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  1. Who would be wrong?

    Kill him without regrets.
  2. Gaming Monitor

    This right here is the bad boy I play on. If I had the extra cash at the time I’d have gone for HDR but this still looks and plays everything amazing: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/samsung-ue590-series-28-led-4k-uhd-monitor-black/5484022.p?skuId=5484022#spoke/buyingOptionsNew/openbox
  3. WTF??? please watch!!

    Get the players name and submit to the anti-cheat mods so they can be reviewed as well, just to be safe. I believe there’s a separate website for that.
  4. I won’t be walking away but I can honestly say that this is the first and last game preview I buy. I honestly didn’t think the game would be this choppy this far out from “release.” I expected the lag/stutter/rubberbanding to be fixed already. I mean all the game wasn’t written from scratch and launched for the Xbox, they had the entire template ready to go on PC and did whatever they needed to make it run on the Xbox. But I’m not a programmer so I don’t entirely know the difficulties in this process.
  5. New Map??? An weather changes??

    Guess what, follow this branch of the forum; https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/185-news-announcements/ You’ll know when it’s posted there, just as we will!! FFS
  6. Ita fine, but I highly doubt a game this large will make it to consoles. 400 players on one map, not to mention the map dynamics they are talking about too, will be far too much for the current consoles to process. You think the current state of PubG is rough, I bet this will be overheating consoles left and right.
  7. SKS

    Agreed. Thw only time time I truly prefer the SKS is in the final circles and I just throw a red dot on there and I’m close enough to tap the trigger two or three times and it’s game over before the recoil gets out of hand.
  8. SKS

    Its a sniper rifle that is EXTREMELY loud, even suppressed and takes 2-3 shots for a kill unless there’s no helmet(if I’m remembering stats correctly). Yes, it’s semi auto, but you’ll be found quickly by anyone who is somewhat decent at the game. Once I hear the SKS go off, I’m ducking/hiding and looking for the shooter.
  9. Player Damage while Driving a Car is sensitive.

    I’ve noticed this too. I got a bump, and I took more damage than the Dacia did. I literally lost a third of my health while the car didn’t deter from its course and barely got any air. Funny how driving a car is more damaging than a shot to the head by most guns lol I also think they are working on fixing this and I’m hoping there’s a hefty patch within the next few days as it aucks to get hurt while driving a car and I also would like my reticles to stop being so pixelated(not talking about brightness, that’s something most know to adjust).
  10. Desert map

    Feburary 31st! Look at the news and notes by the devs. 😘
  11. Just uninstalled the game

    Nah, if I want to actually stop playing a game, I uninstall it too so I don’t see it and just say fuck and start a match only to get pissed by whatever in the game is making me feel that way. It’s not always about dramatics.
  12. UMP9 yes/no?

    I took out 4 players on my way to the final circle last night in a match with a silenced UMP and a 2X scope.
  13. How often do you win? (SOLO)

    I’ve had the game since December 27th. I won a duos match once and I’ve literally came in the top 5 so many times in solo that I’ve lost count. I have almost two days of play time, I’m unsure on matches though.
  14. What is your ideal load out?!

    I prefer AKM suppressed with red dot/4x/8x SKS or KAR98 suppressed and 8x no side arm frags grenades and stun grenades