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  1. I have seen many Youtube videos where someone is playing the XBox version of PUBG and when they go into the inventory screen it displays an image of their character with their loadout. On my screen, all I see is the outline of my characters body which is grayed out. Any ideas as how to fix this? I have asked many of my friends who I squad up with and they say they have no issues with their character displaying properly in the inventory screen. I am running a "day one" XBox One on a wireless connection (yeah, I know!). Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Since the latest patch my load screen prior to boarding the plane has significantly slowed down. There are times where I never get to the loading area with the other players and go straight to the plane. There are also times where I am on the plane at the very beginning but the black loading screen is present. Sometimes the plane is nearly half way across the map before that screen loads. Has anyone else experienced this problem since patch #9? I never experienced this problem prior to patch #9. Will this issue be resolved if it is a common issue? Thanks.