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  1. Dgkallday09

    Match times

    Still having an issue where I can’t find games on any mode, period. I’ve tried closes the app and going to title screen, Is there a way to fix this on my end? Kinda over waiting 10 mins to play a match
  2. Dgkallday09

    Bush hiders

    Ever heard of bush diving? I vanish completely when I do this! what makes you think ur gonna see me in a game if you can’t see me in real life?
  3. Hmmm, that shoulda killed her, no question about it. The only thing I can think of is that it got caught in the corner beside the dresser between the door... if she was over far enough, the dresser could have blocked it all... but that’s a rly crappy outcome either way lol
  4. Dgkallday09

    Driving a bike or aqua rail

    I’ve tried this lol like I said the slightest little push of the stick has me all over the place..
  5. The sensitivity on these vehicles are way too high with the left stick. Even if I set my driving sensitivity to “0” the slightest tap makes me do a complete 180... it’s something that’s manageable for now but should still be adjusted when there’s time.
  6. Dgkallday09

    Seriously fix the UMP

    Right, I think it needs both honestly. I don’t like using it but I’m forced to bc everyone else is atm lol
  7. This gun is crazy op right now, I’m killing ppl in 2 shots from 200+ meters away, it out performs everything else in almost every catagory right now n it shouldn’t. Fix it
  8. Dgkallday09

    Sanhok circle locations

    Maybe my positioning in said circle wasn’t good enough? Didn’t think about that lol, still think if it’s gonna be put over a river the big, there needs to be a bridge inside circle. To clarify which river, it was the one at the top of the map that uses one of the 3 big bridges with the cars on it for ppl to cross, but the circle closed it out, it was right outside the circle.
  9. Dgkallday09

    Sanhok circle locations

    I couldn’t have waited to long, I was already in the water at the edge of circle, I literally used all the time the game allowed me to... I don’t understand it man
  10. Dgkallday09

    Sanhok circle locations

    I used to never my self either, but the last 2-3 days atleast 3 games throughout my 4hr span of playing have done it. It’s always at the top of the map, or the middle left. I wonder why is happening more frequently?
  11. I think they need to Implement some kinda code that won’t allow the circle to end over the river. Meaning, the 3rd from last circle will be over a river(on ocean edge) at the top of the map, the left side will have small land.. meaning the circle will go to the right where there’s more land. (Because it won’t end over water, duh) The only problem with this is, the bridge is out of blue zone. I started swimming across the moment the zone stopped. (30 seconds before next zone was posted) You DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME to swim across with the 30 seconds + however long it takes to zone transition on the 3rd-2nd circle. You simply just swim TOO SLOW. This should be looked into. I know it’s all random but come on, that’s just shit. Either make certain areas of the map closed to the circle or give us faster swimming to make the cross. I’d say I had atleast a full minute, maybe 90seconds to get across and it just wasn’t possible.
  12. Dgkallday09

    Swap Weapon Bug

    This has been happening to me at final circle when throwing frags, mfs run up on my and I can’t do shit bc I can’t aim properly. It’s really starting to get to me. You’d think after they pushed to full release they’d have their code dialed in for little bugs like this but ya know, junk ass code is the norm now days. We’ll have to just deal with it for a few weeks till it’s fixed bud
  13. Dgkallday09

    Ads bug

    There’s a bug in TPP when switching back to ur gun AFTER throwing a frag you can not ads at all. Only after switching weapons again can you ads. This is a prob for final circle n should be addressed promptly. I had my dvr disabled but will clip it when it occurs again.
  14. Dgkallday09

    Reach top 3 in “

    Never realized it’d work in solo squads lol shit I’m dumb. ??‍♂️
  15. For some odd reason here lately I’ve been getting stuck in fpp when I switch. I tried everything I could thinking of. Hit every button on my control (reg of xbox) thought maybe my button was stuck but it does just fine when I ots aim? Anyone else having this issue. Doesn’t bother me too much but I can see when ppl use tpp to peak it being an issue, but who likes that anyways lol