to drive. Anyone think my dead zone for the left stick could play a factor in this? I have it set to 7..? Any help would be appreciated
  11. Here lately I’ve been getting 1 shotted by the sks with a lvl 2 and lvl 3 helm on. Always at full health (me and the helm) last I knew it took 2 shots with lvl 2-3 helms unless using the kar98 and up... did something change I’m not aware of?
  12. Dgkallday09

    This type of bs needs fixed

    Yeah I know what I coulda done better. N normally I do but I was so pissed I even had to use my gun I was flustered and you could tell. That’s not the issue tho lol thnx for that link... it’s a good vid.
  13. Dgkallday09

    This type of bs needs fixed

    Right, it was probably some dumb desync crap but I honestly don’t think the grenade registered on him at all... n if it’s cuz of the stairs, the type of structures wouldn’t be able to block it in real life like that. Idk, just wanted to share my frustration lol
  14. Clearly my grenade blew up right in his face.... so why is he not dead??? You guys rly need to work on this type of stuff. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/benson09/video/62656869
  15. Dgkallday09

    Match times

    Still having an issue where I can’t find games on any mode, period. I’ve tried closes the app and going to title screen, Is there a way to fix this on my end? Kinda over waiting 10 mins to play a match