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  1. SasoriSekinetsu

    Game unplayable since event launch

    We haven't got any advantage anymore with weapons loading in before OG users due to the level streaming they've implemented, it's a level playing field in that regards, I squad up with OG users & weapons load in the same time for them as it does me, what doesn't now & again are buildings and walls, even seen a team mate shoot a guy through a wall that hadn't rendered in on his OG Xbox but had on my XB1X.
  2. SasoriSekinetsu

    Game unplayable since event launch

    The game feels a hell of a lot better frame wise, just feels really responsive, however I'm not enjoying Sanhok as that's the map I feel like I'm getting issues with desync on & getting shot behind objects constantly, switch back onto Erangel or Miramar and it's a lot better & don't get those issues. It's nice to be able to do stuff like this again..... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/sasorisekinetsu/video/60850606
  3. SasoriSekinetsu

    War Mode - How to play in DUO or SQUAD.

    It is a workaround, war mode this weekend wasn’t meant to be used with team mates, it will be like it is on the PC though.
  4. SasoriSekinetsu

    Pubg night mode!

    It’s been data mined that the new snow map will feature a “night” environment in its dynamic weather settings.
  5. SasoriSekinetsu

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    It’s utter shit when people drop out on purpose from your team & you are left 3 v 10 !!!
  6. SasoriSekinetsu

    Update / Fix the x2 & x15

    Hmmm I know the x8 & x6 have variable zoom, just didn't think it did on the x15, when I find one I'll test.
  7. SasoriSekinetsu

    Crashing xbox

    My XB1X is rather quiet compared to my PS4 Pro, that thing sounds like an asthmatic wookie !!
  8. SasoriSekinetsu

    Update / Fix the x2 & x15

    Didn't think you could change the zoom ratio on the x15, I just tried using standard free look to line up targets then ADS but it was still junk, so I dropped it in a bush 😅
  9. SasoriSekinetsu

    Update / Fix the x2 & x15

    I can't stand the x3 !!!
  10. @Andymh5 Just two things quality of life things that are still frustrating, managed to get the x15 scope again the other day, the sensitivity is still junk on this scope, even with AA on 10 & the individual scope setting on 10 it's stupidly slow to react. Also the x2 scope, the centre illuminated part still looks like it's from a Commodore64 game, the resolution on it is terrible, just a blurry mess, you can see from this PC screen shot how sharp it should look, Xbox version looks nothing like that !! Can you pass these onto the team, both are longstanding issues & really shouldn't be that difficult to fix, cheers 👍
  11. SasoriSekinetsu

    Why no Red-Dot? (War Mode)

    I can't stand the red dot anymore, I'll take a holographic all the time for CQB.
  12. SasoriSekinetsu

    m7 and mk

    PUBG is what happened to it 😅 To be fair, the game itself is running really well for me since the last update, however it sucks that they planned war mode/new skins for today & they've ballsed it up !!
  13. SasoriSekinetsu

    Desert Knights Event Feedback Topic

    It'll be permanent I believe once custom matches become available.
  14. SasoriSekinetsu

    Is bullet penetration still a thing?

    Not experienced that, but did have an instance on Miramar near Los Leones, the warehouses west of the main city, got into a fire fight with a guy that was near the warehouse, he took cover behind like a burned out truck/van, but you can see through the doors, but they look like they have mesh on them, took a few shots at him but the bullets pinged off the mesh, yet that guy could still shoot through, that was annoying.