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  1. I'm loving the input on the PS4 forums So far there's been.. Mouse and Keyboard thread South American Servers thread Game runs poor thread Rubbish Developer comments.
  2. I Bad Co I

    Twitch/Mixer Streaming List

    I stream on and off atm https://mixer.com/l_Bad_Co_l I generally play as a support player for Spiral, https://mixer.com/I_Spiral_I
  3. I Bad Co I

    Streamers and YouTube guys

    Follow any of the guys listed here.. https://www.pubgdetective.com/leagues/details/e4bae278-a53b-472c-9847-267bb9323db9
  4. I Bad Co I

    No snow map?

    Most won't like playing on it because their costume will make them easy to spot.. They have "Snow Balls"
  5. I Bad Co I

    Forums Community League

    League has now ended. Well done to those who took part. Final Standings Rank Gamertag Region Total Points Total matches Kill points Damage points Assist points 1 BaLLzTasTiik Xbox_NA 2478 76 442 0 0 2 KryptKeeper7789 Xbox_NA 1094 61 174 0 0 3 CJNL94 Xbox_NA 462 19 96 0 0 4 ShowtekRampage Xbox_EU 256 27 104 0 0 5 Mitre3 Xbox_EU 208 10 72 0 0 6 BGC Finch Xbox_EU 178 11 42 0 0 7 MajorClagNut Xbox_EU 100 10 32 0 0 8 Iniminimarsimo Xbox_EU 78 1 14 0 0 9 l Bad Co l Xbox_EU 4 2 4 0 0 10 dudenamedben33 Xbox_NA 0 0 0 0 0
  6. I Bad Co I

    Forums Community League

    League names updated. I coudlnt find you, so added DudeNamedBen33 on NA... its case sensitive, so is this you ??
  7. Not an unpopular opinion. but a waste of money in relation to PUBG. I hope it works out for you on Fortnite/Warframe
  8. I Bad Co I

    Xbox one vs XB1X

    I feel like I should reply with a long and lengthy retort... but CBA
  9. I Bad Co I

    Forums Community League

    added, but you are a day behind everyone else
  10. I Bad Co I

    Forums Community League

    Just post your gamer tag and region
  11. I Bad Co I

    Forums Community League

    @HaoleBoi808 is smashing it so far... Some players are either not playing or their gametag/region are incorrect
  12. I'm glad you read my post too I didnt say why I brought a console. That would be a biased and leading Poll... Why not Poll " why did you buy a console", rather than "do you prefer to play with controller" No you said HUGE reason, meaning its a main reason?, high on peoples priorities?
  13. I disagree with that People buy consoles to play game easy.. Controllers are just the method the manufacturers force on you They don't get a choice of controller so put up with whats given. If consoles came with mouse n keyboard they still would buy them After all, we brought a console when it came with a glorified webcam The reason they choose console is cost over easy of use, They're scared of the "drivers" updates and confusing technical jargon in regards to upgrading. So yes, I do agree partially with @fUll951 "people do not buy consoles to play with controlers" There are multiple other reasons why people choose consoles
  14. I Bad Co I

    Forums Community League

    I'm sorry for any confusion I clearly stated earlier
  15. I Bad Co I

    Forums Community League

    Guys. The league dropped off . It was only running til last night whilst I added players I've restarted it to run for one week. https://www.pubgdetective.com/leagues/details/11ccf7c8-37ac-4be1-b25a-08bec1a3736a I can add more players but for those added any games between now and when you are added will not count.