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  1. I Bad Co I

    Dual Wielding

    DES & TROY My hero's
  2. I Bad Co I

    Where is Microsoft with PUBG/Bluehole?

    You make it sound like there should be a MS manager walking up and down the office of PUBG telling people off like some dictatorial teacher MS just look at the figures of consoles/games sold. After E3 and gamepass expansion, the dictatorial teacher is too busy rolling around in the piles of money. Have you seen H1Z1 ?? You think MS is embarrassed by PUBG when the direct comparison looks like that ? Did you watch E3 ? Have you seen the line up of games coming? Its not all about PUBG and its limited life on Xbox.
  3. I Bad Co I

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    This is so naive. MnK has been around for far longer than PUBG, You think if EA, Ubisoft or Treyarch can achieve 60fps but couldn’t detect it ? The current state of the game, you think PUBG have a programmer looking at MnK detection ? why, because they said so ? They said a lot of things but not delivered. I can’t help think the statement made on these forums about detection is there just to please a few and defuse or fuel the argument. It a typical politicians answer, Trumps wall will be finished before MnK is removed. in the meantime, October comes, BR games get released and MnK moves/changes game to a developer that hasn’t ever done anything about detection.
  4. I Bad Co I

    In depth stat tracker

    @FLEXZICAN, I’m so glad you both came together with this. As suggested, you are no the unofficial No1 stats tracker and argument settler. Its a great site, Blakekus and yourself have done a great job and I’m looking forward to seeing it evolve further
  5. I Bad Co I

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    As stated already Keyboard and Mouse is already officially supported. You always been able to plug a keyboard in. And now MS have enabled the mouse and keyboard API to be able to play games. Minecraft was the first to turn it on, PUBG have turned it off. But... MnK is officially supported. what I’ve link you to is, an official Xim. XAM. (Xbox Assisted Mechanism) It does exactly what Xim does but it’s Bluetooth and got a home button on it. Its got 2 USB inputs the same as Xim and translates the output language of the joystick into MS language of a controller. Exactly the same as Xim. It supports multiple third party devices the same as Xim. MS has a one handed joystick already on its website that plugs into it. It’s not dissimilar to the PlayStation move stick that some Xim users use. The left USB input is labeled Left stick, But is programmable the same as an Elite controller. i don’t know how much more Xim like examples you want ? As ColonicBoom said........... When it’s released, we’ll watch YT.. Then you can complain about the “more than one way to control and Xbox” adapter
  6. I Bad Co I

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    There maybe some dodger players in the top 100 but there are some exceptional controller players I’m a avid viewer of GaGa on Mixer who currently sits top 5 on solos EU. if you watch his stream , he’ll answer you’re question inc how his elite is set up. you can use the chat commands !sens, !hardware to see what he’s running. Hes a regular 12 kills plus player and I’ve personally seen 22. but... watch him play, he’s aggressive . Drops hot and takes the fight to the other players. Ive leant loads from watching or playing with him, including lead aiming, exiting a car for a fire fight or petting the Uaz. We talked about practice but actually watching someone with a k98 or M4 scoped and watching where they aim to lead and drop a shot helps you in your game..
  7. I Bad Co I

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    Truth is MnK does actually improve your aim. If you swapped now, you'd suck but a year down the line you'd be a better. But, if you're average now, it'll only make you slightly better than average . So yes you are right, only the great players will be greater. My Duo's partner hits regular 500+m headshots with a sniper rifle using a standard controller, but he's been doing that since BF3. so much so, If i get a K98 i give it to him. He's just that good with it because.........Practice Practice is the true key, regardless of their control method. Those players at the top of the leaderboards have put in a lot of hours and practice to get there. I used to play 55-70 hrs a week non stop, got paid, won tournys, put the practice in... had to play 6hrs a week for team training. Natural skill is good but practice makes it perfect... When someone shouts "I got kill be a MnK user!!1" i just think you got killed by someone who practices more than you.
  8. I Bad Co I

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    This I totally agree with. But Microsoft are overruling any development company and no matter how much the dev wants everyone to play with a controller. MS has different plans. We all know native KB is disabled on PUBG but BH can't turn off adaptive.
  9. I Bad Co I

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-adaptive-controller/8nsdbhz1 Exactly, Its going to be exploited to do exactly what You all don't want it to do. And its official, so there is nothing you can do about it. If you think its me Nayte, you'll be wrong I'm just a realist, I brought a 360 to play forza 2 and got salty when steering wheel players blew the leaderboards away. I thought it was unfair the unofficial 3rd party wheels with gear shifts and driving seats ruined the game for me. Then there came official support, but some third party wheels still worked and better than the official ones. So people went with the best one Then I stepped back and looked at why was i getting all salty about it, what could I do ? I looked at why people spent so much money on a gaming rig with full motion chair, wheel and pedals to play a game on console... I looked at the choice I had, ...........Put up, shut up , walk away or join them. Forza 6 and 7 and wheels and chairs are still there, no amount of salt on the internet changed those players or leaderboards. You physically can't stop them Joysticks were the same, the first "official" one only came in 2017 Elite Dangerous community is split by control pad versus joystick Games evolve, controllers evolve, players evolve... Salt has been the same of millions of years
  10. I Bad Co I

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    I doesn't matter if you're a lover or hater, its here Cya... Sorry, its cruel but its officially been on Xbox since September You don't have too. You can buy the accessibility controller and plug whatever you like in. Its cheaper, official and more versatile Its bluetooth so you can sit on your sofa with a Mouse, steering wheel and use your feet if that's your style. At the end of the day, you have 2 choices. Put up n shut up because MS are not going to backtrack. The number of complainers is less than the number of people who are going to buy an accessibility controller (whether they have a disability or not) Its a dead cert "cash cow" Get out. Go find a console/game where everything is equal (there's a third choice) Join them...... One thing you won't hear tho is, A Xim/Cronus player complaining that Xbox accessibility users have an unfair advantage because they can use feet/arms/head/mouth etc to outplay them. "OMG, Disabled people top of leaderboards, ban the top ten!!!!1" (You heard it here first)
  11. I Bad Co I

    Keyboard and mouse support and proxy chat.

    Too many blinkered haters on this forum. Firstly, PUBG has made it clear they’ll not enable native MnK within their game But, native MnK is already here on Xbox and that’s a good thing. It give developers the chance to expand controls and equal gameplay for cross platforming. Players complain about emulators but MS just launched their own, with 2 USB inputs and enough 3.5 jacks to add more input. Its only a matter of time before some smart kid is using a joystick in one hand, mouse in the other and using his feet to lean left/right. Theirs so many blinkered at one brand of emulator, they’re missing the bigger picture Adaptive control method is here, whether it’s third party or official There is more than one way to control your Xbox, get over it
  12. I Bad Co I

    reply to locked thread mnk

    They might be sold out but not everyone who buys them is playing PUBG.
  13. I Bad Co I

    Where is South America's Server??

    Thank you, you’re welcome
  14. I Bad Co I

    reply to locked thread mnk

    OMG not a MnK thread . Think about it, MS started pre order on accessibility controller adapters. They’re $99 , They have 2 USB ports, You don’t have to have a disability to order one.
  15. I Bad Co I

    Where is South America's Server??

    Just so others on the forum don’t have to decipher this.. NA servers suck because other regions are joining them. He/She tried to join other regions but waited and hour So he tried the sucky servers again and joint instantly.