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  1. SasoriSekinetsu


    I don't think I've had a decent game since Miramar moved onto the live servers, not played for a fortnight I think, so not tested the latest 2 updates, but the FPS & load in was awful, the game was crashing more & I just hate how Miramar is setup in regards to loot & vehicle spawns. After reading your post, i'm really not bothered about playing this game in the current state, I do love this game, but i'll wait until they make some more changes to either improve Miramar or include the map selection.
  2. SasoriSekinetsu


    There’s a glitch when using the x8 scope, the crosshairs appear and the lines extend to the edges of the screen before the scope has appeared when going ADS.
  3. SasoriSekinetsu


    Loot is awful still & car spawn rate is shit on Miramar
  4. SasoriSekinetsu


    Fucking awful update, FPS on initial landing is junk, FPS drops when particle effects kick in, especially shotguns & doors, FPS is CQB is rubbish.
  5. Really don’t like the new map, so it won’t do anything to win me over. What would help is a fix for the constant crashes & annoying bugs that just don’t seem to be resolved, they are on about restarting the console every few hours to prevent crashes.... first game I loaded up today it silently crashed to dashboard, restarted the game, joined another match, it crashed twice within that match. Then first game of duo’s this happens... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sasorisekinetsu/video/50658014 The game is so broken, I do like the game, I’ve put plenty of hours into it, I’ve even defended the “game” preview status, but it’s finally broken me, hardly played it & when I do it’s a hot mess. I’m just hoping they actually fix the crashes, could care less for Miramar.
  6. That would work, but I kinda like it as it is, I'd rather not come out of ADS for it to reload, it's more efficient to keep on target the way the mechanics currently work imo & it would be a right pain if you were using layout A.
  7. I totally agree with that statement I bolded, that’s what I was trying to get across, I think that’s what the “balancing” changes are trying to do, make weapons more relevant to the class they are in.
  8. SasoriSekinetsu


    Possibly maybe just an audio skip, it just throws me off because I think the weapon is misfiring !!
  9. I’m not against kitting out an M416 with a x8, but when it’s better at range & single tapping than every DMR that’s meant to be used at range then it need balancing, there needs to be a clear distinction between SMG’s, AR’s, DMR’s & Snipers, as it stands, the M416 can destroy them all. As someone pointed out, if it’s better IRL than an SKS, if it’s that capable it deserves to be a crate weapon instead of the AUG. The changes on PC have made weapon classes more relevant & also made it much more viable to kit a weapon out to your play-style / fire-style with the added grips.
  10. I shouldn’t be able to use a fully decked M416, throw an x8 on it & it be more effective than an SKS, then slap a red dot on it & have it wreck everything at close range weapon. I can’t wait for the weapon balancing & new attachments to arrive from the latest PC build.
  11. SasoriSekinetsu


    Anyone tried setting it to 10 ? Watched ImAverageSniper the other day on the PTS server, he said that it was working as if 1 on PTS is the same as 0 on live, setting 0 on PTS was like setting 10 on live & actually setting 10 on PTS switches AA completely off.
  12. SasoriSekinetsu


    Yeah, it's weird, it caught me out a few times, didn't use it again then !!
  13. SasoriSekinetsu

    PTS back up for the weekend

    Now then !!!! 😍
  14. SasoriSekinetsu

    Don't eat apples.. Throw them!

    So it's something to do in the waiting area before the game starts ? They could have used rubber chickens...
  15. SasoriSekinetsu

    PTS back up for the weekend

    @Andymh5 any update notes for the client / server with this round of testing ? or have they done nothing ?