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  1. How often do you crash out if games

    Once every 4 hours in squad. Once every 6 hours or so in solo.
  2. Shotgun inconsistency & Frying Pan glitch

    I agree with op. Ran up behind a dude who was engaged with my squad mate. Unloaded at point blank range with the s12k. Nothing. He turned and killed me. I wrote it off as game preview bs.
  3. Reticle

    I agree with you guys. Need custom reticle color and brightness.
  4. Cheaters

    Just because you see two people in any kind of vehicle doesn't mean they are teaming. There is a chance that one dude jumped in while the other was driving off. Or something weird like that. I have jumped in with people just for a laugh. Then we dual when he slows down and jumps out.
  5. Mavericks: Proving Grounds. That's all i'm going to say.

    2019 is right around the corner
  6. Xbox One X melted down in the middle of a match!

    I had the same thing happen with my PS4. Xbox and PS are statistically a risk. A significant percentage of consoles that are sold are inherently faulty. To say an Xbox 1x is a high quality product is a joke. Mass produced consoles put out some pieces of s**t. You just have to hope that you are not part of the minority that unluckily gets one when you make your purchase.
  7. I will be. I love the competition. Knowing the map better, makes me better. Don't care there is only one map. Still haven't had a final circle in the same place. Love this game!
  8. Team killing seems worse than ever at present

    Again, why do people want to play with strangers anyway? I love solo. I love squad, with my real life buds. Your surprised you get team killed with all the a******s out there? I'm sorry, but I could care less about the team killing issue. I hope the devs have this at the bottom of the priority list.
  9. I love this game.

    Hell Yea! Love this game!
  10. Absolutely try it. I fricken love this game!
  11. What DO you like about PUBG?

    Haven't had a final circle/top ten battle in the same place yet. The excitement of stealth. The gun battles. The occasional snipe. Fucking blast!
  12. LVL 3 Helmet - What's the deal

    All I know is I lit up a guy in the face who was wearing a level 3 helmet with an ump from about 10 feet away. Blood was flying. He didn't go down. Luckily for me he panicked and I was able to light up his torso with the rest of the clip. I thought "wow, that lev 3 helmet is tough".
  13. Last stand for knocked down players.

    I would be cool with the pistol idea, but then no crawling. I like the reviving. Crawling has saved my life. Made it to my mates while they laid down some cover fire. I like it the way it is.
  14. Vaulting through windows now busted

    Running people over is back to how it was. Which I like.
  15. Fix the damn vehicles!!

    Saw a dude pull a double back flip with a motorcycle at the military base. How's that for realism!