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  1. Same here. I’ve played abut 3 hours last week when I was playing almost 3 hours a day. I’m tired of the inconsistencies and bullshit that still persists without any valiant attempts at resolve. I’m ready for this port to be scraped and to have a game built from the ground up for Xbox and other consoles.
  2. Pretty sure OP stated they are shelfing the game if it isn’t a big improvement. They made that clear if you read the entire post.
  3. TheKlap

    Akm is poop

    No helm was a lack of RNG luck. I literally didn’t find a vest in Severny until the circle closed in. But AKM with a comp. and 2x isn’t too bad actually. AKM needs a comp o matter what, IMO.
  4. TheKlap

    Akm is poop

    Get better. I’m trash and do this. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/MrKramerstein/video/46667562
  5. TheKlap

    Akm is poop

    I dropped a running player hundreds of meters away from me with an AKM and 2x on it. There’s no way it’s poop TC.
  6. TheKlap


    Orrrrr I’m staying in the forums to see about updates and what’s going on. We have every right to convey our frustrations and let these developers know that we are getting fed up and checking out other battle royals games. Maybe it lights a fire under their ass. Be helpful or step out son!
  7. TheKlap


    I’ve been playing almost everyday since December 27th. Last week, I played more Fortnite than this. I’m the last of my friends that are willing to accept PubG as it is and the lack of giant leaps forward being pushed out. The tiny step forward only to take 2 steps back and then a hotfix to get the game back to “stable” is getting tiresome. The frames dropping so low in CQC and being decided by luck is also frustrating tothe point where I don’t bother engaging anyone without a scopes weapon.
  8. TheKlap

    Looting Rant

    Yes, the clothing on the ground needs to go. I’ve literally never picked any of it up, on purpose and it’s just one less thing for the game to render and load in.
  9. TheKlap

    Armour not equipping

    Nope. I just posted the same issue. I was wearing the same gear until I noticed the final circles in multiple matches that it never registered or it de-equipped itself. I had to drop it and re-equip.
  10. So since the last patch I’ve noticed myself dying rather quickly in some gunfights. I had no idea why until yesterday and I noticed that only my backpack was showing on the health bar portion of the HUD. I was wearing a level 3 vest and level 2 helmet dropped them and re-equipped them. I’m not sure if this is a recent issue but it’s something that I’ve just noticed and assumed it’s a side effect from Patch 10
  11. TheKlap

    Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    I like to ramright into their vehicles, jump out and pull the pin on a grenade and watch the boom as I die 😈😈
  12. TheKlap

    Anyone else hate bridge campers?

    How am I a greedy loot happy his if I’m forced to the military base then? 🤔🤔🤔
  13. TheKlap

    I never have game crash ( try this )

    So invest $850+ to not have a game crash while I’m climbing a wall to snipe? No thanks.
  14. TheKlap

    Squad kills, who loots?

    I generally play only play duos, but if I get the kill on two people I pick which one I want to loot and tell my buddy to loot the other and vice versa. I always tell him what’s there if I’m not taking stuff so he can come grab it if he wants it
  15. TheKlap

    New pubg map

    Because then we enable incompetence!