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  1. Very Suspicious...

    What was his name?
  2. Caution M&K users

    He keeps telling everyone how popular it is, the numbers sold and the lead time if you want one, ”Theres no such thing as bad publicity “ - BT Barnum
  3. Caution M&K users

    Wow.. Salty BTW, PC gamers think all console kids are tw@ts.
  4. Caution M&K users

    And you’re missing the point, Even if they release official MnK support, PUBG is not supporting it. So, players use an emulator which is not detectable and therefore can’t be banned or separated.
  5. Caution M&K users

    M&K emulators do NOT snap onto headshots. Its down to the player, perhaps he was a really good M&K player. But I know a really good controller player that can do the same. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/JHM DADDY/video/46158812
  6. looking for longterm pubg friend

    I started out the same. Came over from Battlefield. Only 3 friends also played PUBG. We went squads, duos but each time a random joined we invited them to party chat. Those who spoke got added, invited again and played more, We’re now upto 20 consistant talking squad players, we introduce any new player to the rest and all add each other. We’ve got Americans, Canadians, English, Irish, Pensioners, Girls, LBGT, Black, White and Panda bears. Honestly, try it.. within a week/month you’ll have a crowd.
  7. Caution M&K users

  8. Caution M&K users

    Omg, that’s like PUBG telling us they are looking into it just to silence some complainers . Then said complainers can always go back and quote the infamous text and give hope to all new complainers. i would call that lip service..
  9. Caution M&K users

    Has anyone been banned yet ?
  10. Caution M&K users

    Here we go again
  11. Welp, its here...

    @wizardO3 When I buy you’re games, hardware, Xbox and Xbox live I’ll tell you how to play. Until then, it’s up to you..
  12. You can see further and move fast down hill.
  13. And it’s faster downhill
  14. Looking for women players on pubg

    I squad with a couple of ladies. I completely understand the reasons why the girls want to stick together. Who’d want to play with the immature cod kids that still use the word “moobs” I can’t personally pass on my friends details without their permission but I will ask.