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  1. I’ll take 1080 at 60fps super sampling all day.
  2. Nayte

    Invisible character in the lobby

    Heh, I guess we can be glad it’s not during the game..
  3. Nayte

    Invisible character in the lobby

    Same here. Character invisible only during initial ready lobby.
  4. Nayte

    Something Old, Something New

    That’s odd. I played for a few hours last night and it played great. Smoothest the game’s ran since December.
  5. Nayte

    Xbox one weapon skin

    Some unique skins wouldn’t’ve hurt. That said, we did get an Xbox parachute..
  6. Nayte

    release of 1.0?

    Force closing the game may prompt the update as well.
  7. Nayte

    Instant death in buggy

    This Roll cages only work if you’re belted in. Otherwise, they make for a great watermelon juicer.
  8. I like it. Would it be standard on certain weapons, or a separate attachment?
  9. Nayte

    OP SMGs

    I think the AR damage needs of to be reverted to how it was, then all will be well..
  10. Nayte

    An Interesting Dinner

    They do feel quite anticlimactic, though a dinner’s a dinner!
  11. My duos partner and I had an interesting chicken dinner last night. Shortly after dropping Watertown, I mentioned how it would be funny if we got the chicken doing nothing. Well, funny how things turned out.. Circle by circle we encountered nobody, not a single peep heard anywhere. We ended up getting caught off guard by the fourth circle looting too much. We made a mad dash to get in. Mind you, I never played with this guy before. He was far ahead of me, and told me there’s a buggy near me. The guy was nice enough to leave it for me. Thanks to him I was barely able to make it in. We were down to 6 total, still no activity.. He finally spotted one guy. After shooting a bit at him, bam, circle killed the last 4. Winner winner... We both just started laughing. Have you had a similar experience?
  12. Nayte

    PTS & Attachments Disappearing / Cant Pick Up

    Yeah, I’ve had several instances, a well as teammates being unable to loot some guns, ammo, accessories. Video below: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/nayte/video/59022008