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  1. Carl Spackler72

    UMP without recoil

    Thanks for the UMP tip. I’ll be sure to start using it.
  2. Carl Spackler72

    Where is War mode for xbox?

    Can we have all the cool features the mobile game has please?
  3. I love Miramar. Way more fair of a playing field.
  4. Carl Spackler72

    Do you respect the kind of player that...

    People play beer league insert sport here because they love to play. You don’t have to be good at a game to love it and enjoy it. Having fun is what is important. For some stealth/ sneaking around is fun. For others, running around living out there Rambo fantasy is fun. Kudos to both.
  5. Carl Spackler72

    I'm bad at solo (mobile)

    I’m a disgruntled Xbox PUBG fan and started playing on my IPad. Love it. I’ve won quite a few solos. Level 30 now and it’s getting more difficult. I would suggest to play more to survive. Squirrel far way from the flight path for uninterrupted looting for the first circle. I always get better loadouts playing solo in the beginning of the match.
  6. Carl Spackler72

    PUBG mobile have any bots?

    How many real players are there out of the 100 do you think?
  7. Carl Spackler72

    PUBG mobile have any bots?

    I have been playing on my iPad a ton since I downloaded it a few weeks ago. I think I am at about level 35. 90% top 10. Get wins here and there. Am I still seeing bots? Or are these guys fumbling with their controls and just plain stupid? I’m thinking I am still seeing bots. If these are real players, wow they suck.
  8. Carl Spackler72

    Vehicles in Late Game

  9. Carl Spackler72

    Sold my Xbox one x for a PS4 pro.

    I owned ps1, 4 ps2s, ps3, and a PS4. The PS4 didn’t work straight out of the wrapper. They treated me as a warranty issue. No online credit for my troubles. I had enough. Came over to what I thought was the dark side to play PUBG. Been happy ever since. Glad I gave Sony the 🖕
  10. Carl Spackler72

    People who snipe cars?

    Some people like to snipe. Some like to run and gun. Some people play to survive as the top priority. It is supposed to be for fun. Getting upset because someone beat you (aka killed you) is just sour grapes. Play the way it’s fun for you. Who cares how other people make it fun for themselves.
  11. Carl Spackler72

    LVL 3 Helmet - What's the deal

    All I know is I lit up a guy in the face who was wearing a level 3 helmet with an ump from about 10 feet away. Blood was flying. He didn't go down. Luckily for me he panicked and I was able to light up his torso with the rest of the clip. I thought "wow, that lev 3 helmet is tough".
  12. Carl Spackler72

    We need aim assist on console

    No. I think some people who thought they were good at shooters are realizing maybe they're not. Tough to swallow. I have realized I am mediocre at best, but I still love this game. Everyone plays with no aim assist. So it is a level playing field. As shooters strive for realism, no aim assist is a necessary ingredient.