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  1. Ireallyownyou

    Copied test to live

    I have a one x with SSD and I haven’t had any problems. I think it might be time for some people upgrade. You shouldn’t have to but I think you should. 😎
  2. We should call him snake. All he does is slither through the grass lol. Can’t hate though....everyone has their own play styles.that is what makes this game unique.
  3. Ireallyownyou

    Give us unlimited time on test server

    Doesn’t matter what this company does people will complain. OMFG what a bunch of whinning babies.
  4. Ireallyownyou

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Stop complaining damn.
  5. Ireallyownyou

    When and where exactly will the test servers be available

    Shhhhhh 🤫 13 guys left on Miramar.
  6. Ireallyownyou

    When and where exactly will the test servers be available

    Test server downloads rolled out yesterday for “PUBG play test” occupants. Rolls out for you and everyone else Tuesday the 24th. Now let me get back to Miramar 🤫
  7. Yep. All updates,customizations,optimizations will be ran through test server before they’re implemented onto dedicated servers.
  8. Some people are already playing. I wish I could see how the game looks with the new update.
  9. Ireallyownyou

    Pubg is dying!!

    Lol they’re working on a major update release while still trying to keep us happy with bug patches. Test servers clients started downloading today. This next major update will fix a lot of our problems. Have some patience plzzzzz
  10. Ireallyownyou

    When and where exactly will the test servers be available

    Test server downloads are rolling out today.
  11. Ireallyownyou

    DO you think this is legit?

    It’s not the savage map...that map is barely being tested on PC. If anything it’s miramar or the optimization update they told us about. He’s intentionally not showing the build number in the upper left corner. This is legit...PUBG is free to play this weekend so I would think they wanted the game to be in better working order and polished for the new players that will be playing this weekend. An Update is imminent.... 🤘🏾 This is most likely the PUBG test server.
  12. Ireallyownyou

    DO you think this is legit?

    Major update coming in time for the free PUBG weekend
  13. Ireallyownyou

    Update #11

    And still I knew nothing about it 👍🏾
  14. Ireallyownyou

    Update #11

    That’s what I’m thinking. Hopefully it’s continued optimization. The game is running better now than ever.
  15. Ireallyownyou

    Update #11

    No hopes just letting you know of a new patch on the way negative dick head.