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    Sold my Xbox one x for a PS4 pro.

    I owned ps1, 4 ps2s, ps3, and a PS4. The PS4 didn’t work straight out of the wrapper. They treated me as a warranty issue. No online credit for my troubles. I had enough. Came over to what I thought was the dark side to play PUBG. Been happy ever since. Glad I gave Sony the 🖕
  2. Carl Spackler72

    People who snipe cars?

    Some people like to snipe. Some like to run and gun. Some people play to survive as the top priority. It is supposed to be for fun. Getting upset because someone beat you (aka killed you) is just sour grapes. Play the way it’s fun for you. Who cares how other people make it fun for themselves.
  3. Carl Spackler72

    All the money this makes, still terrible

    $30 is not much to be entertained. I spent $30 a week in college at the arcade in the 90s. It's a couple of beers and nachos at the ballgame. Cry a river about how much you spent on this game. By the way, love this game! $30 we'll spent for me.
  4. Carl Spackler72

    Mirimar not as popular

    Love Mir
  5. Carl Spackler72


    Yep. Pretty savvy tactic.
  6. Carl Spackler72

    Makes me sick

    So you were driving recklessly for the terrain and died. That was on you.
  7. In regards to the op, No.
  8. Carl Spackler72

    Is this a glitch or a hack?

    This is the xbox forum. Clip is from pc
  9. Carl Spackler72


    My forum name and gamer tag are the same. My stats are there. Just the fact that you just throw out something that is inaccurate shows the troll in you. I am dissappointed in myself for succumbing to it.
  10. Carl Spackler72


    Yea sure. Hide your stats. TPP is why you get tore up right?
  11. Carl Spackler72


    What's your gamer tag Trip. I would like to see your pro stats.
  12. Carl Spackler72


    I want to play a video game. Not real life. When I want real life, I go to the paintball field.
  13. Carl Spackler72


    I don't know who shroud is. How many people playing PUBG on Xbox? They hit five million players right? Let's just say there is 2 million that prefer TPP. 20k is .01% of 2 million. Your not helping your argument.
  14. Carl Spackler72


    I haven't tried it, but can't you switch to FPP with the RB?
  15. Carl Spackler72


    For you. Fun for me. I'm just an old Socomer who loves TPP. FPP is cool for games like COD and Battlefield, but when I need to stay alive I'll use every tool I can get. I would say there is a large number of PUBG players that prefer TPP. I would like to see the numbers of players in the TPP servers and number of players in the FPP servers on any given day. I would bet its 50:50.