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  1. m249 power

    I get the feeling this is in the wrong section......
  2. Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    It’s not, what they’ve done is when in the inventory menu, spamming “X” to pick up stuff won’t work on clothes or equipped gear, you have to use “A” if you want to swap. Prevents you from picking up clothes & lesser level gear by mistake.
  3. Official Patch #11 Discussion Thread

    UI is more like the PC version, including the inventory menu & the plane icon on the flight in. Not had had a good chance yet to test out the inventory changes, but it shows info on attachments & weapons, stats ect now.
  4. Streaming patch 11 now

    That’s not a good start 🤣......

    Even in cars in the final circle on mobile 😅 This was my first game...
  6. Winning's Getting Boring!

    You work towards earning a chicken dinner....
  7. Post-a-Clip

    When you pass over a tommy gun & call it out for you duo partner & he asks what you got... I’ve got a pan, let’s go !! http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/SasoriSekinetsu/video/46288371
  8. Patch 11

    Yup, zero eight hundred hours UK time, tomorrow.
  9. I’d be more worried that you are looting for 30 minutes.... 😅
  10. 4x reticle question

    It's my go-to if I've not got a suppressed AR or SR, get SMG ones more often & it's cracking in single fire when you need to be stealthy not tried it on a Vector yet mind.....
  11. Remove Friendly Fire.

    My Razer Threshers are completely wireless....
  12. 4x reticle question

    Yeah, and i'm sure the 4x on a UMP looks like KAr98/SKS......
  13. 4x reticle question

    I really like the 5.56 AR version, I really don't like the AKM one.
  14. Teaming in Solos is becoming an epidemic.

    I've not come across it personally, not that I've noticed then, but I seen it the other day in a live stream.... if you go to 36 minutes into this clip & play from there you'll see an example...