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  1. SasoriSekinetsu

    Xbox 1.0 Update #3 - Feedback Topic

    The movement & dead zone settings are still messed up, was trying to hop from crate to crate in docks on sanhok.... was near impossible, and still getting random stick drift on a brand new controller. Not had lost connection to host error yet, but really not played it enough to test, don't feel like playing it much with the controls being so frustratingly bad.
  2. SasoriSekinetsu

    I just don’t get it...

    I don’t care if they make changes, it would be nice if they communicated though. They put the PTS up to “test” the patch prior to it going live & then decide to make changes to the control scheme without announcing it, without testing it & you are expecting players not to ask questions ? 🙄
  3. SasoriSekinetsu

    What do you expect from Performance Mode?

    I expect them to break the game. Oh oh and have one single added option, to enable / disable performance mode.
  4. SasoriSekinetsu

    I just don’t get it...

    Seriously, why didn’t they communicate in the #2 patch notes regarding a change to the deadzone? Nope, I know, let’s mess something up, see if people complain then tell them we actually made some changes to the way the game handles that no-one requested. I don’t get get why they just can’t be transparent with the plans, they’ve skimmed over the “performance” mode again & said they’ll let us know nearer the date, to me that translates too, well we have no idea what our targets are, we are just going to mess around with stuff & see if it helps.
  5. SasoriSekinetsu

    The Mutant

    I still haven't had chance to use it !!! My team mate has found one, he loves it so won't pass it up at all 😥😂
  6. SasoriSekinetsu

    Time to add a new gameplay changing mechanic

    The only thing mechanic i'd like them to improve is the the melee / hand to hand combat system. Jumping shots...... GTFO !!
  7. SasoriSekinetsu

    Proximity chat?

    Honestly, how do you turn therefore its low on the priority list, but definitely not a "never" into them saying they said they are definitely implementing it after 1.0 ?! 🙄
  8. SasoriSekinetsu

    Follow the example of Rockstar!

    It's 30 FPS at 4K on the XB1X, not 60 FPS. @PUBG_Andymh5 can you lock this.
  9. SasoriSekinetsu

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Only noticed the audio cutting out in Erangel, 10 of the 12 matches we played were on that map. Game mode was 3-man squad, TPP on EU servers, with Sanhok deselected from map rotation. Regarding skins, I had a grey vest, denim hot pants & a pair of aviators, with black sneakers out of the biker crate. The other guys had a mix of old stuff along with cosmetics earned with the sanhok event pass. Weapon skins, I’ve got the glory skins equipped along with the turquoise delight P1911, parachute skin is the snow one.
  10. SasoriSekinetsu

    PUBG Dev says they can’t fix game lol

    I'm a bit dumbfounded now as to what those technical limitations are after playing RDR2 on the XB1X, that has proper 4K assets, looks so much better than PUBG, holds a stable 30 FPS, has a map of approximately 45km squared (compared to 8km x8km in PUBG), has no rendering issues, no play-doh stuff, I can traverse anywhere on the map without any loading issues & have had more characters on screen at one point without any issues compared to the problems with PUBG when you get a few people in the same area.
  11. SasoriSekinetsu

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Right....... Same as always, playing on an XB1X which is hard wired & have absolutely no problems with my internet connection. Ping marker system doesn't always work as intended, had it highlight the direction completely opposite from where I was looking. Ping marker isn't as visible as it was on the PTS. The shadow/background that you can enable behind the compass still isn't dark enough. The new drop markers are terrible, the fact they have a transparent section where the number is makes it difficult to see, plus when you actually zoom in on the map the markers look like they actually scale smaller, so are even harder to distinguish. The UI where it shows your name & team mates in the bottom left of the screen is slightly distorted, it's like when someone edits a portrait in MS paint & rather than scale the image to get it to fit, they adjust only the vertical axis, so the ratio of width to height looks off. Having lots of players "warping" across the screen, my guess it's something messed up with "optimisation" again Having issues with audio cutting out, will occur randomly while traversing the map, also seems to happen in CQB if going full auto, noticed it more with the UMP, almost as if the gun is stuttering or failing to fire. Sensitivity doesn't feel the same as it was on PTS, used to play on deadzone of 5, I've got a brand new controller, but i'm getting stick drift now at that setting, it seems to pop out of nowhere too, and turning the deadzone up makes the overall aiming feel sluggish & can't do small movements anymore, turning the sensitivities up doesn't help, also the movement seems "floaty" and I've tried turning the movement sensitivity down also. Loot is still terrible on Erangel, it's needs a buff. Map rotation also seems to favour Erangel, only managed 12 games since the Patch, all have been squads or duo's, 10 of those 12 games have been on Erangel. Lost connection to host still happens, no idea why, we'll all be in the lobby together, just played a match without issue, will ready up, then it occurs.
  12. SasoriSekinetsu

    leaderboards and cheaters

    Just run them over in the Pork Chop Express ?
  13. SasoriSekinetsu

    Lag crazy tonight

    Tried playing yesterday on EU servers, first real game since the update, was a shower of shit, people teleporting everywhere, even had a corpse fall from the heavens.
  14. SasoriSekinetsu

    Xbox 1.0 Update #2 - Feedback Topic

    Um it does allow you to stay scoped, just hold RT in after firing a bolt action & it remains in scope.
  15. SasoriSekinetsu

    4K gaming monitor for Xbox one x

    I think using the symbol =/= threw him rather that writing not equal ? I'm more of a casual gamer when it comes to consoles, i'm happy sitting in front of my big 4K screen, when the time comes that I do get another PC though I may still get a larger monitor, but in an ultra wide aspect ratio to actually increase FOV