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  1. Realfax

    game needs HELP

    this game is so garbage it’s so hard to kill people in third person like i aim and i shoot them but they kill my like nothing
  2. Realfax

    game needs HELP

    how long is it going to take for the full version to come out? we’ve been playing the preview for two months now ? and make TPP only TPP not bother FPP and TPP cause when i’m playin FPP i can’t go into TPP so make it the same and make a mode for both FPP and TPP make some sense blue hole
  3. you’re right bro, it’s annoying what ever worth a try have a goodnight
  4. why is when i aim in 3rd person with left trigger my bullets go everywhere other than where i’m aiming at. can you please make the bullets go where i’m aiming at????? is that so much to ask for not everyone wants to play first person you know? make some daym sense please
  5. Realfax

    XBOX Crate Cost Doesnt Make Sense

    yea i understand but we get too many duplicates, i’ve only gotten 2 rare items. and i’ve been buying all crates for the past 5 weeks and now all i’m getting is duplicates
  6. Realfax

    XBOX Crate Cost Doesnt Make Sense

    i get so many duplicates now it makes me feel like i have all the clothes when i don’t. for the passed 2 weeks straight my 7k crate has been a duplicate i get dirty long sleeve t-shirt’s for 1400 bp like wtf