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  1. Isnt this what matching making is meant to do ? Put all the low ranked TKing idiots together. Unfortunately for you, your squad rank must be low too. So you're getting match maked into their server. My suggestion would be, go on Mixer find a streamer whos doing a follower or sub day. Queue with them, get a better experience and make more higher ranked friends.
  2. I Bad Co I

    ETA on the gun skins?

    Do gun skins make you shoot better ??
  3. Why is everyone complaining How Desert Knights was set up ? Clearly its an event mode, set up like a custom server. The admin (in this case The Devs) have picked the map, play areas, weapons and score from a custom game menu. If and when you get to use custom servers, you'll be able to pick the set up yourself. I'd look forward to someone setting up a pistols only server and then the forums complain there's no rifles. Personally, I liked the event . We worked out very early on how to squad join along with I Spiral I on Mixer ( https://mixer.com/I_Spiral_I ) In true deathmatch gameplay if you load one side with good shooters, using mics and great call outs the team will dominate We went on a 50+ game unbeaten run. with scores like 150 - 16, 150 -12 and 151 - 22. We apologise ( not really) if you came across us and suffered a lot of death to a well oiled machine. Team iFlex
  4. I Bad Co I

    The Game is dead 12 october...

    /me wanders off the COD forums and starts topic "The Game is dead November 20th"
  5. It’s so much fun when you squad up with some of the top players in Europe and join a server to play against 10 randos with no mics..
  6. Not having any problems on X1X. Certainly not losing gun fights due to the console Its gotta be the way your are playing I learnt so much watching Mixer streamers on Xbo. They way the play, move locate and awareness. Take advantage of playing on follower/sub days get the hints and tips of those who are paid to play
  7. I got invited to chat by a European player from somewhere between France and Poland He wanted to trash talk me because I knocked him and whilst we searched for his team mate I got knocked and finished. He thought I was a "noob" and boasted his states are better than mine. I replied with decent players wouldn't need to invite others to chat to gloat and trash talk. You wouldn't see "streamers" or PGI players inviting players to chat. If you was that good, you wouldn't have got knocked in the first place and rely on your mate to carry you. He kicked me from chat...then messaged me insults which I reported
  8. They say the people who have tried both are more worldly and open minded.
  9. I Bad Co I

    Crash is back😪

    me 2
  10. I Bad Co I

    Posts about posts about cheats

    O'rly, do show n tell....
  11. I Bad Co I

    Weather makes map dark

    Had a comment.... was so sarcastic I had to delete it Edited by l Bad Co l
  12. Source: https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/gaming/724727/PUBG-Xbox-One-Interview-Microsoft-talks-matching-PC-game-Keyboard-Mouse-support-and-more So lets break this down So it is on the agenda then ?? but not yet So its not in the agenda ? We know its coming.... So it is on the agenda as long as you can matchmake it.. Bring on the haters, angry kids, ximer's and SALT.....
  13. I Bad Co I

    No announcements about 1.0?

    I'd like more clarity on the 1.0 release I get Sanhok. Its a new map, we've seen it on PC. I know what to expect. I get Warmode. We've seen this too. Custom games ? This needs a lot of explaining in relationship with console. There's currently no servers browser to search for games. You'll need a minimum number of players to start a game. Advertising via "looking for group" ? Pay to play custom servers ? Locally hosted? Some of this needs to be shown, highlighted or explained before release rather than just dropping us in the deep end...