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  1. Nayte

    PTS Hotfix incoming

    Good to hear. Can’t wait to hop on tonight and try it out.
  2. Looked like you caught him by surprise there.
  3. It’s the same reason pewdipie? has so many subscribers. That’s not to rip on him, though says a lot about the average age of people viewing his channel, as well as their mentality.
  4. Nayte

    Vertical Grip on AK

    I agree OP, though Easter makes a valid reason (likely) why we won’t see it.
  5. Nayte

    3x Scope

    I actually prefer the mil dots on the 3x more so than the oversized reticle on the 2x.
  6. Yeah, I think most people understand the reasoning behind it, though are just really looking to vent.
  7. Nayte

    Theater/Replay Mode for Xbox?

    I suppose if the devs have extra resources to spend on that, after everything else is ironed out. That said, who really wants to watch a half an hour of themselves looting. The dvr function is more than enough for the time being.
  8. My teammate was in an exchange with a guy. As he killed the guy, he’s wad knocked. I initially thought there was another team somewhere, when he exclaimed that they traded. I remember saying I didn’t even think it was possible. I took his word for it as I wasn’t able to catch the kill feed.
  9. I’ve actually seen a trade kill once. Happened to a teammate not too long ago.
  10. Frustrating, however this is only how it appeared on your end. On their screen they were squared up on you.
  11. Nayte

    Neck shot should be head shot

    Well, at least if you’re shot in the brain you wouldn’t have to suffer with a neck wound.
  12. Nayte

    stealth 300

    I’ve heard some good things about that series. You should check out some online reviews. I’m sure you’ll find a ton of in-depth analysis on them.
  13. Anyone who claims the game is in a worse state than when it first released is either disingenuous, or never actually played back in December.
  14. Nayte

    No PTS

    Heh, less is definitely more with the digital generation. It boggles my mind some people get legitimately upset over this stuff.