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  1. Carl Spackler72

    An OC region observation after patch #22

    I am a level 48 on mobile, and I think I still see bots. I don’t know. Sometimes I think is that a bot or someone fumbling with their little screen. Or I’ll have times where i think is it a bot, or someone really dumb. No, no one can be that stupid. Right? I play on an iPad. Love the big screen. Love the mobile version. Choose it over Xbox. But I get teased by my Xbox buddy that it’s all bots. My wins don’t mean squat. I would really like to know how many bots in a classic match. I get it that maybe the technology isn’t capable of having 100 real people on a mobile version. I just want to know how many real people I beat when I get a win. I don’t mind the bots. A little warmup with good loot before you face the real people. Would really like to hear from a developer on this.
  2. Carl Spackler72

    pubg mobile

    On a tablet, it’s better than Xbox in almost every way.
  3. Carl Spackler72

    How how how how how

    The the mobile version on a tablet is flat out a better game than the Xbox version. Unbelievable but true.
  4. Carl Spackler72

    Network lag detected

    Since new patch. Played 3 games, network lag, then kicked off party, and then kicked off xboxlive. My internet is fine. Netflix works fine. It’s this game. Been playing on OG since release. I can’t play now. Real bummer.
  5. Carl Spackler72

    UMP without recoil

    Thanks for the UMP tip. I’ll be sure to start using it.
  6. Carl Spackler72

    Where is War mode for xbox?

    Can we have all the cool features the mobile game has please?
  7. I love Miramar. Way more fair of a playing field.
  8. Carl Spackler72

    Do you respect the kind of player that...

    People play beer league insert sport here because they love to play. You don’t have to be good at a game to love it and enjoy it. Having fun is what is important. For some stealth/ sneaking around is fun. For others, running around living out there Rambo fantasy is fun. Kudos to both.