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  1. taymond11

    Not counting handgun kills?

    Disregard It took a few hours but it came up. I don’t know how to delete a thread if someone knows quote me and I’ll delete this one.
  2. Anyone else having this problem? I have 1 of 3 handgun kills from the week 1 missions. Got 2 this game pretty hard for me to get and it did not count it. Very very frustrating. Both kills we with P92 and it was duos both were insta kills.
  3. Anyone else get the feeling that there will be no performance fixes? Are they ok with the temp fix for FPS becoming permanent? Personally I feel the game runs decent now the only thing I can really complain about is the desync (which we were not updated on) and also the general instability which is much in part of the lost connection to host bug. I just feel similar to how I felt to 1.0 happy about new content but still using new content to cover up for the performance issues. What are you guys thinking?
  4. taymond11

    Audio L/R flipped

    Also the main thing that makes me think it isn’t the headset is it happened to me while a friend was spectating after he died and his sound was flipped aswell. I don’t think my headset could affect his audio. But then again I’m not that educated on how video games work much less audio. But thanks for the tip I will try resetting it today.
  5. taymond11

    Audio L/R flipped

    The problem is the audio doesn’t stay like that all the time it never happens outside of a game only in game and usually when someone is spectating and happens for like a max of 30seconds then fixes itself.
  6. taymond11

    Audio L/R flipped

    Not at the moment but when it does happen my teammates spectating me hear it too and if they switch off of me then back on it goes back to normal and in solos I’m assuming the time it take for someone to leave the match after a kill usually about 10-20seconds
  7. taymond11

    Audio L/R flipped

    Honestly I haven’t but may try it out today I have an old crappy headset but on the other hand when my friends are spectating me and it happens they also hear the flipped audio aswell so I’m pretty sure it’s the game thanks for the tip. Also when I stream the sound is flipped on the stream aswell not only on the headset
  8. taymond11

    Audio L/R flipped

    @Andymh5 Can anyone tell me if this is even being looked into? This is a frustrating bug and it’s at an all time high it happens to me atleast once per game!
  9. It is physically impossible to play PUBG after playing blackout therefore no you cannot.
  10. taymond11

    Inventory bug again

    I’ve found when that happens I use the right thumbstick to move the courser up or down and it fixes itself. May not fix your problem but worth a try next time.
  11. taymond11

    Audio L/R flipped

    I hope someone who can look into to it sees this. This has been a problem for a couple months now it is more rare compared to other bugs but still completely ruins my immersion and sometimes gets me killed. Anyone else ever had this happen?
  12. X1X SSD Wired connection 400dwn 40 up 4k HDR Enabled Wireless turtle beach 420X stealth Pro (pretty sure it is related to someone spectating) Audio Left and Right gets flipped I have gotten killed in all game modes (solo, duo, squad both FPP and TPP) even War mode by this very annoying. Doesnt happen with any other game. If you need any more info let me know. Please try to weed this one out it is literally game breaking. ps. Will try to replicate consistently, have not been able to yet.
  13. taymond11

    Where the F is the UAZ in Sanhok?

    Where at in camp alpha? That’s the only one I’m missing aswell thanks for the help lol I’m going to continuously drop camp alpha until I find it
  14. Checked store-items-no skins same items that have been there for awhile
  15. Wow I have no experience in the area of hacking or modding. But that is definitely not normal desync or lag. The only possible explanation I can think of is something wrong with spectating but it was perfectly timed skips. ?