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  1. Nayte

    Did I hit this guy at all or not?

    Not saying it was your connection particularly, just that there’s a ton of different factors when considering where a hiccup may have occurred. Personally, I don’t buy into the hit registration some seem to lean on heavily. I’d say the majority of times comes down to newer players not being used to not having any aim assist. The other times, connection (wherever it may occur) is to blame, namely latency.
  2. The randomness of the loot never ceases in my experience. To that end, I thank the Mistress of RNG. She may be fickle at times, though she is just.
  3. Nayte

    Did I hit this guy at all or not?

    Looked to me like 3 or 4 of those shots should’ve connected. I didn’t notice any blood splatter either. I’d have to second the top posters inquiry about the connection. Could be due to latency.
  4. Nayte

    Reward us more for chicken dinners

    Or maybe using 3-5 tokens at once guarantees you a rare item.
  5. Nayte

    Sort the game out!

    I’m of the mindset that the devs should take all the time they require to iron this game out into a state we expect from a shooter in 2018. It really only serves us that way, I mean, we still get to play and test the changes along the way. Why rush it? That said, it depends on the developers at hand. BH is a relatively new and small development team. I’m willing to put the time in and allow them to do what they need to. If we were talking about the dev team for DayZ, I would be very..very skeptical about them taking a long time. Their track record shows very little improvement over the years they’ve had on pc. As for Destiny, what has happened there really pains me. They had such potential with that IP. As a Halo player since 01, and someone who put copious amounts of time into that series and D1, I’m not sure they’ll be able to recover from the poor management and terrible decisions made for D2.
  6. Nayte

    Finished Game or What?

    I’m guessing we’ll see a full release towards the end of winter, maybe early 2019. That said, I’ve been playing online shooters on console for over 14 years, and PUBG to me stacks as one of the most engaging, challenging, and just plain fun experiences to date. If they can polish this game up and not get sidetracked, they’ll be in a great place in this genre. There’s always a larger influx of casual players to any game. After a while they dissipate, leaving the core player base. Those players will likely play the new titles, though I’d wager they’ll stay loyal to PUBG, as I will.
  7. Nayte

    Sort the game out!

    Thing is, the games of old were not nearly as advanced as the massive online games we play today. Needing to have chunks and resources loaded in for 100 players simultaneously is very trying on our systems. There’s no way an in-house team can test that the way millions of players can. I just think the early access program is not for everyone. Some people might just be better off waiting for the full release on console.
  8. Nayte

    Head set thread

    I’ve the Rig 400lx headset. Great sound quality and price point when compared to similar products.
  9. It depends on my teammate(s). I’m usually playing Duo, so if my teammate wants to restart if one of us dies early, that’s ok with me. At the same time, I don’t mind waiting it out if I die earlier in the match. I see it as my punishment for dying to a situation I should’ve came out on top of. Plus, you might learn a thing or two from spectating. I’ll usually play very aggressively if my partner dies early. It all really depends on the team.
  10. I’m still waiting for a final circle in the forest next to the mansion. That would be an amazing final stand.
  11. PUBG is a WIP, as such, we should be aware we are testing for issues to be fixed. It’s going to take time, longer than 6 months.. Achievements will not be added until the game fully releases. Personally, I would t really be too concerned with skins until the main issues are ironed out. Let’s check back upon 1.0.
  12. Nayte


    Miramar has been on the live server. There’s currently no option to select a map yet, so it’s up to RNG on which one you’ll be playing.
  13. Eh, you’re not missing too much.. Instead of everyone camping in the hills and behind trees, they’re camping building to building. If a change of scenery is all you’re after, then good luck with RNG.
  14. No, you don’t need to. Also, you can get into the driver seat by holding A.
  15. Nayte

    Tear gas

    I like the idea, it would add a new dimension to grenades. What about the gas masks? Would they actually prevent that DoT?